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  1. Barbados calling.....The opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has been acknowledged here and the Bajans are watching a athlete in the French Figure Skating team. Good luck Vancouver!
  2. O.K. I have to confess that from the little tidbits I have heard and seen, especially with the culdron testing, the photos of fireworks and the IOC President's comments about the accommodations, I am impressed and do believe that the Vancouver Olympic opening will be quite stunning and superior in its overall content. Well done vancouver!
  3. But that should worry you because we all know from experience...... and bad experience at that......that canadian taste isn't globa taste.
  4. Where are the pics to prove this agent! Quick!
  5. Olympian, maybe it has nothing to do with the fact that these are Winter Olympics but that the secrecy is just turning everyone off.
  6. That reminds me! has anyone at ground zero in vancouver noticed anyone on top of the buildings in the downtown area setting up pyrotechnics. If they had a similar approach to the Melbourne Commonwealth Opening, that would be something to remember forever!
  7. I think you have to give vancouver a full 10.00 for such a stunning and appropriate look!
  8. I am just hoping that these ceremonies do not reflect ripe ole' canadian cheese. Somehow I think it may just be teetring on that with what we have heard already. Yes, I can appreciate that we will have to really consider the lighting and all that but ...... "say it a little louder so the world can hear?" Isn't that a bit quirky even for a chorus to a song?
  9. Actually, this pic of the speed skaters really says that the colour scheme works for me. It's wintery,cool and fun!
  10. If after all this Hoopla and the opening to these games is anything like the handover ceremony in Torino, then people in all countries of the world should should gather in public parks and have a LIVE 230 - Laugh Around The World At Vancouver Rock Concert!
  11. Ok.Ok.Ok. This is just going too far psycho for me. If the organizers have repeatedly made it clear that Vancouver will not top Beijing, and if a few minutes of Beijing's dress rehersal were leaked, the what's all this fuss about secrecy with Vancouver? Just pull back the curtain ok?
  12. I think this is the way to go! The simple fact that someone has so brilliantly opened this thread has returned the fun to Gamesbids! Knowing a few detail in advance won't take away from the sheer (I suppose "potential" would be a better word) majesty of the opening ceremonies. Now I'm beginning to feel that something special is about to happen in Vancouver!
  13. This was brilliantly said! I could not say it better!
  14. One of the most disappointing things that I have found on Gamesbids as it pertains to the upcoming Vancouver Olympics is that there is no real "wow" factor here. And I think it has to do with the fact that you are not getting any real insight into the games. You cannot believe how exciting it was to get the first glipmses, rumors and tidbits on Gamesbids about the Beijing Olympics! That's what makes this website so great in the first place. Secrecy wasn't on overkill as it is so obviously here with Vancouver. Indeed, my anticipation was heightened! Vancouver, at this stage seems like an anticl
  15. Glad to be back after soaking up the sun in Barbados for the past couple of months! Gasp! I really heat the look of these pages now - so completely impersonal! Maybe it will grow on me. I'm wondering what Vancouver will be like. Maybe there will be no surprises.
  16. Well, it certainly appers that vancouver has the smuttiest olympic relay in recent memory. How disappointing! It also appears that some of the torch bearers are confused as to how it should be held.
  17. Not getting this right could signal the end of India's "Olympic Host" dreams
  18. ummmmmmmm......X? ......................it was......the announcers said so! check it out yourself!
  19. an anthem for the 2010 torch relay was sung for the first time at the Canada day celebrations in Ottawa! What the crab crap was that? It was like a Holocaust of sound! absolutely awful!
  20. hummmmmmmmm.....................2010 may be interesting for all the * blank* reasons!
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