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  1. Interesting concept, but hard to see how this works, even as far out as 2028 for a joint summer games bid. As far as a world's fair goes, likely would not be prohibited by the BIE, however, there's a possibility that Toronto bids for 2015 in the next month or so, and if that happens, and they win the bid, any future fair in Canada would be down the line.
  2. I think Mr. X is right. Even though I'm commenting from afar, I think their focus right now on doing according to Vancouver and Canada is a natural way (it's what they know), but as they move closer and closer to the games themselves, with the venues nearing completion, the focus will likely change toward the international and actual hosting side of the games. As I've said before, and in that I think they'll do a great job, surpassing Salt Lake City.
  3. You're probably right about the windows in the broadcast center and the rainy weather in February, but for all the money the Canadian and US broadcasters are paying, you'd think they'd at least get a window, if they wanted it. But alas, perhaps that unchanging background vista will have to do.
  4. Thanks for the correction. West is what I meant, but apparently got disoriented. Still think it will provide for some great visuals during the coverage.
  5. It will be a great location for the media and press during 2010, much better than the other locations previously discussed. Centrally located and awesome with the shots behind the anchor's desks of the mountains in the distance, I would think. "Living roof" we can accept, although it's not exactly a replacement for the actual thing. Just to make sure I'm orienting myself, as I'm not from Vancouver proper, ... the new addition is to the north of the current convention and cruise ship terminal, am I correct about that?
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