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  1. So Toronto realizes it has like 12 days to get a bid ready right?
  2. Don't bring me into this pissing match. Also, JO2024, Madrid was in a completely different position. For starters, their first bid was way back in the '60s and for 1972 during the fascist government so that was a nogo from the start. In their second attempt, they ran for a games that would be held only ten years after Barcelona AND they were up against some of the biggest, wealthiest, and most powerful cities and nations in the world. France, the UK, The USA, and Russia all submitted bids that featured their alpha cities. Of course Madrid is going to loose. In 2009, their third attempt they came in at second place primarily because of sympathy following Samaranches death. Again they did loose, but came in at second ahead of a 'greedy' US that from the races start probably had the best chance of winning based on the fact that Europe and Asia had both hosted in 2008, 2004, and 2012. Chicago's 2016 bid was a very wise and calculated bid by the USOC and not a 'greedy' try against those poor olympicless Europeans. In 2013, Madrid made a stupid decision to bid based on their 'strong' performance in 2005 and 2009. Madrid lost because of all the things Roger87 said. Even if Spain bid for 2024 they would loose. Paris is in a much better position for getting the games then they have ever been, and has a much better chance than Paris.
  3. Alpha, you do realize that France has bid for the 1992 games, the 2004 games, the 2008 games, and the 2012 games? That's four bids. Thrice Paris was the candidate and the most recent in 2005 saw Paris loose out to London by four votes.
  4. Yes. We have venue plans for both and both cities perfectly fit Agenda 2020. Paris has the upper-hand because of everything else, including but not limited to: France not hosting in over 100 years; US in 20 France has bid almost four times and consistently ranked in second or third place. The US has bid just twice and came in last/second to last both times. The IOC has a horrible rep. in Europe. Paris winning would drastically improve it. The US will bid again, Paris may not IOC is Euro centric
  5. Politicians, the public, and city councils decide if a city runs or not in the end. Not Olympic bid observers.
  6. Even compared to the US Paris still has a better shot. We hosted only 20 years ago, France? 1924. In addition to this France and more specifically Paris has bid more than the US in the past thirty years. France has bid multiple times, five including this 2024 bid. We're basing our idea on Paris winning on a lot more than just pattern, but basic facts.
  7. So with South Africa's most recent announcement I would say LA just won 2028.
  8. ^ Difference is that those countries have to factor security into their final costs...the US doesn't. That is the only thing the Feds will pay for. I think a more reasonable estimate for LA is somewhere in the $7 billion - $10 billion dollar realm.
  9. Okay...so then just raise the estimates to 7 billion dollars.
  10. Um...there are a lot of cities that could go and do a 'barebones' Olympics. It is the consumer, it is the people who watch the games that have turned it into an extravaganza. Western Civ. expects more from the games and we get more.
  11. I'll pass...The US has a wealth of other Olympians to choose from that wouldn't trigger a massive public backlash.
  12. Why is it only the top three logos? Typically in these contests the logos are cut in half each round so in this case the top five logos could make the next round then it be cut to the top three and then ultimately the winner.
  13. So if Japan's Winter games inspired your friend how would Pyongchang fail to inspire? Also with regards to Beijing, the legacy, like Atlantas has been highly covered. Go check out what Atlantas Core Olympic sites look like compared to Bejing. Or Atlantas record with the promises made to the IOC. Like Beijing you can find that information online.
  14. And you know this because you were there? Or live in the U.S. to see what Atlantas games did for the city? The games helped rebuild Atlanta's downtown and despite hiccups in hosting, the games have had a much better legacy than Beijing. Even Atlanta's hosting wasn't terrible, we just didn't feel like we had to prove ourselves to the world and spend 30 billion dollars on white elephant venues. The biggest complaints about Atlanta was traffic and Venue design. At least the venues were closer than Beijings will be to one another. And those venues were constructed on something called a budget, a budget that made sure the only thing the taxpayer payed for was security. Atlanta 1996 certainly wasn't the best, but at least it showed how to create a legacy and turn a profit. I also want to add that comparing a Summer and Winter games is absurd. Let's compare SLC and Beijing 2022. Nah, just go back to the 70s when China didn't play.
  15. Rome was crap last time I went. Paris was so much more exciting and beautiful.
  16. So the only victor of the night is that fucking Chinese Nationalist. Well here's what I say to you; your country, if it keeps going the way it is going, will eventually end up like post WW2 Japan. And damn, I can't wait for the day when Beijing is nothing but a **** city and America rules China. Until that glorious day comes I hope you enjoy your fake snow and oppressive government. See...we can all be nationalistic and prejudice if we want! VIVA AMERICA! **** CHINA!
  17. 30 minutes till hell ends. I though the President voted at the start of each session and gave his tablet back with the instructions to count his vote if necessary.
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