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  1. Are you disappointed in the lack of live pre-olympic coverage that Canada's Olympic Broadcast Consortium has provided so far?
  2. Yeah no kidding. If this is a foreshadow of CTV's coverage of the Olympics it's gonna suck! I want to see live sporting action, none of this CTV E-talk bull crap. If there is more of the pop culture coverage of who's at Whistler during the games, this is going to suck. I watched the 2nd half of the coverage yesterday and half of it was Tanya Kim and Eugene Levy's kid in Whistler of which celebrity will be in Whistler....Tanya, I don't give a crap!!! CTV better get it together. It really is too bad that CBC lost the TV rights at least it would devote it's coverage for the moment!!!
  3. CTV has finally launched its Olympic website ctvolympics.ca
  4. Too bad of the lack of pre-olympic coverage that The Olympic Broadcast Consortium (CTV-Rogers) promised to deliver to Canadians leading up to 2010. There was no coverage on CTV/TSN and Rogers Sportsnet.
  5. Well at least it is better than Lillehammer 94 and Barcelona 92. Visit My Website Brian Williams will lead an all-star roster of 140 English and French broadcasters from sports, news, entertainment and music which will form Canada's Olympic broadcast team for Vancouver 2010. The Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium will also consist of 31 Olympians who have combined to win 27 Olympic medals. Never before has there been a media commitment of this magnitude by an Olympic rights-holder in this country, as Canadians will be able to experience the Games on a variety of official platforms - 11 television networks, 10 radio stations, and a national print publication. There will also be a dedicated website, CTVOlympics.ca / RDSolympiques.ca, featuring live streaming of all Olympic events, as well as articles and blogs written by the Olympic broadcast team. "The advantage of the Consortium is the diverse and broad scope of talent from various assets, giving us expertise and star power in all areas - sports, news, entertainment and music. The breadth and depth of high-calibre talent available to the Consortium is unparalleled," said Keith Pelley, President, Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. "By announcing 13 months in advance of the Games, the Olympic broadcast team will be able to closely follow the World Cup circuit and develop a strong rapport with the athletes and National Sports Federations leading up to 2010." The dean of Olympic broadcasting, Brian Williams, will lead the Consortium's coverage from Vancouver as host of CTV's Olympic Prime Time. Vancovuer will mark the 13th Olympic Games for the six-time Gemini Award winning broadcaster. Williams will also team with legendary CTV news anchor Lloyd Robertson to bring viewers all the English-language coverage from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies from within BC Place Stadium. NHL on TSN award-winning host James Duthie will work alongside CTV news journalist Lisa Laflamme as co-hosts of Olympic Daytime on CTV. Duthie will also pull double duty as Host of Team Canada's men's hockey coverage. TSN sports anchor Jennifer Hedger will be seen nightly as Whistler host of Olympic Prime Time on CTV, capturing the exhuberance and magic of the mountain setting. Michael Landsberg, host of TSN's Off The Record, rounds out the CTV crew as Whistler host of Olympic Daytime. On TSN, 13 year veteran Darren Dutchyshen anchors the nightly coverage as host of Olympic Prime Time while Dave Randorf serves as host of Olympic Daytime. On Rogers Sportsnet, popular Vancouver personality Don Taylor joins Martine Gaillard, Brad Fay and Evanka Osmak as hosts of the network's Olympic coverage. The daily sports news programs on TSN and Rogers Sportsnet will air live from Vancouver during the Games, bringing viewers all the Olympic excitement and highlights from the world of sports. TSN's Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole will co-host SportsCentre while Rogers Sportsnet's Sean McCormick will anchor Sportsnet Connected. The biggest names in French sports broadcasting will also bring Canadians a record amount of French-language coverage of the Games with nearly 50 hosts, play-by-play announcers, analysts, reporters and Olympians. Every second of Olympic competition will be seen live in French on one of the Consortium's official French-language platforms - RDS, TQS, RIS Info-Sports and APTN. Three-time Gemini Award winner Pierre Houde will team with Richard Garneau, the dean of Olympic French broadcasting, for French-language coverage of the opening ceremonies. Claude Mailhot, whose sports broadcasting career spans almost four decades, will host Olympic Morning, which will air on both RDS and TQS. On RDS, long-time network broadcaster Denis Casavant will lead the network's coverage as host of Olympic Prime Time, with sports anchor Yanick Bouchard as host of Olympic Daytime. On TQS, popular late-night sports host