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  1. Conceptstudy for a possible Munich 2022 bid http://www.dosb.de/fileadmin/Bilder_allgemein/Veranstaltungen/Muenchen2022/130919_M22_Konzeptstudie_Endfassung.pdf Halfpipe would be moved to Munich, Biathlon and Cross-country would move to Ruhpolding with a own Olympic village in Inzell (also to host the athlets from the sliding events in Königssee) the DOSB will decide Monday if they move on with a possible Munich bid for 2022 if they opt with YES, then the people of Munich, GarmischPartenkirchen, Traunstein (Ruhpolding), and Berchtesgardener Land (Königssee) will vote in a referendum on 10th November
  2. PC might be safe, but the IOC might be worried about the atmosphere there nothing worse then Olympic Games in front of empty seats
  3. But Berlin is not in the position to make a succesfull bid it would be a huge mistake from DOSB to go forward with a Berlin bid IMO IOC will never go to a city where the support is really low the support across germany would be higher, but in Berlin it would be really low IMO
  4. German Summer Bid? i can´t see a Berlin Bid soon - the atmosphere in Berlin would be totally against a Bid, the City is too alternative for OG who is left then? Munich - they go for Winter bid Hamburg? i can´t see this happen so i think Munich 2022 is the German now or never
  5. munich should keep quite for 1-2 years what for? to look how the door get closed for at least 8-12 yrs? if Oslo take the Games for 2022 there is no chance for Munich to get the games before 2030/2034
  6. i really hope guys are right, and i know it´s still 2 month until the referendum but shouldn´t they start to campaign a bit? a nice video full of emotions wouldn´t be a bid idea to promote the idea of Munich 2022
  7. i´m happy Oslo voted YES i already saw the 2022 race turning in something like Almaty vs. Krakow
  8. question to the pther germans in here how are your hope for the poll in November? i really fear a NO from Munich the problem i guess could be the fact that "YES" voters might not go, but those "NOlympia" people will go for sure and take part in the poll but it would great if the bitter No voters will get sidelined and Munich moves on with a bid
  9. i think Oslo is the fave for 2022 now, and only a Munich bid could make it a interesting Race for 2022
  10. the "weakness" of Munich would be the so called "spread out" venues, with Garmisch, Königssee and now Ruhpolding but compared to Stockholm it would be even a strenght
  11. i fear a NO in the referendum the problem is that the people who are against a olympic bid will for sure go and vote against but the supporter often stay home because they think it isn´t that important
  12. THIS BIG TIME the video make it a bit better, and they use it good for the visual identity but it is still a very weak logo
  13. thats true they will prepare all the stuff for a bid, and then they will bid or drop it
  14. seems like the race for 2022 get weaker and weaker before it even started Swiss seems to be out now, Sweden seems not to bid, austria seems not to bid the door is open for Munich, but it would be typically for germany no to bid
  15. Spain has other Problems, and then they shouldn´t waste money for Olympic Games
  16. was this posted before? i would love this logo
  17. jusr visit the website for the FIFA 2011 Women WorldCup it seems like this the look of the FIFA 2011 WorldCup in Germany you can see parts of this on banners for Ticketing and so on, just browse the website a bit and you will discover it http://de.fifa.com/womensworldcup/organisation/ticketing/index.html banner to become a Volunteer for the FIFA WC 2011 on the website
  18. i was reading some old post and threads, and after Melbourne 2006 everyone was thinking australia will host not before 2026 again, and now they will get the GC already in 2018 - congrats
  19. Magdalena did it - Gold for Magdalena Neuner I´m so happy for her, was near to cry
  20. the look is iconic - in few few years, you just need to see 1 second and you will know it´s Vancouver. I love it, it is strong and it give a great identity to the games, and thats what a look need to do. all the previous looks was just to cover some ugly fenches or so. But Vancouver is brilliant
  21. so, how many medals do you expect for Germany this year? i hope we can win 25-28 - but it will tough, i guess Torino result is out of reach
  22. Das ist auch meine Hoffnung. PC kam zweimal nahe ran zu gewinnen, aber da hatten die Sportverbände noch nicht die negativen Erlebnisse der Weltmeisterschaften, Was mir auch Hoffnung gibt ist die nordische-Ski-WM von Sapporo 2007. Der FIS President sagte danach in etwa sowas wie "wie werden in zukunft nur noch dahin WM´s vergeben wo wir auch Willkommen sind" als Anspielung auf das nicht vorhandene Zuschauer interesse. Aber für Sponsoren wäre es interessant, sie würden sicherlich 90% der Eintrittskarten zum verschenken bekommen. Hoffe auf Thomas Bach. Er wird sicherlich nicht offensiv für München werben, aber ich hoffe das er im Hintergrund die strippen zieht.
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