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  1. The Facilities. Scale model of the Olympic Complex. Model of Stade Olympique. Model of the Velodrome. Model of the Olympic Village. The Olympic Village at Games time. The Olympic Complex...with its unfinished tower. Inside the boxing venue.
  2. I found a great cache of photos from the Montreal Olympics...Enjoy! The Opening Ceremony, July 17, 1976. Team Canada nears Stade Olympique. Team Canada rounds out the Athletes Parade. The Olympic flag is carried around the track at Stade Olympique. The flag is hoisted. And the flame is lit. Flag bearers prepare to take the Olympic Oath. The flame burns beneath the giant ring of the stadium's roof.
  3. I think the 1988 Seoul Games get overlooked a lot in discussions on GamesBids.com. We always talk about the terrorist attacks in Munich and Atlanta, the financial disaster of Montreal and how LA turned it around, the boycott years of Montreal, Moscow and LA, the huge success of Barcelona and Sydney, the construction worries of Montreal and Athens, the commercialization of Atlanta, and the impact that all of these things have had on the city, the country and the Olympic movement, but rarely do we ever mention the Seoul Games.
  4. If there is any truth in the idea that hosting a successful Olympic Games can be a positive thing for a city, it is Barcelona's hosting of the Games of the XXV Olympiad in 1992. The city's prestige, fame and popularity has soared upward like that firey arrow did 12 years ago. Clearly, the Olympics changed the city for the better.
  5. What a great resource for information on the '88 Games. I love how they detailed the Opening & Closing Ceremonies. I wish there were other sites like this out there for other past games - especially ones I have always been curious to see, like the ones before 1984 (my first Olympic experience was the LA Games).
  6. I was reading a book about the history, development and construction of Toronto's SkyDome. Did you know that in 1968, Toronto was planning a bid for the 1976 Olympic Games? The bid never amounted to much, because Montreal (then Canada's largest city) kicked its bid for the XXI Olympiad into high gear and won 2 years later. But they did have a drawing for the stadium. If I get my hands on it again, I'll scan and post.
  7. I don't think Vancouver's new facilities will greatly benefit Canadian athletics by a huge margin because much of the benefits of Calgary are still going stong. Even so, they won't start showing up until about 4-8 years or so after the Games and most of that will just be a shift from Calgary to Vancouver.
  8. A look back at the XV Olympic Winter Games, Calgary 1988
  9. Most of the stadia see some use. Soccer games, track meets, concerts and other special events fill up the roster. Berlin's has long been used and will be upgraded in time to host WC 2006. London's Wembly has been demolished and is due for reconstruction. Helsinki's has been used for track meets such as World Champs. Melbourne's is a cricket ground. Rome's and Munich's are used for track meets and soccer matches - World Champs in both have been held there. Mexico's main stadium is part of the university campus. Montreal's is the most used - for baseball, the Grey Cup, trade shows, conventions, concerts and other big shows. The tower and velodrome (now biodome) are popular tourist attractions. Moscow's had awnings added since 1980, but is in need of repair. LA's is used for football and such. Not sure about Seoul? Barcelona's is used for soccer and is a popular tourist attraction. Atlanta's is now a baseball diamond - Turner Field.
  10. I don't see Vancouver as "compensation" for Toronto. Cities bid, not countries. Toronto's loss was mostly political. Nothing was going to stop Beijing. Remember that back in 2001 the US and China were saber rattling, a lot of people were protesting the idea of sending the Olympic Games to the capital of the People's Republic and great cities (like Paris) and great bids (like Toronto) didn't even get in the way. 2008 was China's destiny.
  11. Many considered Toronto's bid for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad to be the best competing for the 2008 Games, and possible one of the best ever. They lost to Beijing on the second ballot, but let's look back at this bid. Toronto the Good - the City Skyline at Twilight viewed from Lake Ontario. Toronto the Good - the Overall Games Plan Around the Harbour and Olympic Village The Proposed Olympic Stadium Area around the Stadium The SkyDome and CNTower
  12. Interesting enough, the German Pavillion at Monteal's Expo 67 was designed with the same style as the Munich Olympic facilities...