Jean Page, one of Canada's most experienced sportscasters, will host Olympic Prime Time, with veteran RDS sports anchor Chantal Machabee as host of Olympic Daytime. In addition, French-language pre-Olympic programming will be at an all-time high with extensive Olympic news, documentaries and magazine shows including a weekly half-hour program, Vers Vancouver 2010. Hosted by Mailhot and Nathalie Lambert, the show will highlight Canadians on the World Cup circuit, profile this country's top high-performance athletes as well as focus on Olympic venues and the intricacies of the various Olympic sports. In an ongoing effort to provide Canadians with more choice than ever before, the Consortium will capture the Olympic Games beyond sport through a diverse and wide-ranging scope of talent from different streams - News, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Youth - bringing viewers the lifestyles and stories behind the Games. Following is the esteemed broadcast team that will bring Canadians English-language coverage of all the action: Network Hosts Brian Williams – Host, Olympic Prime Time (CTV) James Duthie – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime (CTV) Lisa LaFlamme – Co-Host, Olympic Daytime (CTV) Jennifer Hedger – Whistler Host, Olympic Prime Time (CTV) Michael Landsberg – Whistler Host, Olympic Daytime (CTV) Don Taylor – Co-Host, Olympic coverage (Rogers Sportsnet) Martine Gaillard – Co-Host, Olympic coverage (Rogers Sportsnet) Brad Fay – Co-Host, Olympic coverage (Rogers Sportsnet) Evanka Osmak – Co-Host, Olympic coverage (Rogers Sportsnet) Darren Dutchyshen – Host, Olympic Prime Time (TSN) Dave Randorf – Host, Olympic Daytime (TSN) Hosts – Opening and Closing Ceremonies Brian Williams – Co-Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies (CTV) Lloyd Robertson – Co-Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies (CTV) Men's Hockey Chris Cuthbert – Play-by-Play Announcer, Team Canada Gord Miller – Play-by-Play Announcer, Team Canada Peter Loubardias – Play-by-Play Announcer Pierre McGuire – Game Analyst John Garrett – Game Analyst Ray Ferraro – Game Analyst James Duthie – Host, Team Canada Daren Millard – Host Dave Hodge – Host Nick Kypreos – Analyst, Panel Bob McKenzie – Analyst, Panel Darren Pang – Analyst, Panel Gene Principe – Reporter Darren Dreger – Reporter Ryan Rishaug – Reporter Women's Hockey Kevin Quinn – Play-by-Play Announcer Cassie Campbell-Pascall – Game Analyst Lisa Bowes – Reporter Figure Skating Rod Black – Play-by-Play Announcer Jamie Sale and David Pelletier – Analysts, Pairs (with Pelletier also doing Men's) Elizabeth Manley – Analyst, Ladies and Dance Jennifer Robinson – Analyst, Ladies and Dance Sara Orlesky – Reporter Curling Vic Rauter – Play-by-Play Announcer, Team Canada Bryan Mudryk – Play-by-Play Announcer Linda Moore – Analyst Ray Turnbull – Analyst Russ Howard – Analyst Cathy Gauthier – Analyst Dan Murphy – Reporter Long Track Speed Skating Rod Smith – Play-by-Play Announcer Catriona Le May Doan – Analyst James Cybulski – Reporter Short Track Speed Skating Rod Black – Play-by-Play Announcer Susan Auch – Analyst Louis Jean – Reporter Alpine Skiing Gerry Dobson – Play-by-Play Announcer Brian Stemmle – Analyst, Men's Cary Mullen – Analyst, Men's Karen Percy Lowe – Analyst, Women's Perry Solkowski – Reporter Cross-Country Skiing / Biathlon / Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined RJ Broadhead – Play-by-Play Announcer Beckie Scott – Analyst, Cross-Country Skiing Jack Sasseville – Analyst, Cross-Country Skiing and Nordic Combined Daniel Lefebvre – Analyst, Biathlon Rob Keith – Analyst, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Craig MacEwen – Reporter Freestyle Skiing Holly Horton – Play-by-Play Announcer Veronica Brenner – Analyst, Aerials and Moguls Jeff Bean – Analyst, Men's Aerials Katherine Dolan – Reporter Snowboard Jamie Campbell – Play-by-Play Announcer Tara Teigen – Analyst Mark Torlay – Reporter Bobsleigh / Luge / Skeleton Rob Faulds – Play-by-Play Announcer Chris Lori – Analyst, Men's Bobsleigh Christina Smith – Analyst, Women's Bobsleigh Chris Wightman – Analyst, Luge Duff Gibson – Analyst, Skeleton Farhan Lalji – Reporter News Lloyd Robertson – Chief Anchor, CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson Beverly Thomson – Co-host, Canada AM (CTV) Seamus O'Regan – Co-host, Canada AM (CTV) Marci Ien – News Anchor, Canada AM (CTV) Jeff Hutcheson – Sports and Weather Anchor, Canada AM (CTV) Gino Reda – Olympic Anchor, Canada AM (CTV) Bob McCown – Host, Olympic Prime Time Sports (Rogers Radio) Stephen Brunt – Olympic Columnist (The Globe and Mail, CTVOlympics.ca); Co-Host, Olympic Prime Time Sports (Rogers Radio)
  6. Nice Stuff Mr. X. I taped the closing ceremonies last night and I hope I can transfer it to digital
  7. I have the Torino DVD myself and I hoping the CBC will have for Beijing as well. I hope the CBC with the IOC permission will produce DVD's of previous Olympics gone past when the had the network rights.
