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  1. Ikarus360, I hate your signature (about the cats)! Can you please change it?
  2. Those days were great, really. Nobody treated the volunteers so good like Torino!
  3. I love Armin, too! Any fotos around?
  4. Good luck as a commentator, Rominger, that's really great! Who knows what can you do at Rio2016! Of course I'm sorry you can't volunteer in Vancouver. I was also at the Torino Games like you and had a really great time! Great memories!
  5. You're right Baron, I wore the white cowl that was in the Participation kit on the seat at both the OC/CC of Torino.
  6. Those uniforms are simply horrible! Who's the "stylist" here?
  7. Unfortunately Nadia Fanchini won't participate due to an injury.
  8. Finland is sending 95 athletes to Vancouver.
  9. Just my curiosity, nobody noticed the similarities between the Melbourne CWG 2006 Baton and the Vancouver 2010 Torch? Or is it only me? I saw the Melbourne Baton in the topic of "Commonwealth Games".
  10. The Vancouver Torch looks very much like the Melbourne Baton... the design is very similar. By the way, the Indian Baton is really a beauty. I love the colors.
  11. Unfortunately she wasn't that good fit in Torino ...anyway she is/was a great artist and a singer.
  12. Here are some of the artists at the Torino Medals Plaza (Piazza Castello): Andrea Bocelli Kelly Clarkson Duran Duran Jamiroquai Anastacia Whitney Houston Avril Lavigne Ricky Martin Lou Reed plus numerous Italian artists. The tickets to the VCs and concerts were free.
  13. So AUSTRALIA. no colors this year? I don't like these Uniforms of Australia.
  14. The whole thing looks ugly...so strange from the Americans.
  15. Just my opinion, but I find this Commonwealth thing quite ridiculous....so only the countries under the Queen participate these games? But really, who watches these games? (of course outside Commonwealth)? Nobody I mean big countries like Australia or Canada, aren't they just sick'n tired to be considered just as only the Commonwealth countries with the Head of state Queen Elisabeth of England? Such a big countries,,,what a shame! I would love to see these countries "free" from the colonization and to be really independent...in every way.
  16. Maybe it's better to stop with the torch relays in the future, and just bring the flame directly in to the Stadium?
  17. Maybe because it is REALLY inadequate for the "other countries", as "The Times" and "New York Times" reports.
  18. ...and everybody spoke about the Chinese how they wanted to win as many medals as possible at home in Beijing, no matter how... In the name of the Olympic Spirit and Fair Play...amen.
  19. I'm sure you're proud to wear that uniform, also after the Olympics. Guaranteed.
  20. The Look of the Games at Torino WOGs was very colorful, they used many colors from black, pink, red and yellow to green and blue. The look was absolutely amazing. BTW, Torino gave backbacks, gloves, caps and also the boots with the uniforms FREE to the volunteers. PS. Sometimes I still use the sweater and the uniform when I go to the Alps. And I still find it great.
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