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  1. Oooh, and live cross overs to the future host city, I love those - we didn't get one of London here in Greece, I think they did in Germany. Who organises that?
  2. I'm not really a fan of the handover segment, i think it takes away from the atmosphere and momentum the host has created. I thought Athens did well by keeping it simple and not detracting too much attention from the atmosphere Sydney had created for their CC. I think I'd like to see handovers in the future as a small video, a couple of minutes, under the direction of the committee, showcasing the city to the world.
  3. 18,578 posts and still just textual banter to me. Relax, in a few days I'll be gone, living my life, and I'll leave you to yours - posting on GB. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think 90 million dollars is a small and casual difference in budget, we are talking about almost double (not to mention the fact that you get a lot more RNB for your dollar, cheap labor etc). Stop talking crap again. I am surely wasting my time here, but since it is the season and it may be another 4 years since I post, I will entertain you Baron, I am in the mood. Wasting my time because you were never a fan of the Athens OC. Perhaps the Greek forumers drove you to it, who knows. The only thing that I felt was contrived about Athens was the assumption that the general American audience would understand a ceremony with any depth to it (so you can imagine what a lake with measurable depth did to their poor two-dimensional brains). I watched the NBC coverage of Athens OC and you were really let down by your commentary - perhaps if the commentators took out a dictionary to understand the artistic brief Papaioannou had given, I wouldn't be posting here. If you feel that OC shouldn't need explanations, see my final comments. Contrived? My favourite segment in Athens (and any ceremony for that matter) was the formation of the milky way, with a woman, pregnant, stomach aglow, staring up at the formation of a double-helix. There was nothing nationalistic in this for me, just a core tribute to all humanity, somethings that binds us all (and unfortunately even me to you). Now is this felt forced to you, I challenge your mind to have 'pushed' this one out. As for obscure Cycladic figures, the first known representation of the human form is as well recognised in Greece as MacDonalds is to you. Once again it was ignorant of us to assume you would know this, it was ignorant of us to assume that the commentary would explain it and it was ignorant of us to assume that you would care. Hence i am not suprised you didn't like Athens because for all your pseudo-intellectual self-proclaimed pundit banter, you're really just a couch potato desperate for visual orgasm without really having to use your brain. What's worse is that Beijing followed the same artistic principles that Athens adopted (which is why I loved it) and yet you absolutely hate one but love the other. Slightly hypocritical if you ask me.
  4. I think this is excessive. I can't imagine in 20 years people will still be saying that Beijing still cannot be 'topped'. I couldn't agree less. For me, Athens still looks timeless namely because the technology was not the glorified epicentre of the ceremony. For example, a giant marble head rising out of a lake in a stadium is an extraordinary technological feat, but visually it appeared like a very minimilistic sequence, the way the director had intended. Don't get me wrong, I thought Beijing OC was brilliant, but if you want dated, see Sydney 2000, the largest leap between ceremonies was Sydney-Athens, not Athens-Beijing. I think you are missing the point. China, as well as being a developing country, is also at the same time, and economic superpower. 48 billion dollars will buy you a lot of Olympics in a country like China, especially when we compare it to the 11 billion that Greece spent. When we start playing with this kind of money, even sponsors like Coca-Cola, MacDonalds and Kodak begin to be dwarfed in the financial scale of these games. So the question really is not will anyone top Beijing but which city will be prepared to spend this amount of money on hosting an Olympic Games.
  5. I thought in a very subtle way, Londons Mayor was hilarious, seeming kind of lost, constantly putting his hands in his pockets and then quickly removing them and saluting what seemed to be a particular individual among the 100 odd thousand! He looked like he wanted to busrt out laughing at the whole spectacle.
  6. I also wasn't too impressed with the closing, then again, I never am. Athens' was disappointing, little international appeal (and I'm Greek), Sydney was cheap and kitsch, Atlanta was, well, i think we were all glad it was coming to an end etc etc. Maybe I am biased, but I thought that the extinguishing felt much more sentimental in Athens, I didn't get the air bridge thing - what's worse, it got me excited as I expected a plane to appear from somewhere.. But it never came
  7. You need not look further than the fact that 18000 odd posts later (oh my) and still nothing worth taking notice of. I think that had not Athens preceded hosting, we would've had a very different Opening Ceremony in Beijing. I thought the OC was absolutely spectacular and as Greek, I felt proud that artistic ethos of Athens was continued in Beijing. I adored the simplicity and depth of Athens because I feel this is an exact personification of our culture. However in saying that, I would have never tolerated the same simplicity from the Chinese. And as far as I'm concerned, the Chinese delivered. Although I think it would have been much easier for the Chinese to revert to the spectacles of Sydney and Atlanta (which I hated) given they had the numbers and the overwhelming desire to 'wow' the planet. But thank god (or buddha) that they didn't and instead used their manpower in a very elaborate and elegant way, as a means of conveying their very old yet modern culture to the world. Chinese people should be very proud.
  8. I think it has already become an issue. Nearly a year out from the games, Athens was a buzz - with criticism, praise, progress reports (or lack of), continual reassurance from ATHOC, political scrutiny, venue updates etc etc. Comparitively, from Beijing we have heard squat. I'm not sure whether it's because the largest country to host an Olympics is guaranteed success, no one is really interested or wether we are getting internal censorship..
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