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  1. The website is very hard to navigate through and takes a VERY long time to load. Have you tried Google images? I usually have good luck there when looking for venues of certain Olympiads.
  2. SOemone referred to the squares underneath some peoples names as "Naught squares". What are they really? and do people get them if they are bad? Can I give them our or just you, the GB mod? etc.
  3. Okay... Athens 1896 and 2004. The old stadium has classic beauty in its configuration and Calvatra's new modern masterpiece is beautiful and timeless. Munich 1972. the theme was carried throughout the entire Olympic Park. It was definetely way ahead of its time. Montreal 1976. Beautiful and sleek with an amazing observation tower to crown it. Too bad it was not completed for the Olympic Games... Barcelona 1992. A beautiful stadium with architecture that gives a modern stadium an old world atmosphere. Los Angeles. What can i say. I might be biased, but damn, those arches in the peristyle set the stadium apart from any other one. It is an immediate trademark of the Los Angeles Olympics.
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