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  1. No, I did not know that, but I've heard that two in the Norwegian team (including Nystad, I guess) are speaking Norwegian. As much as I enjoyed Northug winning the final cross country gold I in fact think it would have been better if Axel Teichmann had won, to keep up the interest of cross country skiing in Germany. Other than that, I think FIS has destroyed the 50 k race. It used to be all about extreme endurance and personal will with the interval start. The way it is currently, it is a long transport leg before the final sprint at the end. Quite boring, but I guess easier to understand for non-nordics...

    ^^ The first sentence above should of course have been "but I've heard that two in the German team (including Nystad, I guess) are speaking Norwegian". (And I guess a new paragraph would have helped afterwards!)

    ^^^^ And after reading myself up on Miriam, I have learnt that her mother is from Molde, which is not in Tr√łndelag, but located in the third county of the Mid-Norway region.....

    Well.OK. What a ****!

    Well.OK. What a ****about the moose...

  2. I don't have an anti-Torino attitude, nor have I "obssessively" compared Vancouver and Torino. I'm quite sure others like lehari have done much more than that than I ever have, and other forumers can confirm that. And it speaks to me and others that you guys have insecurities.

    But I will say that I do have an anti-ignorance attitude. ;)

    I also have to say that I'm quite looking forward to Sochi 2014, and in many aspects I do expect and hope that they will either mirror or exceed the successes of Vancouver and previous Olympics or perhaps even create new successful aspects of the Games like what Vancouver has done with live sites.

  3. Well, that's what they generally are. Remember the Vetti in Lillehammer? I mean what were those? Very Scandinavian, same with Nagano -- very Japanese; Torino...well, you were there.

    Missed a homage tribute to famous Canadians would could no longer be there: Robert Goulet, Peter Jennings, Christopher Plummer, Alex Trebek, etc...

    One final thought...the Russians in those Zorbs :blink: ..I thought they were my dear Oum-Pah-Lompahs!! :lol:

    Yep OK Baron, but all these pathetic speeches/shows about the greatness of Canada( maybe you're get used about this crap in USA)... and after that nothing but concert. That's all folks...

    At Torino CC everything was about the Italian Carnival and history, it was much different and better since they used much more performers unlike Vancouver never did, not even in the OC.

  4. Like I wrote in another topic this wasn't everybody's CC, it was reserved only for Canadians. All these speeches about how great Canada is and how proud they are to be Canadians. Why on earth Canadians want to make their Olympic CC such an pathetic Hollywood show?

    In the end what was this CC all about? A bad rock concert saved (partly) with the help of Sochi2014 handover.

  5. Definitely not the best Games, IMO. For various reasons.

    I didn't like the mountain venues...the slopes on the Whistler/Cypress Mts were in horrible conditions for the athletes who hardly could do the training.Too much rain and fog that made everything look a bit sad.

    Also I missed some nocturnal (evening) races in Whistler like for example for ski jumping and men's slalom.

    The Whistler Sliding centre...there's no need to add anything.Simply unacceptable.

    Then there was the odd Canadian "Own the podium" hysteria, it seemed a little bit arrogant and unsportsmanlike for me.Against the Olympic values.

    I'm sure that there was a great atmosphere for who was there in person, but it's very different to see them (games) on tv at home...

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  6. I don't know if somebody else has already pointed this out, but I have to say that I(we)'ve had big difficulties to follow these Games in the(HD)TV, for example in the second round of whatever race (can be alpine skiing or ski jumping etc), I can't see his/her's position after the first run so it's quite difficult to follow the race. Then there have been quite often these total black outs of the data so me and the commentators on the tv are completely out about what happens in the race.

    Not good at all.

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