  13. My favourite stadia are: 1. Montreal – so bold, so daring, so unique - an instant landmark. Flawed in its execution, but brilliant in its design. 2. Munich – light and airy, almost like a dew-covered spider’s web. Still a winner. 3. Berlin – perfect symmetry and clean lines. Timeless. 4. Mexico City – often overlooked, but a classic beauty with its bright colours and Aztec mosaics. 5. Los Angeles – the arches make this relatively plain stadium an Olympian sensation. Barcelona ranks high on my list too. And while Sydney is nice, it isn’t an architectural wonder like most of the others on this list. Moscow probably has the most unattractive Olympic stadium in recent history.
  14. There are no renderings yet for the athletics stadium.
  15. XV Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies McMahon Stadium Calgary, Alberta, Canada Saturday, February 13, 1988 A giant tee-pee is formed after 12 year old Robyn Perry lights the cauldron. The Olympic rings formed in the stands as Alberta welcomes the world. As 88 torch bearers encircle the stadium field, Cathy Priestner and Ken Read arrive with the Olympic flame. Brian Orser carries the Canadian flag as the host nation enters the stadium. Jeanne Sauve, Gov. Gen. of Canada, opens the Calgary Games. Let the Games begin! The Snowbirds streak across the sky. Calgary's skyline lights up with fireworks and the Olympic flame.
  16. Well, in my mind, New Zealand is one of only 3 countries in the Southern Hemisphere that could host the OWG's (Chile and Argentina are the others), but for all the reasons stated in other forums, I don't see the OWG's going below the Equator. As for the Summer Games, I think Auckland is a possibility, especially if they have modern infrastructure and the Games become a bit smaller, however, I don't see the Olympics going to Oceania's corner of the world again until at least the 2040's (there are really only a few countries and cities in that area that could host). I base that number on the fact that a 44 year period separated the 2 Aussie cities from hosting. By then, Auckland could have a fantastic bid ready.
  17. What other facilities are there? The Saddledome is privately owned/managed.
  18. Change the words around - "Ditch the Vancouver bid. I don't think there's any point in creating new and expensive facilities, and there's no point in Vancouver building them with Calgary practically right beside it." - and it sounds like the Calgary 2010 bid argument AGAINST Vancouver 2010.
  19. Why ditch them when they are still perfectly usable and well maintained? There are plenty of skyscrapers dotting the skylines of cities around the world that are both older and in more dire need of repair than Calgary's primary Olympic facilities and you don't see them being imploded.
  20. The Oslo flag will come to City Hall in late February of 2006 after the handover in Torino.
  21. Do you have any association or endorse the GOC - Gamesbids Observation Committee?
  22. Petro Canada One is the tallest (53 floors). It has a shorter sister, Petro Canada Two (33 floors). The Bankers Hall twins are next at 50 floors each (197 m). Bankers Hall is my favorite Calgary office complex - has that very "Canadian" look like a modern version of the Chateau Frontenac, Royal York or Hotel Vancouver.
  23. I agree that Cape Town will probably be the first African city to host, but when is up in the air. It all depends on who gets the games first - Africa or South America. I'd expect a 12-16 year interval between the games being hosted on both continents. So if my theory holds true that Paris (or at least Europe) will take 2012, then 2016 could belong to a "new" continent. So that makes it earliest CT16, but if South America lands those games, then the earliest would be CT (or Africa in general) by 2028 earliest.
  24. I remember in Seoul that the two mascots - Udori and Cobi - floated out of the stadium together with a "See you in Barcelona" banner hanging from them. They put their arms round each other, headed out of the stadium and the fireworks started. The dance had a troupe of about 30 women dancers dressed in red, yellow and blue. It wasn't as huge a spectacle as was Atlanta and Sydney, but it summed up the Spanish spirit very well.
  25. Not much to say...simply one of the GREATEST Olympics ever.
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