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  1. "Truly magnificent Games" - Jacques Rogge, Torino, 26/02/2006.
  2. I don't know if you're making reference on me, if yes, well in that case you can pull away the words "Italians and Greeks". As I said before, it's obvious here the preference of Commonwealth/USA host/bid city. No cricize allowed. But nevermind...
  3. Say it in Finnish, of if you prefer in Italian. Say it in Finnish or in Italian if you can...
  4. [quote name='baron-pierreIV' date='01 March 2010 We'll see whether Sochi will be a bigger mess than this. The Russians are sooooooooooooo serious!! Wait until they drink some vodka!
  5. Yep OK Baron, but all these pathetic speeches/shows about the greatness of Canada( maybe you're get used about this crap in USA)... and after that nothing but concert. That's all folks... At Torino CC everything was about the Italian Carnival and history, it was much different and better since they used much more performers unlike Vancouver never did, not even in the OC.
  6. The final is even better, it was only a bad rock concert...what a crap... ...this was not a Closing Ceremony, this was only a bad concert. I save only the Sochi handover. Sorry for the late comments, I saw only now the CC.
  7. Like I wrote in another topic this wasn't everybody's CC, it was reserved only for Canadians. All these speeches about how great Canada is and how proud they are to be Canadians. Why on earth Canadians want to make their Olympic CC such an pathetic Hollywood show? In the end what was this CC all about? A bad rock concert saved (partly) with the help of Sochi2014 handover.
  8. This CC wasn't everybody's party, the only invitations were to Canadians (better if gold medalists)...all these speeches how Canada is great and how everybody is proud to be Canadian...OMG I was going to throw up.
  9. I totally agree. Razzo was a ray of light in the darkness.
  10. I would add also Italy as a loser. Only 5 medals (1G,1S,3B) is a miserable result compared to the 11 medals of Torino or 20 of Lillehammer.
  11. Did I hear a little boy whining over here? When you grow up a little bit you'll learn that exists many different opinions, not only yours. Maybe your mother should teach it to you one day. So, stop crying and get over it. OK?
  12. Definitely not the best Games, IMO. For various reasons. I didn't like the mountain venues...the slopes on the Whistler/Cypress Mts were in horrible conditions for the athletes who hardly could do the training.Too much rain and fog that made everything look a bit sad. Also I missed some nocturnal (evening) races in Whistler like for example for ski jumping and men's slalom. The Whistler Sliding centre...there's no need to add anything.Simply unacceptable. Then there was the odd Canadian "Own the podium" hysteria, it seemed a little bit arrogant and unsportsmanlike for me.Against the Olympic values. I'm sure that there was a great atmosphere for who was there in person, but it's very different to see them (games) on tv at home...
  13. No, they don't sleep easier in Helsinki. The Finnish newspapers still calls these Games a "fiasco Games", they have been a total disaster for Finland. The same for Italy.
  14. Well, CAF, there's a little to celebrate at the moment for Finland, don't you think so... Congrat's for Team Germany, so brilliant so far (as always)! About the Xmarket, what on Earth do they sell there?
  15. The race was absolutely a farce, the slope was in scandalous conditions.
  16. I don't know if somebody else has already pointed this out, but I have to say that I(we)'ve had big difficulties to follow these Games in the(HD)TV, for example in the second round of whatever race (can be alpine skiing or ski jumping etc), I can't see his/her's position after the first run so it's quite difficult to follow the race. Then there have been quite often these total black outs of the data so me and the commentators on the tv are completely out about what happens in the race. Not good at all.
  17. Even greater news...Swedes out of the Olympic tournament!!!! What a great day!
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