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  1. To be savagely honest, all the boards dedicated to Vancouver 2010 on Games Bids are the worst of the three upcoming future Olympics. The Vancouver 2010 boards are just too bland! The Beijing and London boards are not only informative but they provide wonderful pics and the info is presented in a really nice fashion. I hope this blandness changes and does not, in any way, suggest that the 2010 games will be "piss poor" ". This is simply an observation and must not be taken personally. Thanks
  2. perfectly futuristic albeit a wee bit imposing
  3. London, as usual, shall do well.
  4. No one, absolutely no one, does it like the British! Absolutely Mahvellous Old Chap....I say! *Giggles*
  5. ........what else is new......... I thought avril was going to perform anyways and she is a great choice. I think Canada will be well represented.
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