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  1. Please, delete the second message. I just wanted to know why in my list near the Canada's name there's a smiley, I didn't put it there. I wrote 2).
  2. After I saw these pictures I can truly say they're not the same rings at all. The Torino rings were much more grand and massive in confront of these. Baron, you were right from the first moment! Thanks for your support! Anyway, it was fun! Rei, forget about it! Case closed until the next issue...
  3. Message for REI, I have seen some of your photos of Torino here, they are all beautiful. Now I'd like to ask you a favour, if you can, please send here some photos from inside of the Torino Olympic Stadium with the famous Rings. Unfortunately, I'm not able to do it. Thank you very much in advance!
  4. Well, the photo of the rings with the lights on is a little bit too far away to see the details. Who knows, maybe Torino bought those rings from Sydney and then sold them to Vancouver...
  5. Thanks for your support. With this I think we can close the argument about the rings, unless somebody from Vanoc doesn't deny all I've said...
  6. I have to admit that in this photo the banners look very good.
  7. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? They simply ARE the same rings from Torino, that's all! More educated than this.............
  8. Or you work for Vanoc or you're simply impassioned about Vancouver 2010. Believe me, I can understand you, but you'll have to accept all the criticisms that are made to all host cities for the Olympic Games. It's not going to be a easy year for Vancouver at all, I know what I'm talking about...
  9. Yes, the Olympic Superstore at Torino was located under temporary tent during the Games, but there were a number of other shops around Torino and Italy that were open for years before and during the Olympics.
  10. I'm from Scandinavia but actually I live in Italy. I've worked for Toroc before and during the Torino Games. I know there's no conspiracy, but it seems that the majority of the people that write here take always the part of who comes from US or Commonwealth, so simple.
  11. No, baron-pierreIV, I don't agree with you at all. I'm sure about what I said, they are the Torino rings. I saw them live at the Stadium, the were huge. I have many photos of those rings, I compared them with the Vancouver ones and they are identical. There were a lots of people from Vancouver at Torino during the Olympics , I don't find that hard to believe that the've made some shopping while they were there!
  12. If somebody informed me that this is the Commonwealth Games Forum, I agree with you, perhaps I'm not on the right forum.
  13. Silly, why silly? This morning when I read this topic and saw the photos of the rings, I said "Hey, wait a minute, these are "my" rings!" I can assure you it was so strange to see those rings now in Vancouver. Maybe you'll understand me if/when you're gonna see them also in London
  14. [quote name='Rei' date='Mar 2 2009, 01:22 PM' post='199139' Vancouver's is good but a little too monocolor to me. I agree. The colors are too "cold". The Olympics are like a big party with a lot of guests, it has to be colorful and cheerful.
  15. And London of course is going to do much better than Beijing ....and the story goes on and on and on................ Ridiculous, me?........ noooooo Awkward,..... probably Anyway, I've noticed that in this forum it's forbidden to criticize Vancouver, London, Sydney, Chicago or any other "english speaking" Olympic Games or bids. If you do so, you're immediately attacked and insulted. Pathetic. The fact is that Vanoc bought those Rings from Torino with a good discount price.
  16. These Olympic Rings look soooooooo familiar to me...let me remember...yeah of course, I saw them at the Torino Olympic Stadium! So far the Look of the Vancouver Games seems a little bit...recycled!
  17. OK, but I don't understand why do they ask money from the Canadians? They ask you to finance the training of Canadian athletes...to win Olympic gold in Vancouver... This is the first time I hear something like this...it seems that the financial crisis in Canada is worse than I thought...
  18. Well, in this case YellowVest just reported the fact that happened in B.C Place, I don't see nothing wrong with this! The real problem in this case is that it seems that there's REALLY A PROBLEM WITH THE ROOF!
  19. A strange request of money (from $20,10...) has been send by e-mail to wannabe-volunteers etc. to Europe by Olympicfoundation Canada. They ask this "contribution" to help the Canadian athletes to win gold in Vancouver. I've heard people from different European countries puzzled about this request, like "what a heck, they ask us to finance the Canadians to win!?!? Is the economic crisis that bad in Canada?????
  20. IMO, all too white, both the torch and the uniform. To be honest, I don't like the uniform at all. Together with the torch there's absolutely no contrast at all except for the red gloves.
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