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  1. I think one of the biggest issues is the tenure of IOC membership. Often times the president is a figurehead for a much larger group of power players. A number of which are gone (Diack, Cinquanta, Gosper). The number of Europeans is falling. A few structural changes I think would greatly benefit the IOC. Membership should be: NOC president's from all countries that have hosted the Olympic Games. 23 Athlete representatives elected at the previous 5 Olympics. 4 per addition. 20 IF presidents. I believe there are 35 IFs currently represented in competition 30 at large members, that have to be either a former athlete or current NOC/IF head not represented in the above the 5 continental OCs and the president of the AOC, AWIF and ASIF. So at most, the membership would be consisting currently of 106 members. All members can only serve for a maximum of 10 years. President and VPs can only serve for 4 years. If any person is entitled to serve as an IOC member, but serves in that entitlement for more then 10 years the federation/NOC/sports associate forfeits the right to be represented until a new leader is elected. Thus creating downward pressure so that we cannot have any more Diack/Cinquanta/Blatter's. The quick turn-over would force the IOC to employ professionals, bound by Swiss law to negotiate television and sponsorship contracts.
  2. I think the IWF is taking a strong stand. But the sport is riddled with a doping problem that dates back to the 1970's. Weightlifting was the first sport to face serious scrutiny over doping in the 80's and it hasn't changed. When your results cannot be trusted in any reasonable fashion it should not be apart of the Olympics. Even cycling doesn't have this kind of doping problem.
  3. Beijing 2008: 14 of 45 medal winners tested positive London 2012: 11 of 45 medal winners tested positive Rio 2016: 7 of 45 medal winners should have not been allowed to compete and could be stripped of their medals because of the rampant doping in the previous two editions.
  4. I wonder why they are downplaying medal hopefuls for Tokyo. On the men's side de Grasse, McBride, Thorne, Dunfee, Barber, Amhed and Drouin should all still be competitive or become more competitive for the distance runners and walkers. Even Warner could still be competitive. On the women's side it might be a bit more tight. But there is some talent in the 400m and 400m hurdles coming through. And Watson is still young
  5. Is Seoul really an option though? That is a lot of time commuting into and out of the Olympic city without being able to enjoy it that much.
  6. I still maintain that Barcelona was better. 7 golds. @Bezzi. yes Canada routinely beats Brazil in total medals. I actually don't think Brazil has won more medals than Canada ever. But Brazil has beaten Canada in golds since 2004 with Beijing being a tie. That is primarily down to Brazil being stronger in team sports.
  7. How was Canada a disappointment? Canadians won 1 gold in London. 4 in Rio. 18 medals in London, 22 in Rio. Things happened that haven't happened in over two decades like gold medals in swimming and athletics. First Canadian to defend an Olympic title. First time in 70+ years Canada won multiple team sport medals. Canada's goal was top 12 for total medals. They finished 10th. Beating Cuba and Korea for the first time in forever. These Games are considered hugely successful here.
  8. Coe isn't even an IOC member. There is no way that Coe would be able to become a member and build-up enough connections to dethrone Bach. el Moutawakel is currently the favoured successor.
  9. It is really hard to judge these Olympics. There are arguments to be made for them being successful for Canada and for them to have not been a success. Pros: Emergence of a number of young, talented athletes that could be the backbone of Canada's team in Tokyo 2020 Best gold medal performance in 24 years Cons Had more top two finishes at Athens 2004 which are the dark times for Canadian sport. Two World Champions not winning a medal So many bronze So in the grand scheme of things I would say that Rio 2016 ranks behind Beijing, Atlanta and Barcelona for performances by a Canadian team. It also bothers me a lot when the Canadian high performance director states that they intentionally undercut funding for male Olympians because betting on women in weaker fields is the smart money. Men's volleyball needs a better coach for instance and that will require money and a foreign coach. There were a number of games that Canada lost because they were out-coached or were losing and didn't make necessary adjustments. I think Canada did well despite poor performances from a lot of sports. Cycling, Swimming and Athletics need to be the top priorities in the next four years. Canoe/kayak needs to get it together and rowing needs to refocus on doing what Canada does really well. And that is the 8's. Hopefully despite the lack of medal judo continues to be funded well with the talent in that system.
  10. CBC I guess this explains why a 2-time defending world champion can't perform at the Olympics and it was a complete disaster regatta for Canada.
  11. Canada and Canadians are fairly happy with how Rio has gone. Yea it sucks for Bishop to be competing in an event that is the centre of this controversy. But she ran a Canadian record in an event where a Canadian record is internationally competitive. That is all we can ask of our athletes. With the 4 DQ's over the last 4 years because a Canadian has run on the line at the Olympics/CWG/Pan Ams/WC to see Japan do it and the IAAF be like, well it was in a straight-away so doesn't count. And it wasn't a toenail, it was the entire foot.
  12. Random thoughts: - I liked the golf tournament. - I would change the format for Tokyo. Stroke play is mundane and played every weekend. I would like to see a pairs format. But a match-play would still be preferable to stroke - the course was nice - really happy that Park Imbee won - Canada had 5 channels of television coverage, CBC, SN, TSN, SN1 and TSN2. So one of those always had the golf tournament on.
  13. Bolt wanted to run the 400m but his coach didn't want him to.
  14. Can't believe Pendrel recovered from that start.
  15. Women's mountain biking not looking too good right now. Henderson can't medal and Bishop is in tough in the 800m. So doubt there will be a medal this weekend.
  16. First time since Barcelona that Canada hasn't won a medal in canoe/kayak. Very disappointing and will damage the sport for the future.
  17. All appeals and protests were denied.
  18. I am sure Canada and China are protesting.
  19. Bolt has competed in 9 events in 3 Olympics and won gold in all 9. Carl Lewis also has the stench of doping around him. It is the same reason Jackie Joyner-Kersee is not thought of highly anymore. 66.7% of Bolt's medals have been one individually. 57% of Phelps medals have been won in individual events. Phelps has entered 33 events and has a winning percentage of 79%. Bolt has a 100% winning percentage. If Bolt got to run a 50, 100, 150 and 200 plus 3 relays it wouldn't even be close. It just goes to the point, that total medals won don't always make one Olympian more great than another. Some just have a lot more opportunity to win medals because of their sport.
  20. NBC is reporting that the United States and Trinidad and Tobago have been DQed and CBC has clearly shown the Japanese have had a lane violation.
  21. So Japan f-cks us again. So now two medal chances left and need to go 100% to get to 22.
  22. No Japan is a more important nation to the IAAF it would seem.
  23. So who is the better Olympian? Who is more worthy of the title of Greatest Olympian? If Usain wins tonight, I would saw it is Bolt without question.
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