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  1. Da geb ich Dir recht. Viele reden immer über spektakuläre Bauten wie z.B in Beijing. Aber was für mich Olympia ausmacht sind die Zuschauer, wie sie mitgehen und einfach eine unverwechselbare Atmosphere schaffen. Lillehammer und Sydney waren auch wegen der Atmosphere die besten Spielen aller Zeit, und nicht weil sie das geilste Stadion hatten. Und ich glaube Deutschland ist Mega-Wintersport-Begeistert und würde auch ne super Atmosphere schaffen.Zumindest bei einem der Gegenkandidaten bin ich mir da nicht so sicher.
  2. Ukraine is approved for 2012 so tomorrow we get the logo and then the Draw for the Qualifying can come and start the countdown to 2012
  3. german outfit have always something related to the host nation or at least something writen in the language of the host
  4. in 2006 Torino games, german outfit was voted the best by italian designers and i heard many athlets from other countries are jeoulous about the cool Bogner-Stuff the german team get each year
  5. i would alos love a first nation design just because i love the first nation art
  6. is there a way to buy both poster? and finally we have the maple-leave involved would have been the first event in Canada to have no maple-leave involved - lol
  7. i love 8 logos from the competition more then the official logo now
  8. i liked it from the first day, and still like it.
  9. a baby seal with blood all over his body
  10. i like it specially the fact to see some new ideas for the the SOG-Medals too
  11. that was my first thought as i saw the paralympic logo btw. Ilanaaq isn´t that bad
  12. all this trouble about wembley makes me really worry about london 2012. i hope the IOC will have a eye on London, we don´t want a 2nd montreal (unfinished olympic Stadium) or another Athens (no roof for the pool)
  13. i like it i like it better then the olympic mascots
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