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  1. I have never been a fan of Christie but her attempt in the 1000m was the definition of gutsy. She went for it not being close to 100% and she nearly did it.
  2. Even with the malfunction they still only scored like 0.12 off their personal best and that was with a clearly not synchronized swizzle scored as a 4.
  3. The analytics of the game against the USA shows that they won that game by luck. USA is going to win gold.
  4. London wasn't a disaster. Comparable would be Athens. Also should add that Canada valued 5 gold medals above all others. Canada has won one, and the other 4 aren't looking good,.
  5. Predicted Medals Left: USA Today (7G, 3S, 4B) 2-Woman Bobsleigh - Gold Alex Harvery 50km - Bronze Women's Curling - Gold Men's Curling - Gold Kaitlyn Osmond - Bronze Kevin Drury - Ski Cross - Bronze Men's Hockey - Gold Women's Hockey - Gold Big Air - Men's Gold and Silver 500m STSS - Samual Girard - Bronze 5000m Relay - Silver 1000m Women's SSTS Kim Boutin - Silver Ivanie Blondin - Mass Start - Gold GraceSport (5G, 3S, 4B) 2-Woman Bobsleigh - Gold Women's Curling - Gold Men's Curling - Gold Men's Hockey - Gold Big Air - Men's Gold and Bronze 1000m Women's SSTS St. Gelais - Silver Women's Hockey - Silver Ivanie Blondin - Mass Start - Silver 3000m Relay - Bronze 5000m Relay - Bronze SI (5G, 3S 6B) (nothing too different from the others) So all 3 sets of predictions have Canada projected out to between 31 and 33 medals including at least 12 gold.
  6. Did y'all see Johnny Weir. Damn that guys weave.....
  7. It is weird how teams look amazing one game and trash the next. And none of them can complain that it is the ice because Hans made the ice and its the same ice that has been there for Sochi, Vancouver, Torino, SLC, for every Brier, Scott, World Championship, Players Championship and every major Canadian bonspiel.
  8. Really unfortunate for Olivier Rochon in the Aerials. He was jumping so well and a medal was there for the taking.
  9. To put it into words of one of the Canadian commentators one time. She's a b!tch, she is unpopular on the circuit and skaters give her a hard time knowing she'll get over-aggressive and get DQed.
  10. That is one of the most difficult things about people discussing Olympic costs. You have one side of the argument that acts like the infrastructure built for the Games is going to evaporate as soon as the Games are over and the other side acts like those costs are meaningless. I think it is somewhere in between. if the Games spur infrastructure investment that is a benefit to host, that cost shouldn't carry as much weight as over-zealous infrastructure building that amounts to very little. The rail line that Korea built will be well used after the Games and spur development in the county. So including the 4 billion dollar development investment is a little suspect.
  11. It was Homan's right and the traditionalist in Canadian curling don't like Homan to begin with. If Homan does poorly and does not medal the blame will be solely at the feet of Curling Canada by not allowing the teams to bring their own coach and their own 5th.
  12. Still not sure what to make of Canada's performance so far. Only one real medal miss (well two but Boutin made up for the DSQ). Canada isn't winning the marginal medals that would be needed to get into the mid 30's, but the team is still doing better than both major sets of predictions, the USA Today predictions were a little too bullish for my liking. Projectimg out; Canada will need another 4 to 6 medals in freestyle skiing, 2 to 4 medals in snowboarding (going to be tough since women's cross is not a strength this time), 4 to 6 medals in speed skating, 2 to 4 medals in sliding and another 4 to 6 medals from hockey/figure skating/curling/cross country. So still in that spot of mid to high 20's I think. But given everything Canada won 24 medals in 84 events in 2006, compared to maybe 30 medals in 102 events. So the extra events are really helping Canada out. Hopefully skate cross gets added next. Kinda worried about Homan though. Not a good lose to Korea and follows that up with a game against Sweden.
  13. It is a lot more complicated of a situation than Russia and Syria. It is a false comparison and one that does not even come close to understanding the complexity and emotion of inter-Korean affairs.
  14. Now up to 7 medals. Above pace according to SI and Infostrata, same total medals as Sochi to this point but one less gold. Tomorrow: Mixed Doubles Curling Women's Luge Men's 1500m long track Women's 500m short track. Could be 5 medals, but 2 would be a win.
  15. First truly surprising medal of the Games for Canada in Ladies Slopestyle. Especially remarkable since Blouin went down pretty hard. Out of the first round of events I thought the surprise medal would come from Blondin in the 3000m or Harvey in the Skiathlon. The only real miss has been 1500m in short track.
  16. It is not so much an afterthought, as countries are realistic. Only Russia, Canada and the USA have the programs to compete in this format. I think the goal of the event was to encourage the Chinese and Japanese to develop dancers and singles for the Chinese and dancers for the Japanese. But neither has moved much
  17. The battle for gold is over. the Russians conceded the gold to Canada with who they picked to skate in the pairs. Chan and Virtue/Moir have both said they want to skate the free. But in all honesty, as long as the men's goes to form (Chan 1 to 3, Russian 4 to 5) there will be no reason for Virtue/Moir to skate the Ice Dance, because the lead will be insurmountable by than and there is no need to deny Weaver/Poje a gold medal. The Americans need to be careful though. A subpar skate in the men's and Kostner turning back time in the ladies could see the Italians win a medal over them.
  18. SI predicted 30 medals (9 gold). So far Canada is 2 medals (0 gold) and is plus one. Canada won two medals that SI gave to Norway and Japan and lost a medal that went to the Netherlands. SI predicts two more medals for Sunday.
  19. On to actual curling news. Canada, Norway and Russia are tied at 4-1. World Champions Switzerland are struggling a bit.
  20. Calgary is going to bid. Canada sent a ministerial delegation, the GG, Mayor Nenshi and almost the entire COC executive. Canada is bidding.
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