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  1. It was incredible how there was NO protection or fence in that point where she crashed out of the track... There could have been another tragedy.
  2. Great Peetu Piiroinen of Finland - silver medal in snowboard!
  3. ...and the temps up to +15°C!!!
  4. Entertainers: Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, k.d lang, Nelly Furtado
  5. And I have to add that I know much more details now about Vancouver OC that I ever knew about Torino's OC or any other Olympic Opening Ceremonies in the past.
  6. I have to disagree with you on this. I checked this from an Italian newspaper, "La Stampa" of Torino, dated 10/02/2006, the day of the Openeng Ceremony, and it wrote that the decision on the final torchbearer was to be made at 13.00, so only few hours before the beginning of the OC and that the decision was between Tomba and Belmondo. So, NOBODY knew before the OC which one of these two was going to be chosen as a final torchbearer, I didn't know it until I saw Tomba entering the Stadium first. Of course there was chatter like now in Vancouver with Wayne Gretzky, but not the certainty.
  7. Oh really. How strange, I was in Torino and didn't know about it... So she announced it officially before the OC, is that what you're saying? Well, I guess it was obvious choise as she comes from Piemonte region...
  8. That's not true, infact I was hoping until the end that the last torchbearer would be (and should have been IMO) the great Alberto Tomba. Nobody knew in advance that they would choose Stefania Belmondo.
  9. Unfortunately I won't see the OC in direct because I'm out of the town for the weekend. Hope to see the replay of it later...
  10. The theme of the Closing was "Italian Carnival". The Carnival is celebrated in Italy every year in February.
  11. Well, the skier could be also only one of the many torchbearers, not necessarily the final torchbearer...
  12. My guess is that the big olympic rings (those that they took away from the waterfront) are going to be used somehow as/in the cauldron and the final torchbearer comes with the skis (hope he's not that injured person!)down from the ramp/slope full of snow and somehow lights the cauldron/olympic rings! Just guessing...
  13. BTW Rominger, just to let you know, today opens the new Olympic museum in the center of Torino, "Il museo delle Olimpiadi Torino2006". It is entirely dedicated to Torino Games. They didn't forgot us volunteers, so inside the museum there is a big poster with names of all the volunteers written, so there's also your name on it! I'm going to visit it ASAP!
  14. I know there are still some European volunteers that are waiting to know their shifts/working places in Vancouver. They have been told that they are chosen to be volunteers but they don't know anything else. They were chosen after an telephone interview, and they didn't have any training or whatsoever...maybe they'll do that when they come to Vancouver...
  15. I don't understand why Vanoc gives so many tickets for each volunteer? In Torino they gave just 1 ticket to each volunteer and to have it/to enter to the Stadium you had to show your accreditation. Nobody else than workforce was allowed to enter inside the Olympic Stadium for the rehearsal.
  16. Well, in Torino we always had full meals, no sandwiches...
  17. Well really. I always heard from the other volunteers that that they were treated like "poop" in Salt Lake City and that it was way much, much better in Torino.It seems that in every Olympics they say the same about the precedent... I personally made so many training sessions from 2004, two years before the Games, until the beginning of the Games. And they always treated me more than well. And our uniforms were soooo much better, they gave us also the boots. I have heard so many complaints about the clothing in Vancouver. But with the high temperatures there, I guess it's more than enough...
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