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  1. Just to inform you, the original title of "Because We Believe" is in Italian "Ama, Credi e Vai". The letteral translation is "Love, Believe and Go".
  2. Yeah, "Because we believe" is just fantastic! I was at the Torino Olympic Stadium for the Closing Ceremony and believe me I had the tears in my eyes when Bocelli sang this song. I was so sad also because soon after the Olympic Flame was extinguished and everything was over... You can find this song also on Youtube.
  3. Io NON sono cittadina italiana ma mi colpisce uno come te che in ogni cosa cerca di sminuire il proprio paese.
  4. I don't know how many here recalls the official theme song of Torino 2006? It was Va' performed by Claudio Baglioni, a famous (in Italy) singer and songwriter. Anyway, in all cases, these themes tend to be quite pathetic...
  5. In the worst case scenario Canada will be the only country to host 3 OG and never have won a gold medal at their Games.....
  6. You're right, Baron. At the Torino OC the U.S was represented by the First Lady Laura Bush and the daughters .
  7. Baron, almost all the people eat all kinds of meat, but frankly in this case it wasn't the time and the way to do it. Especially if you do so to provoke somebody (like the EU) so near to your Olympic Games. I personally found it tasteless and not very wise since this can cause more harm than good to Canada's image.
  8. Wow! I've changed my idea about her completely. Maybe it's better that Queen Elizabeth opens the Games instead of this butcher. :angry:
  9. Yes, maybe she should have been more prudent and avoid these kind of provocations at this moment.
  10. I found this incredible story on BBC this morning: "Canada's governor general, Michaelle Jean, has helped to butcher and eat a seal in an apparent act of solidarity with hunters. Ms Jean used a traditional Inuit knife to help cut the animal then ate a slice of raw heart. It came weeks after the EU voted to ban Canadian seal products, but Ms Jean did not say if her actions were in response to the EU proposals. An EU spokeswoman said the story was "too bizarre to acknowledge".
  11. Well, this is a VERY BIG surprise to me! I thought that you loved EVERYTHING about Torino... :lol:
  12. The Torino medals, what seemed to somebody here as "golden CD's" , in reality they were inspired by ancient Roman coins of thousands a years ago... Please, Canadian schools, some lessons of history and culture here are needed!
  13. Anyway, we (naturally out of Canada) should know this people???
  14. I agree with you. If the Queen will open the Games it would be a HUGE mistake by the Canadians, they would appear to the world only as a simply COLONY of the UK, another edition of Commonwealth Games... Not good at all.
  15. How could it work anyway since it always rains in Vancouver?
  16. Who can help me to edit some messages
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