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  1. Duetschland, Deustchland, Uber alles in der welt! Oh yeah, good job American and England!

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    2. mr.bernham


      I know it's not used anymore...I know what it means, and I know who used it.

      I'm using it to portray that the team will win and triumph above all in the World Cup. Just a bit of support for the country.

      Nothing wrong with that. It depends on how you view it and its context. If I'm talking about it in the context the Nazis used it then yes it's completely inappropriate. But using it show support for the German team in the World Cup and a hopeful victory...

    3. mr.bernham


      Also the line was written to describe the unification of Germany, a goal of the Vormärz revolutionaries. So in theory this line has historically taken on many different meanings. As you all know it was only taken out after the fall of the Nazi regime. I think we also all know that for the Nazi's it represented something completely different from the original meaning or even the one I'm using in my status.

    4. Alexjc


      Haaa you used the (other) N word...

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