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  1. Wow...here's something we haven't seen in a long time. Gamesbidders pretty much in pleasant agreement that they are pleased with a recently launched Olympic design! LOL! But keeping on trend, I'll add my praise to the chorus...very nice!
  2. OK, but what does such a petition really achieve? The only 100 'signatures' that count will be those pressing the voting buttons in Buenos Aires on September 7.
  3. I think that Germany is in line to be the next European hosts of the Olympic Winter Games. They've only hosted once before (way back in 1936), they have a rich winter sports tradition, they have the money, infrastructure and organizational know-how, they had a strong bid with Munich 2018, and following two new Winter frontiers (Russia 2014 and Korea 2018), the IOC will likely be keen to go back to familiar territory. So a Munich (or German) win in 2022 does two things - eliminates Berlin for Summer 2024 contention and eliminates France for Winter 2026 contention. And for the French Olympic C
  4. I've been to: Athens Paris London Antwerp Amsterdam Los Angeles Berlin Melbourne Rome Tokyo Mexico City Montreal Barcelona Sydney Rio de Janeiro Calgary Vancouver
  5. This needs a poll! http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22695-poll-on-the-pyeongchang-2018-emblem/
  6. We've had the empirical discussion on the emblem. Let's quantify things a bit with a simple poll.
  7. Well, the PC18 logo isn't really ahead of its time. If so, the future is going to be boring. Wait a minute...I knew it reminded me of something! It's just Aster breaking off a leg and hopping out of a box. LOL
  8. I think he means the Parti Quebecois - they are in power in the "assemblée nationale". I love Quebec City and it would be almost perfect for the Olympic Winter Games. But let's face it, not having a tall enough mountain will forever kill that dream. I believe I read that in 2005, the people of Moscow thought they won the 2012 Games - the city was first to be eliminated on the 5-city ballot and there was a misunderstanding when it was announced.
  9. But the Olympic rings stand for a 120 year old movement. PC18's logo is for a one off event within that movement. It shouldn't be 'ahead of its time'...it should be 'of its time'. I would say the logos of the age when the Olympic rings were introduced were more 'fancy'. Most of them were scripts and shields and crests (at least in the West). Today's logos are mostly stylized shapes and figures. The Olympic rings have that harmony of symmetry, simplicity, and balance. PC18 looks like they were trying to achieve that, but got lazy and didn't. It isn't easy to build an iconic logo. Some hit the
  10. I dunno, I think the Olympic rings themselves are a great logo. Part of that might be because it is almost 100 years old and it is so familiar. But most of it is because it is a simple, classic, universal design that has a meaning and a story and anyone can doodle it onto a cocktail napkin with great ease. When you consider that it was unveiled in 1914 at a time when many logos were frilly and fancy, it was well ahead of its time.
  11. A logo doesn't have to be complex. Some of the best are the simple ones. The Olympic rings themselves come to mind. It is just that this one is so 'meh'. I get no feeling from it. I was never a fan of the London 2012 emblem, but at least it stirred a reaction within me. And I was disappointed with the Vancouver 2010 logo at first, but I grew to appreciate it. This thing just bores me. Even more so than Sochi's website wordmark, and that one's pretty boring. Notice that all these crappy logos have come under the regime of Jacques Rogge? It's Jacques' fault!
  12. A brand is all about feelings and emotion and the emblem is about the kind of feelings and emotions the brand manager (or OCOG) is trying to create expressed through design. Munich 1972 wanted to create a feeling of lightness and joy that was the opposite of Berlin 1936, so they created an emblem that radiated with a feeling of light and movement. Barcelona 1992 wanted to the Olympics to express excitement, joy and passion in a city that was about to take the world stage, so they chose an emblem that was splashy and colourful. Sydney 2000 wanted to their games to be about the athlete, so th
  13. It just looks flat. Dull. And bored. Looking at the black, green, and red bars I I, I just see a 'meh' face staring back at me. :|
  14. That's a good point...does the Mexican Olympic Committee want to get involved in this? Someone raised the issue of bi-national bids, and while the IOC has yet to fully embrace one, I think the concept is better suited for smaller countries who may have a great city capable of hosting the Olympics, but lack the critical mass as a nation to make it fully work. Don't think that applies here - the United States has hosted the Olympics eight times (four each, summer and winter games) and Mexico hosted once before. I don't see this going very far.
  15. I really like San Diego, but Tijuana as a partner? Yikes!
  16. In the end, a logo becomes just a logo as people tie the design to the experience of the event. Three years later, and you still see Vancouver's Olympic logo sported on baseball caps and sweatshirts all across the streets of this city. No doubt that is true of London, Sydney or Salt Lake. Design agencies like to call them 'brands' but brands are much bigger than that - it is the experience and the sentiment, not the design. Granted, design reflects the intention and sets the expectation. Athens set up an expectation of a classic but modern experience and London set up an idea of something ener
  17. The retractable roof was not needed for the 1976 Games as athletic competitions are supposed to happen in open air. So even if the tower had been completed for the Games, they wouldn't have even used the fabric roof during the Games and I'm even doubtful they would have even bothered to install it. The roof was designed for the Expos and the colder months, all of which fell outside of the Olympic timetable. While it might be nice to think of fancier ceremonies for the Montreal Games under a completed Olympic complex, given the simple nature of Olympic ceremonies of the era, I just don't see t
  18. The Olympic ceremonies of today are strictly controlled and timed spectacles of choreography, display and suspense. Then the athletes roll out like some sort of drunken fashion parade of mostly bad apparel. They mostly mug for the cameras. The Olympic ceremonies of the past were almost the opposite. Very little 'creative content' but the parade of athletes was a semi-militaristic march of precision, colour and style. They dressed and acted like they had great pride in being part of the team and representing their countries. Starting with Moscow, the focus of modern ceremonies really changed.
  19. 1- Munich 1972 - great music and a colourful, well choreographed presentation by the youngsters. 2 - Mexico City 1968 - all those balloons! 3 - Montreal 1976 - the Queen's pink dress, good music, the dancers in white were cool (although not long enough), and WOW! two torch bearers! 4 - Sapporo 1972 - wow, that skater with the torch was so graceful. 5 - Melbourne 1956 - great marching bands and the torch was so sparkly.
  20. In the first video I posted above of the Montreal closer...at about the 1:15 mark in the 'green' ring, lower right...is that the infamous streaker?
  21. Not sure if this has ever been posted on Gamesbids before, but I give you...the Closing Ceremony of the Games of the XXI Olympiad, Montreal 1976! I don't think this is complete and the sound from this video is not from the original airing (from the official soundtrack for the Games) but this is the most complete viewing I've ever seen of the Montreal closer. The uploader has other vids from the '76 Games. Part 1 http://youtu.be/zTpxXvA35a4 Part 2 http://youtu.be/4k7sakoJDvs Part 3 http://youtu.be/pM440A9gAX0 Part 4 (actual sound from the flag being lowered) http://youtu.be/JOEC-
  22. There are a lot of 'ifs' and 'buts' in this discussion. If a last minute Winter Olympic host were needed, Salt Lake, Calgary, Innsbruck, Torino, or a spread-out Games across Norway/Scandinavia, Switzerland, or the French Alps could probably be arranged. But only with enough time. I think a major disaster a few months ahead of the Games would likely mean cancellation.
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