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  1. A good start for Canada Mixed Curling: 3-1. Games remaining against Switzerland and Russia though. Still could be tight but Canada has played better every game. Moguls: 5 of 7 directly through to the finals. I doubt it will be two 1-2's again, but 2 to 3 medals is still on the table. Figure Skating: Best possible outcome so far. Things are looking very strong for a medal and good chance it is gold. A lot will depend on Osmond coming up with a 2nd place finish in the ladies short.
  2. Your gold? The event is Canada's to lose now thanks to the mistakes of Chen and the Russian and the German pairs. Canada got their best possible results from those two. If Osmond/Daleman skate to potential in the women's short it will be lights out for the competition. Chen is not going to skate the free. Chan is. Even a mediocre Chan is going to beat the USA's second. Canada will beat the Americans in Pairs and should beat the Americans in Dance. All Canada needs is for short dance to be 1 Canada, 2 France, 3 USA and 4 Russia and the competition is over. Canada will have at least 5 points on the USA and 4 to 6 on the Russians. Canada would need complete meltdowns to not win in the free. The Germans won't make the final, so the pairs is going to be easier points and put in China over Italy as the 5th and there is not a chance to gain enough separation to overcome a 4 to 5 point lead after the shorts. Also if Canada puts Osmond as the first woman, you could potentially have a situation whereKostner puts two places between a Canadian and American woman. 2 more points.
  3. I am sure those locals are there the same way there were locals in Nagano. Free tickets.
  4. It was disaster on ice, so.... The Russians could have very well handed Canada the gold medal with the first event. If the Canadian ladies can finish second to the Russian ladies, and the Canadian pairs be within one point of the Russian pairs, there is no chance of the Russians coming back at us with a 5 point gap.
  5. That was a disappointing lose to Norway. On the plus side, MOP was first in downhill training. Maybe there is a chance there. I doubt it, but ya never know.
  6. There are a lot of BS predictions because of injury or not qualifying or stupidity.
  7. Not sure how well the Brits are going to do. A new team on the men's side and the wildly inconsistent Muirhead on the women's.
  8. Not really, polling has shown there is pretty broad support for hosting the Olympics. But not on any terms. Which is the stance of Nenshi as well. We are open to hosting, but we need a few things to line up. The Olympics have to make sense for Calgary. They need to fit into Calgary's long-term plans and goes and be structured in a way that supports the continued legacy of 88 with the support of the city, the province and the federal government. And from what I've heard the COC is working the government pretty hard on this matter. I don't think the government has announced who is going to Korea on behave of Canada but there are a few ministers (Qualtrough, Joly, Hehr) that would signal the Feds are coming on board. And I think that will be the biggest tipping point, if the Federal Government signs off or using the infrastructure bank and sports funding to help pay for a good chunk of Calgary's costs. Nenshi won't say no to oversized spending for Calgary. And remember this would be a good news story for Alberta leading into a federal election where Trudeau would like to pick up more seats in Calgary and Edmonton.
  9. I was wrong and am not happy about it. Nguyen is the future of Canadian men's skating. He has more international experience and would take the pressure off of Chan in the team event more than Messing.
  10. Also going to put it other there. I am guessing there is going to be controversy in the selection of the Canadian Figure Skating team. I think they will select Nam Nguyen over Keegan Messing.
  11. My guess was 7 to 9 gold and 24 to 30 medals. I wouldn't characterize a medal in skeleton as luck. Rankings say that Canada should be a serious medal contender.
  12. I don't know what there is to be pessimistic about. There are a bunch of new events that Canada is a medal contender in. Sending our strongest teams in a generation in a couple of sports. I don't see Canada winning 9 medals in freestyle skiing again, but 4 to 6 is a good bet. Canada staying in the mid 20's with a good showing compared to the USA, Norway and Germany and it will be a success.
  13. I am super excited about these Olympics. Canadian performances could be huge A Canadian could win two golds in speed skating for the first time since Gaetan Boucher in 1984 A Canadian could win medals in the distance events in speed skating in forever (or never before) Humphreys could become the first Canadian ever to defend her gold medal twice. Charles Hamlin could become the most decorated Canadian Olympian ever. First male medal in cross country skiing First Canadians to win two curling medals. Just so much to look forward to.
  14. IOC: Russia is banned. But 200 Russians will still compete. Da fuk?
  15. I think all four of them would say that it is more important to physical win a medal in Korea than take the Sochi reallocation.
  16. Not very happy with Koe. But at least he is a good contender.
  17. It is Morocco vs. Iran that could get political. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are friends.
  18. Figured short track would be a given. Canada needs a much better performance from that team this time around.
  19. Bored, so I thought I'd update this. Predictions are that Canada will win 31 medals, but only 5 gold (one of those is men's hockey so take that with a grain of salt). Canada is maxed out in freestyle skiing. Stupid FIS qualification system. Utter nonsense. Final roaster is set for the curling trials. On the men's side I'd be happiest with McEwen or Jacobs, but think that any one of McEwen, Jacobs, Gushue or Koe are good enough to win. Women's side, it has to be Homan or Jones. No other rink can compete with the depth of the women's field.
  20. No I said Munich. The city that finished second in the voting.
  21. And to think that these Games could have been held in Munich.
  22. It has been a pretty disappointing that so far there are very few new teams. I know there will be in Africa with Algeria and Cameroon eliminated and Ghana all but. But still right now we are looking at Saudi Arabia (ick), Egypt and Iceland as not in the last World Cup qualifiers.
  23. There are mechanisms in Canada and the United Kingdom for peaceful separations. Spain is hell-bent on the idea of one indivisible 'nation'. Honestly the idea of another new nation in Western Europe that wasn't named Flanders or Wallonia was unthinkable a year ago. The appetite for an independent Catalonia was never there to a tipping point. Now you have a situation were the central government is creating an us-vs-them situation, pushing Catalans to pick sides. The majority of Catalans in that situation will pick their own side and not the side of the unreasonable Spanish state. If Madrid had accepted a referendum a year or two ago, allowed it to happen and it failed there would not be this issue now. because a year or two ago the referendum would have failed. Now, Catalonia and Spain are edging towards an ugly armed conflict.
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