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  1. On 25.2.2018 at 8:11 PM, anthonyliberatori said:



    Beijing 2022 published this two days ago, obviously preparing for the large influx of online searches they were likely to get once the Closing Ceremony of Pyeongchang happened and the focus turned to Beijing. Many of the venues in the video look much more futuristic (and expensive) than the initial bid proposal videos and photos, which is somewhat concerning. I hope these modern designs aren't breaking the budget. 

    the Ski-Jumping Venue looks stunning 

  2. On 14.2.2018 at 6:34 PM, Tulsa said:

    With Erdogan in Turkey ? Impossible, nobody in Europe want to do something for Turkey. 

    you never know with this international federation


    the German Bid could also has some flaws, actually part of the UEFA requirements are against German laws. (like the tax exemption)

    While someone like Erdogan can fulfill all the wishes of the UEFA.


  3. are you guys really surprised?


    everyone knew this even before they awarded the Games to PC

    look at all the events they hosted ahead of the games

    Like the biathlon worlds in 2009 - but yet the International federations and IOC pushed for this games and just get what they asked for.

    South Koreans are just into shortTrack, speedskating and figure skating 


  4. 11 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

    According to what i've read (and one user of GB), the metal rod had 30 rings. Each ring represented the years since Seoul 1988, I think it was meant to represent how much SK has changed since then. However I agree this idea could had been executed much better.

    The music was top notch though, and rewatching it again I did noticed Yuna Kim was trying hard not to cry on a moment which was very emotional but kinda dumbed down by this.

    like i said, Yuna Kim was fighting the tears, maybe because she knew this mechanical thing gonna ruin her big moment.


    30 rings for 30 years since Seoul - what a lame and constructed story behind this ugly thing to light the flame

    a classical way of lighting the flame would have been much better then this ugly mechanical phallus and the lame story behind.
    and a classical way would have made the whole moment much more emotional, for Yuna Kim and for the viewers on TV.



  5. 7 hours ago, Citizen-Seth said:

    I think there were some nice visual images and some great concepts, but nothing really came together to me. There was too much jumping between live action stuff in the stadium and prerecorded videos. I think that this show was absolutely created with TV audiences in mind (with commentary). Watching NBC's live stream it all felt so disjointed, but I expect tonight's tape delay broadcast to be much more cohesive for those who are lucky enough to watch it. 

    One giant positive: the parade of nations was the least annoying it's ever been! 

    i agree, i alxo really disliked the big amount of prerecorded videos.


    and then lighting the flame could have been a really emotional moment IMO, Yuna Kim was fighting her tears and then the moment was destoyed by this flame-phallus.

    why not lifting her up and lighting the flame in a classical way ? 

  6. 12 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

    If the IOC is going to do a double, it needs to have the right cities and it needs to do so with purpose.  The right cities are not just "the only strong, viable bids left" just because they are there.  And the purpose needs to be more than "oh well, so be it."

    Let's say the only 2 left standing for 2026 are Canada and the United States (whatever city that winds up being.. don't forget that Salt Lake seems more interested in 2030 than 2026).  Do you think they'd do the double in that scenario?  This isn't Oprah where everyone who shows up gets an Olympics.  Paris/LA was done with purpose.  Not sure 2 North American cities lends itself to the same concept.  To that end..

    The USOC just got themselves a Summer Olympics.  Pretty sure they're riding high right now and won't be offended by not adding a Winter Olympics on top of that.  And considering they got some concessions for taking 2028, somehow I doubt they're too upset that they didn't get 2024.  They probably get a better deal that way than if they had taken it to the end in a heads up battle against perhaps.

    As for a Winter bid, let's be fair about the situation here.. as much as the USOC's history is to bid at almost every available Olympics, would they be that interested in 2026 if there was potential competition out there that they'd have to beat out as opposed to a scenario where the IOC might be desperate for any willing country?  Probably not.  The USOC knows that if they push forward with a bid, they're probably doing so only if they're in a favorable situation.  They can bide their time with this one rather than jump into the fray sooner rather than later.  And if Salt Lake is that eager, I doubt they'll turn out like New York or Chicago which were largely destined to be one-and-done.  So if 2026 or 2030 doesn't happen, I'm confident Salt Lake will still remain interested for 2034 and going forward.  Plus, like you said, if the IOC is still having issues getting quality bids - and that's certainly the case now - the door might still be wide open for a U.S. winter bid.  And not for nothing, but 2034 is the first Olympics beyond the end of the current NBC deal.  Wouldn't that be a nice negotiating tool for the IOC securing television rights in the U.S. if the first Olympics everyone is bidding for is here in the U.S.

    No one said there will be/should be a double without suitable Bids.

