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  1. I second that.

    And Mr. X, don't you take the ceremony and its significance for Canada as a nation a little bit too seriously? I mean, quite a lot was leaked about the Beijing opening ceremony as well, and the ceremony was still breathtaking and a source of Chinese national pride. And although we knew beforehand about the Cycladic head and the DNA helix in Athens, I was still blown away when I watched it live on television.

    I understand very well that one doesn't want to give everything away, but as you yourself suggested, after the public dress rehearsals, it will be impossible to keep the whole ceremony secret anyway.

    And in terms of the national significance of the Games: As a citizen of the 2006 World Cup host nation, I understand the interest in making the event a success and present one's own country (or even city) in the best possible way. But you (not only you personally, but also other Canadians, especially the inventors of the "Own The Podium" concept) should also relax a little and not become too determined. Lean back and enjoy the show! Overly ambitioned hosts wouldn't come across too well.

    This was brilliantly said! I could not say it better!

  2. Lots of projections. I think the Ceremonies will be heavily dependent on projections and the digital arts.

    One of the most disappointing things that I have found on Gamesbids as it pertains to the upcoming Vancouver Olympics is that there is no real "wow" factor here. And I think it has to do with the fact that you are not getting any real insight into the games. You cannot believe how exciting it was to get the first glipmses, rumors and tidbits on Gamesbids about the Beijing Olympics! That's what makes this website so great in the first place. Secrecy wasn't on overkill as it is so obviously here with Vancouver. Indeed, my anticipation was heightened! Vancouver, at this stage seems like an anticlimax to me and that would be tragic if it turned out to be so.

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