  8. Yeah I could see Brian Williams and Lloyd Robertson calling the opening ceremonies. Yeah I can just here him, "It's just past 5:00 in the afternoon here in Vancouver for the opening ceremonies for the 21st Olympic Winter Games!" I think Tracy Wilson is doing anaylists for NBC, but I not sure if she is wth CTV/TSN anymore. I read in an article that in terms of figure skating coverage Sportsnet's Rob Faulds is replacing CTV/TSN Rod Black as the Figure Skating commentator with Jamie Sale, David Pelltier and Kurt Browning as Anaylists.
  9. It is a little late but I want to ad my condolences to Ron Maclean for the loss of his mother. He is very classy and very professional at the most diffcult time of his life and great to see him in Toronto to add his final thoughts after the closing ceremonies. Well the coverage has ended and I thought CBC actually went out with a bang. You could tell with Scott Russell voice was a little bittersweet that the network won't be their for 2010 and 2012. Overall I thought the networks coverage was quite good and I was really impressed with all 4 anchors and I thought Ian Hanomansingh should have been an anchor years ago and I was impressed with Diana Swain considering she came from the news department. Ron Maclean and Scott Russell are first class as always. The overall commentary was good. I thought Scott Oake and Barney Williams in Rowing and Steve Armatiage and Byron MacDonald in Swimming were the networks best commentators and although I am not a big fan of him, I thought that Mark Lee did an admirable job doing Track and Field replacing the late Don Wittman, having said that there will be no other commentator like Don Wittman. Now it is 2010 and the baton has been past to CTV/TSN and Rogers Sportsnet. Brian Williams is a no brainer anchoring CTV/TSN but who will join him? I would think that Dave Randorf and Rod Smith would make good anchors and on the Rogers Sportsnet side, I am not really sure, Gerry Dobson will more likely being doing Alpine Sking, but I think Martine Gillard would be a good choice.
  10. I wonder if CTV/Rogers will lure some CBC talent (behind the camera and on camera) to their coverage of 2010 and 2012 Olympics. NBC borrows a couple of freelance announcers and some from ESPN. For instance NBC has hired ESPN lead Basketball announcer Mike Breen to be its play by play guy for their basketball coverage. I wonder if CTV will borrow the likes of Steve Armatige and Scott Russell to their coverage.
  11. CBC's broadcast isn't all that bad at this point. I think they are stuck between a lame duck and going out with a bang since CTV-Rogers have the TV rights for 2010 and 2012. It is kind of a different coverage as Brian Williams is no longer there to anchor (since he has moved to CTV/TSN), but Ron MacLean should have been give the Prime Time Anchor Host role years ago. The coverage of Track and Field won't be the same as Don Wittman died of Cancer in January. Mark Lee is a capable commentator but he is not in the same league as Don Wittman. The coverage online at cbc.ca has been suprisingly very good. Plus Lori Strong Ballard isn't hard to look at :-)
  12. Yeah I am quite suprised that Brian Williams is not anchoring TSN's coverage. It looks like Dave Randorf and Gino Reda will be anchoring and with Vic Rauter as the only TSN announcer as part of CBC's coverage.
