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  1. That's all folks! All the best for Vancouver 2010!
  2. Here are some words from the Executive Producer Marco Balich of the Torino OC and CC: "A "national" team of 240 people thinking Italian but speaking all the languages of the world of whom I am deeply proud. Telling the tale of a city such as Torino and territories such as Piedmont and indeed the whole of Italy was certainly not an easy task because of the overwhelming number of feelings and themes to be communicated. Apart from our duty to express a history going back thousands of years we also felt a need to highlight contemporary values. That is why we identified Passion as our narrative theme, expressing in through concepts such as Style, Speed, Energy, Love of Beauty, elements we well know are an integral part of this nation's DNA. That is why we decided to choose as universal value a theme dear to Renaissance culture: the Centrality of the human being, placing the individual at the centre of our creative project, launching a message of tolerance and harmonious coexistence as revolutionary as it is simple in its outward shape." Here are the segments of the Torino OC: VIDEO COUNTDOWN 1-RHYTHM OF PASSION (Sparks of Passion Special Effects) 2-GREETINGS FROM THE ALPS (Mountain Folk) 3-ITALY (Italian Flag, Entry of the Authorities, Italian Anthem) 4-TORINO OLYMPIC CITY (XX Olympic Winter Games, The Great Skier) 5-OLYMPIC SPIRIT (Citius, Altius, Fortius-the Great Olympic Rings) 6-HEROES OF OUR TIME (The Athletes' Parade) 7-FROM RENAISSANCE TO BAROQUE 8-FROM FUTURISM TO FUTURE (Corps de Ballet School of the Scala Theatre) 9-WORDS AND SYMBOLS (Address by the President of the Organising Committee, Address by the President of the International Olympic Committee, President of the Republic of Italy:Opening of the Games, Olympic Anthem, Entry of the Olympic Flag, Olympic Oath) 10-PEACE (The Dove, A Song of Peace) 11-LIGHT THE PASSION (Arrival of the Flame, Lighting of the Cauldron, The Olympic System) 12-FORTISSIMO (Allegro with Fire)
  3. OK Mr X, you didn't like the show and I respect your opinion. But I don't accept some words you used like "terrible, awful" simply because they are exaggerated.The OC was made by professionals from all over the world and it was very well made. Maybe it was just too complicated for your taste, no indians no cowboys...you should know that the Italian history is full of culture, arts, fashion and why not, beautiful sportcars... maybe too much for you at one time. Anyway, the show was made by a great team and among the Creative Team of the OC & CC of Torino worked persons like these: Doug Jack, Choreographer, is one of the best known Choreographers and Staging Directors on the world scene, he has played a leading role in the last five Olympics: Barcelona'92, Atlanta'96, Sydney'00, Salt Lake City'02 and Athens'04. His awards include the Emmy Award'02 for Outstanding Choreography. (I think he went also to Beijing) Ric Birch, Associate Producer, Australian, is known throughout the world as the "Master of Ceremonies" and has linked his name as director or executive producer to truly great events as well as three Olympics: Los Angeles'84, Barcelona'92, Sydney'00. Mark Fisher, Production Designer, an architect, for more than 25 years he has been a leading figure on the rock scene, designing shows for Pink Floyd, the U2, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Sting, Tina Turner, Robbie Williams, Cher and REM.Amongst his exploits, the Expo, Woodstock'99, the Millennium Dome, MTV Awards, the Queens Golden Jubilee, Circus du Soleil. Christophe Berthonneau, Pyrotechnical Effects Designer, his name is a password for innovation in the design of firework and pyrotechnics shows. Amongst his best known works, the Athens'04 Olympic Games, the Expo'98 in Lisbon, Millennium Celebration in Paris. Giorgio Armani, Artistic Direction, what can I say about him? Everybody knows King Giorgio. I hope! Now, Mr.X, be aware, some of these people probably are working already for Vancouver Ceremonies! Yes, Torino Stadium floor represented the human heart. The passion. The medals instead were designed like antique Italian coins.
  4. Torino Opening Ceremony narrated about the past and the present of the city of Torino. Who doesn't know nothing about the city and it's history probably didn't understand the ceremony. What seemed to you a "show with a handful of segments put together without any relation", narrated instead the history of Torino from Renaissance and Baroque to the industrial city that it's now. The Ferrari on the stage was there simply because Ferrari belongs to the FIAT group that comes from Torino. The Winter Games aren't not the same as Summer Games, especially in budget, so I really don't understand why Vancouver should use them as examples for the Opening Ceremony.
  5. mr.X, it seems you don't remember/know much about Torino 2006 Games. Who cares about the floor, the fact is, that the Opening Ceremony of Torino was the best ever in the Winter Games history so far (that's what the world media said).They also awarded The Opening Ceremony as the best show of the year 2006. There were late Luciano Pavarotti singing "Nessun dorma" and Peter Gabriel performed "Imagine" introduced by Yoko Ono, and also Formula 1 Ferrari on the stage, Carla Bruni Sarkozy (born in Torino) hand over the Italian flag... then the fantastic fireworks show and lighting the cauldron, that's possible to see (live) only in a stadium without a roof... Like the one member of the VANOC said to the press, it's hard to do better. I was lucky to be there.
  6. In fact, at the Torino Olympic Games I assisted the Kings of Norway and Sweden, the President and Prime Minister of Finland, and numerous other Ministers from these countries. They were numerous especially in the venues that hosted nordic events like cross country skiing, ski jumping/nordic combined, ice hockey. But naturally also in alpine skiing venues. Also The Prince Albert of Monaco (Monte Carlo) was easy to find around, but he's a member of IOC, so...you'll find him everywhere in Vancouver!
  7. I worked in the Protocol team at Torino 2006. We assisted dignitaries from all over the world, here comes some numbers from the Opening Ceremony: 22 Head of States 12 members of the Royal families from all over the world and "First Ladies", for example Laura Bush with daughters, Cherie Blair etc. 23 Prime Ministers 53 Sports Ministers All these dignitaries, IOC members and many, many VIP's assisted the Opening Ceremony at the "Stadio Olimpico" of Torino on 10th February 2006.
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