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  1. is there a date to unveil the official Logo? i guess they gonna need to unveil it before PC 2018, to feature it in the Hand over part at the closing ceremony
  2. i would love it as the look of the game it´s really modern IMO
  3. from NDR.de 40.000 votes are counted 49,2% YES 50,8% NO Kiel has the first district counted and there been 70% YES but they had a low turnout
  4. fingers crossed, the outcome of the Poll is so important not just for 2024, it´s important for future Bids as well (if Hamburg not gonna host in 2024) (If Hamburg turns down a Bid, there is no chance to win a Poll in Berlin for future bids)
  5. don´t know if all Teams at the German Cup (Football) gonna do this next week But 1.FC Nuremberg will wear those jersey´s next week
  6. but i guess hardly all 3 venues will be in use at the same time like Athletics and swim events clash just a few days
  7. tomorrow we will get mor info about the hamburg bid http://www.abendblatt.de/hamburg/article205351683/Spektakulaere-Plaene-fuer-Hamburgs-Olympiastadion.html
  8. GOOD i hate those referendums cause the supporters hardly move her ass, while the people who are against always go
  9. will Hamburg have a referendum? maybe with the Election in February`?
  10. great move from OSLO - really love that they turned it around now now the IOC can proof how serious they are to change the bid-process and the hosting for the better and the future of the games
  11. i gonna support Stockholm now i think it´s still a insane distance to Are but Norway had the Games in 1994 and so Sweden deserve it more
  12. Oslo has won the not existing Race for the OG 2022 (when the Goverment want it) Congrats
  13. it´s so sad to see that Germany became a country who is against everything
  14. Game over - when even Garmisch not in favour then we don´t need to hope for Munich like i said many weeks before the YES voters will not move her ass, while the No-Voters will go for sure
  15. i don´t think it will be covered on ARD BR will cover, http://www.br.de/index.html but just in her regular NEWS show at 6.45pm and then later at 10.05pm in BlickpunktSport, her regular Sunday evening sport show
  16. is this the first "pro" article from SZ? but it´s well writen IMO specially this part i totally agree with this was also my impression when i was visiting Munich
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