  13. It looks like CBC is going all out in their coverage before making way to CTV-Rogers for 2010 and 2010. The CBC is promising an unprecedented 2,400 hours-plus of Summer Games coverage on television, radio and the Internet. CBC Olympic Coverage CBC promises unprecedented Olympic coverage Canadian Press July 16, 2008 at 8:44 AM EDT VANCOUVER — Coverage of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing will be high-definition and high-tech for Canadians. The CBC is promising an unprecedented 2,400 hours-plus of Summer Games coverage on television, radio and the Internet. "I don't think there has ever been a Games that is so well covered on so many different platforms," Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports, said in a conference call with reporters on Tuesday. Getting that much of the Games in front of Canadians won't be without its challenges. Producers are working through everything from a substantial time difference to technical concerns to the bureaucracy of the Chinese. The government there has placed restrictions on live broadcasting in the infamous Tiananmen Square as well as on the movement of satellite trucks around Beijing as part of a perceived attempt to rein in what the foreign press in the country can and can't see. But Moore said even those rules used to be tighter and the Chinese are opening up faster than anyone could have imagined. "As far as access, I would say it continues to evolve but it's evolving for the most part in a positive way," he said. "If I looked at where we were a year ago, the Chinese have bent in ways that I never would have expected them to be able to bend. We continue to have some challenges there, it is a different culture, it is a different government, so it won't be as easy as in past Games." For the first time in Canada, all Games coverage will be filmed with high-definition cameras, even the little ones on the back of archery targets, CBC said. Virtual-enhancements on screen, like world record pace clocks and a global positioning system for road events that will show where racers are at a given time, will further bring people into the coverage. The 12-hour time difference between China and CBC headquarters in Toronto also means many events, including gold-medal rounds of swimming and some track competitions, will be shown live in prime time, said Trevor Pilling, the executive producer of the Olympic broadcast. "The programming schedule really lays out nicely to allow our viewers to consume all of the big events live as they happen," he said. "Of course we'll be bringing back all of those events as warranted off tape so that no one will ever miss anything but we will be able to offer all of those great events live as they happen for the first time." Programming will be available on CBC television and radio in both English and French, as well as CBCsports.ca, TSN, Bell pay-per-view and CBC's digital channel called Bold. Televised coverage will begin each morning at 6 a.m. ET and run through to noon, with hosts Scott Russell and Diana Swain. Evening coverage will begin at 6 p.m. ET with host Ron MacLean. For viewers in the West, Ian Hanomansing will anchor a Pacific time prime time show starting at midnight ET. Coverage online will go the extra mile, Pilling said. Up to nine venues will be streamed live online, some of which will be lower profile sports that may not make it onto the big screen. "For example, we're looking at doing some coverage of badminton and table tennis that maybe wouldn't get a lot of time on CBC, TSN or Bold, but there's a certain segment of our viewers that would like to consume that," Pilling said. "That's beauty of what streaming will do is that it augments and complements what's on broadcast but also allows you to take it a little bit deeper and a little bit further." CBC Commentating Roster CBC has released a list of their Olympic announcers for each sport, here they are. They have also released the analysts for some events. Athletics - Mark Lee, Michael Smith, Dave Moorcroft, Scott Oake Synchronized Swimming - Karin Larson, Karen Clark Le Poole Swimming - Steve Armitage, Byron MacDonald, Scott Oake Diving - Steve Armitage, Basketball - Paul Romanuk, Jay Triano Baseball - Jim Van Horne, Warren Sawkiw Softball - Jim Van Horne, Haley Wickenheiser Football - Nigel Reed, Jason DeVos, Erin Paul Weightlifting - Nigel Reed, Aldo Roy Artistic Gymnastics - Brenda Irving, Lori Strong-Ballard Rythmic Gymnastics - Brenda Irving, BB Ignatova Rowing - Bruce Rainnie, Barney Williams Canoe/kayak (flatwater) - Bruce Rainnie, Scott Logan Canoe/kayak (slalom) - Doug Dirks, Claudia Kerckhoff-Van Wijk Volleyball - Elliotte Freidman, Charles Parkinson and Erminia Russo Boxing - Vic Rauter, Russ Anber Cycling - Mark Connolly, Clara Hughes BMX Racing - Mark Connolly, Kevin O’Brien Water Polo - Bob Snoek, George Gross Jr. Field Hockey - Bob Snoek, Hari Kant Tennis - Karin Larson Triathlon - Karin Larson, Barrie Shepley Wrestling - Karin Larson, Chris Wilson Sailing - Peter Rusch, Fionia Kidd Equestrian (show jumping) - Nancy Wetmore, Beth Underhill Equestrian (dressage) - Nancy Wetmore, Cara Whitham Judo - Jeff Marek Taekwondo - Nigel Reed, Tino Dossantos CBC has not said who will cover tennis with Karin Larson yet.
  14. I think the coverage will be ok, but I am questioning CTV's Rogers commitment to Amaetur Sport. When the got the TV Rights for 2010 and 2012 they promised increased coverage or pre-olympic coverage leading up to 2010 and right now Rogers Sportsnet has a hand full of Alpine Sking and TSN has Curling and Men's Women's Hockey. I am dissapointed that CTV Rogers did not step up and sign a broadcast deal with ISU in which the CBC rencently did. CTV/Rogers promised a commitment to amateur sports, well where is it?
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