    But the IOC should  be aware that it will be tough to get those Bids from Europe in the near future.
    European Cities are willing, but the citizens are not. Oslo and Munich 2022,  Innsbruck 2026, and most likely Sion 2026 soon too.
    Sochi ruined a lot for the IOC in Europe, cause whenever and wherever in Europe a City face a Olympic Referendum the Sochi Prize Tags will be on the table and will influence the people.
    (there are other negative influences too, but Sochi prize tag was for sure the killer for Munich 2022)

    And the lost public Polls didn´t just destroy the Munich and Oslo bids for 2022, and Innsbruck for 2026, it also ruined another bid from those Countries/Cities in the near future.
    So the IOC should take a NorthAmerica double if they can get it. 


    About the television rights - thats indeed a good point of view.
    But IMO the IOC is not in the position to think about that yet.  
    If they can get quality Bids to push SLC back to 2034, great for the Olympics and even better for the IOC TV rights negotiations.

    But right now i can´t see where those quality Bids should come from.

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  7. 18 hours ago, FYI said:


    But this goes against the ‘wisdom’ by some around here that a double only works in this 26/30 scenario if one of those cities is in Europe. And if Europe bails out (again) would the IOC award both now without a European city in that mix, like we saw with 2024/2028, at the ‘risk’ of not having Europe in the picture ‘til at least 2034? I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with that train of thought per se, but as the saying goes - “beggars can’t be choosers”, but at the end of the day if the only strong, viable bids left are non-European ones, then so be it.


    well, if Sion and Stockholm drops out for 2026 then it would mean no european citiy made it to the actual Bidding process 2 circles in a row (2022 and 2026)

    wouldn´t it be a bit naive from IOC to think Europe will rise like a Phoenix for 2030?
    So then they should take what they get (maybe Canada and USOC-Bid) and don´t care about pissing off Europe, cause they been pissed off already with the Sochi/PC Games

  8. On 25.12.2017 at 4:56 PM, anthonyliberatori said:

    Hopefully Stockholm and Sion can vote to stay in the race, as that will give a good option for 2026, allowing Salt Lake or Calgary to take the second option, should it be awarded, for 2030. I would personally shoot for Calgary to 2030, just because I feel like they will be like Munich in the sense hat if they dont get it, they won't try again, because of all the work it took to get it ready. Plus, if the IOC can get a stable bid from a Western/Northern European city that can make it all the way through to voting, it is almost guaranteed to win at this point, just to help with longevity purposes. I really think the IOC is worried about getting future of Europe and Olympic Bids.

    another Dillema for the IOC could also be 3 strong Candidates (Calgary. Sion, Stockholm).

    Would they do a double and piss off one of the Countries/Cities for the Future?
    also it would be risky not to do a double, cause you never know if those cities are willing to bid again, or win a public poll again to be able to bid again

    But if i should make a prediction i would predict Sion and Stockholm to drop out and we get a double with Calgary 2026 and USOC 2030.



  9. 15 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

    A USOC leader said in October that the U.S. wants to be part of the discussion if the IOC wants to award the 2026 and 2030 Olympics in one vote like it did for Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. In that case, the USOC may be interested in entering the next round of bidding.

    that the Dilemma for the IOC and USOC right now - they don´t know if they should do a double for 2026/2030 or if they are even able to do so.

    What if there no 2 Candidates at all for 2026? Sion face a public vote, Calgary not sure in the Race yet as well, and the USOC prefers 2030.



    USOC might enter for 2026 to get the 2030 games, and will end up with 2026 due the lack of other candidates (just a possible scenario)

  10. 23 hours ago, yoshi said:

    Can any new countries enter the race now? Would've thought it was well over time for Spain to have another big tournament. 

    No, March 3rd 2017 was the Deadline for Bids.


    But it´s really strange spain never bid for one of the big Football Tournaments

  11. 20 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

    Ouch. :unsure: You know things are very bad when the Govt wants to buy tickets already. 

    They insisted again Koreans tend to buy tickets at last minute but i don't know if that's true or just hardcore damage control they're doing now to cover up the gigantic disaster the ticket sales have been so far.

    I would like to say the whole fault lies in the conflict with the North but SK and the Organizing Comitte also shares a lot of the blame here (a very remote place, with very expensive hotels, very few other options available and in a country where except for Short track and speed skating no one cares about winter sports. Dunno what they were expecting tbh)

    to blame the N/S Korean conflict is a very cheap excuse imo

    you could have guess this whole outcome of poor attendance long before PC got handed the games - so many Events with hardly any Attendance.

    The report i posted also quotes Kaspar who said something like "hopefully they gonna bring the schoolkids to the Games, because i remember in 2009 at the Snowboard Worlds i was at the finish area all alone with 2 regular spectators"

    The report also said that even the Korean spectators will most likely need a hotel room, since it´s a kinda remote area and so to attend the Games is expensive even for the local Koreans.

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