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  1. Thanks for the pics, pcpcpc12! All of those renders look great, but something about the Speed Skating Stadium in post #15 catches my eye above the others... perhaps it's the 'glow-from-within' effect on the render. Not sure how great it will look on a cloudy day, but it should really light up at night. Nice job, Pyeongchang!
  2. I care. And so do other tens of millions of people. It doesn't affect you, but that doesn't mean its the same way for others. What else don't you care about?
  3. L.A. has recently hosted ('84). San Diego has never hosted - the IOC is partial to new candidates. San Diego can revitalize their transportation system and their accommodations like Vancouver did. San Diego can expand their airport and possibly build a new one from scratch (Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan is on a completely man-made island and is a first class airport). It's not impossible, not even improbable. The potential is there, but the city just has to be able to front the money in order to get it all off the ground.
  4. Nothing will ever compare to the farce that would have been a Tulsa 2024 Olympic bid. I have to agree. Minneapolis-St. Paul is like Dallas-Ft. Worth, where I live. DFW is essentially one big corporate machine; it has a huge business presence, a massive international airport to rival the likes of Beijing Capital (2008) and London Heathrow (2012), and a large sports presence. But it doesn't have that "X Factor", as you put it. It simply doesn't have that cultural draw... although it does have the drawl, that's not a myth. I suppose Minneapolis-St. Paul is sort of the same way. Then again,
  5. An airport-turned-park probably wouldn't be that big of an undertaking - given the airport is a single-runway one (nevertheless, it's the largest single-runway airport in the USA). Nevertheless, am I missing something? Isn't Balboa Park the most reasonable opportunity for a brand-new Olympic Park?
  6. +1. San Diego is already in the international arena, hence the Global Cities Index (it's in the same boat as Calgary, Rio, Birmingham, Denver, Detroit, St. Louis, etc). It does host the Comic Con, after all, which attracts over 100,000 people each year. It has potential, and is in the same position now as Vancouver was pre-2010. Both somewhat under-the-radar (globally, that is) West Coast cities until one of them sparked with the success of the 2010 Games and the blaze has been carrying on ever since. I've had the chance to visit both (I've been to Coronado nine times and Vancouver once - that
  7. It's 35,682,460, my bad. I'm referring to the Kantō Major Metropolitan Area, which is essentially the exact same as the 23 "special wards", which are Chiba, Yokahama, Kawasaki, et cetera.
  8. St. Petersburg? No. Three major sporting events (two Games, one World Cup) in ten years would cause a major stirrup. No more headaches for the IOC from Russia anytime soon, I don't think.
  9. That mask isn't going to fool anyone. There will still be protests. If it is only a temporary repeal of the law and people realize the LGBT community in Russia is going to be regressing once more to suffering and fear under the iron fist of the anti-gay regime once the Games are over, then there will be hell to pay. I think it will almost be worse if they do put on that mask, because it is a blatant insult to the intelligence of the LGBT community worldwide to assume that people will be happy if Russia suddenly acts all transparent about it.
  10. Hi, all. This is my first post on the forum. I am completely convinced that nuclear radiation won't affect the Tokyo 2020 bid, or, if it succeeds, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. I have not looked into it in much detail, but it seems to me if 37 million people can coexist relatively peacefully for years on end without everyone suddenly sprouting extra arms, then a month in Tokyo for the athletes isn't going to be a problem. Chernobyl radiation is probably just as much of a factor for the Sochi Olympics as Fukushima radiation is for Tokyo 2020, by my count.
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