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  1. I was raving about Dubai to my barber (who is an Arab). He had a sad look on his face and said to me that Dubai has two faces and I didn’t get to see the other horrible face: the one he experienced for couple years working in that city.
  2. The brand (Olympics) is older, not the product (new venues).
  3. http://www.albawaba.com/business/olympics-2020-istanbul-521530 I remember reading a similar point of view in Arabic as well. I hope the IOC starts caring about the historical heritage of the host cities. I think it would sound horrible if the answer to "what happen to that 1000-year-old Byzantine/500-year old Ottoman structure?" would be "it was replaced by an Olympic venue!"
  4. Couple articles states that the IOC just saved many historical sites in Istanbul by not awarding the Olympics to that city. Yes, it is among the greatest cities in the world, but personally I’d rather have its historical heritage and sites protected.
  5. Good old days when the Mid East was multicultural and progressive!
  6. I read that the Mayor of DC wants to include Richmond but I'm not sure that's possible. The town is more than 110 miles away.
  7. April and early May 2022 won't work because it will be Ramadan. September and October tend to be hotter the the hottest summer in Europe. You really need to be in an air-conditioned space from May until the end of October. What we call in the U.S. "heat wave" is the normal weather in the Arabian desert and if you have a light skin, you better cover it with plenty of sunscreen all the time.
  8. Oh I actually forgot about that! Is that even necessary? It's already a ginormous mess
  9. That does make sense. The Paralympics will probably be in March and Ramadan 2022 starts in early April of that year so that does make November the best option.
  10. Why? Burundi has oil and natural gas now?
  11. Oh God I can't stop laughing... they did NOT know it is hot in Qatar? Really!! And NO to the winter switch... let the cash-hungry FIFA officials deal with the mess of having the World Cup in the Arabian summer heat! I can't wait to see that!
  12. Indeed! I have to say though that the lack of mega US cities interested in 2024 might be a problem especially if Paris joins the race.
  13. Can national soccer federations force FIFA to change the location of the 2022 World Cup by refusing to participate?
  14. WINNER: the Turkish Prime Minister and his war on alcohol. No midnight drunken parties in Istanbul in 2020.
  15. I can think of a long list of great cities that I enjoy visiting. Charleston, SC is one! Beirut (when there are no civil wars).
  16. The Ziggurat of Borsippa in Babylon. You can still find bricks with ancient writings. It's like a time machine. Gateway Arch in St. Louis... another time machine that travels back to the 1960s.
  17. Same thing here. Always good memories in Chicago.. very blurry though. I still hope that the city reconsiders bidding for the Olympics.
  18. Winning over the IOC is not what I was thinking about. It's the USOC elections and the potential competition from Dallas, Houston and other interested U.S. cities. If Boston's campaign depits the city as "more global" compared to other competing U.S. cities, it has a shot at winning the USOC vote.
  19. Indeed. It's all about that campaign. I'm actually looking forward to see how the city will market itself... what major themes/elements it would use to present itself to the world.
  20. Thank you for the update. Local news usually reach the largest number of people in the area as we know (people rarely google stuff and try to collect/learn about more data as we do here). The local TV channels should absolutely start talking about the other positive benefits the Olympics will bring to Boston and not just the potential security challenges which is basicly a turn off. I'm excited that there's a real local government interest in this... finally!
  21. Interesting that security was the only thing they focused on. I might be wrong but this doesn't look that serious to the IOC at least.
  22. Indeed. Most people there spoke perfect English (compared to mine). I didn't feel that it's different from other North American cities as well. Maybe has a special flavor like San Antonio or New Orleans but nothing more distinct than that.
  23. Can we have "the not so smart horse" from Family Guy to be the mascot, please? Everytime I look at the logo, I remember that horse which is actually a great thing. Best horse ever!
  24. That would be great! Ottoman art is breathtaking. I actually wish it would be a combiniation of Ottoman and Byzantine art! These "new" logos will eventually be like the some of these ugly 1960s buildings. People who built them thought that they will look awesome in couple decades... oh well they were ugly then and are ugly now!
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