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  1. first rprojection will be expected at 6.30pm final result to be expected Monday evening, but as long it´s not totally tied result we should know the outcome earlier makes TWO with me they should have asked whole Bavaria - it´s our money too
  2. the Atmosphere in GAP was rather negative before the referendum for the 2018 Bid but it turned out with a YES so i still hope my HEART is still hoping for a YES but my mind tells me we will see a NO
  3. but this is typically, the negative people are often those who raise her voice the high ammount of Postal votes give me some new hope and i saw a poll that Germans support with 80% a munich bid, i know it´s easier to say YES when your city is not involved but with a high ammount of voters we should reach the 50,1 % PLEASE MUNICH`S don´t let us down i want Olympic Games in Germany once, and Munich 2022 is they only realistic chance i see
  4. critical is one thing, but when you read his CV then you know he is fighting the IOC and FIFA, and not really care about Munich the NOlympia girl has really Munich in her heart, but he is just fighting his fight against IOC and FIFA
  5. Wait - is Oslo now bidding or not? or will they apply, and then the Goverment will decide if the give garantuees?
  6. @StefanMUC - isn´t the Süddeutsche reader manipulated from Thomas Kistner? He is one of the biggest critics of the IOC and FIFA, and he always write very negative comments about bidding for the WinterGames just yesterday there was another report from him http://www.sueddeutsche.de/sport/olympia-bewerbung-von-peking-in-der-abwaertsspirale-1.1811434 and Tuesday he was part of the "Münchner Runde" on BR and he is was really unsympathically, even the girl from "NOlympia" movement was more sympatically
  7. Oslo bidding is good, i hope Munich get the chance to make it a Race otherwise Oslo wins the 2022 Games already on Sunday
  8. Italy looks always the same, or not? and Canada as well
  9. there been reports on German TV that Beijing suffers big time with Air Pollution, even more in Winter month since they turn on the coal-fired Power stations i think this could be a big Minus for Beijing WinterGames but probably the IOC wouldn´t notice as long they visit in spring/summer
  10. why is everyone sure they will switch to Harbin for 2026/2030? i mean, when they invest much money to make Zhangjiakou a new Wintersport Hub for the Beijing region/citizens why should they switch to Harbin then for future bids? specially if they get the chance to make Beijing the first Summer/WinterGames host in the history of the OGs (a failing Munich referendum, or Munich losing to Oslo would make this possible)
  11. has Sweden no other Alpine skiing resorts closer to Stockholm? a bit of Stockholm with Are would be a waste of money 400 miles - thats insane
  12. German SKY SPORT NEWS HD announced it as new rival for Munich and here are reports from the net http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/beijing-zhangjiakou-bid-2022-winter-olympics-20785749 http://www.china.org.cn/world/Off_the_Wire/2013-11/05/content_30505211.htm i guess this Bid is a Test-Bid for a future WinterGames there is no way IOC will have 2 Wintergames in Asia in a row and 3 OG in a row in Asia
  13. i see your point But FIFA is doing the same contracts, and the negative comments durring the german WC bid for 2006, where have they been? When it´s about Football such contracts are okay for the media/society but not when it comes toward the olympics? i don´t want the media to manipulate the people, but they should encourage the people a bit more to go to the referendum at all because i think we would have a YES if we would get a participation of 70% German People love to go to sport events, but are they willing to move her ass on Sunday? IMO a low participation on the referendum is the biggest Weapon of the NOlympia campaign
  14. why? as long they have Candidates like Oslo there is no problem for the IOC i also really facepalm about the double-standards of the German Media once they like to bash the IOC for going to SouthKorea or Sochi, but on the other hand they are not really helpfull to promote the idea of WinterGames in Munich they always come up with the special "no Tax" rule for the IOC etc. etc. even my local newspaper had a comment about the Referendum, and 90% of the comment was listing the negative impact and the bad contracts the IOC force the host cities to sign but then the last sentence was like "but in the end Munich shouldn´t miss the historic chance to become the first host city of Summer and Winter Games
  15. ot would be typcially german they just see the costs, and not the positive influence for the economy and i said many weeks before that i fear a NO because the YES voters gonna stay home it was not a smart move to hold this referendum on a special day and not on the general State-Election date as well
  16. Well, Bach want as much bidders as possible for each circle he learned from Rogge, Rogge encouraged every City/Country to bid
  17. thats why i still fear a NO from Munich - i´m not worried about the 3 other the problem is, the No Voters will go for sure, but the People who don´t care and even some of the YES voters might stay home thats why i had prefered a Referendum at the same date as the Bavarian Election a NO from Munich would also be a bad sign for any Future German Olympic Dreams even when Munich would vote YES, it wouldn´t be a guarantee to win the Race but it would be a sign to IOC that Germany is serious with hosting the Olympics once in the near future and another lost Munich bid could also bring some "consolation votes" in a future SOG Ballot but a NO from Munich would sent the worst possible sign to the IOC i may sound really pessimistic, but a NO from Munich gonna end not just the Dreams of Munich hosting the WOG 2022 it would also end the Dreams of hosting SummerGames How to expect public support for SOG in cities like Berlin and Hamburg when Munich refuse much cheaper WinterGames
  18. right - because it seems the atmosphere is much better in GAP now
  19. http://www.zdfsport.de/Aus-Fehlern-gelernt-30097170.html seems like this time it is much calmer in GAP, since the 2022 concept learned from the Mistakes they made in her 2018 bid and they hope for a better result in the poll as for the 2018 poll
  20. in munich there is also another Referendum scheduled for this day the one for the 3rd runway for the munich airport the one who are against a 3rd runway will go to the referendum for sure, and might vote against the WOG too so the real task for Munich 2022 will be to make sure the YES voters really go, because NO-Voters will go for sure For sure, IOC would not risk to vote Almaty, Krakow .... while PC isn´t over IOC will go less risk in 2022 thats why the timeframe would be so perfect for Munich 2022
  21. all the 4 referendums (Munich, GaP, Traunstein and BerchtesgadenerLand) need to have at least 50,1% support on it´s own, if just one has less, the bid is dead (thats what german TV said yesterday)
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