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  1. Could someone confirm if the rules of the votes allow the number of votes of the tie breaker to be announced before the final vote ?

    I don't think that is an issue. The IOC members probably need to know the result of the tie immediately, considering it is a head-to-head elimination of just two candidates that already tied. They need to feel confident that going into the next round, the city going forward is the one that should go forward. Like how in the 2004 race, Cape Town got ahead of Buenos Aries after their bottom tie in the first round, and then Cape Town made it passed Stockholm in the next round.

  2. To the masses, the Olympics get discussed for a few weeks every second year or so - unless your country is particularly bad in one set, then only once in four years, or if your country/region is hosting the Olympics, then every single day for seven to ten years. But for us here? Yeah, it is a nerdy little interest. But it is our nerdy little interest! And very endearing. ;)

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  3. They wouldn't be missed. I don't mean that to be cruel. They just aren't a winter games power. They're not even much of a summer games power. Only sent 3 athletes to Vancouver. And their 6 medals in London matched their combined effort for all the Olympics of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Still, for the athletes that do qualify, would be good for them to go.

    Although India's presence at the winter games is more of a novelty than a contender.

  4. I don't favour a boycott (that will only punish the athletes while giving the Russians loads of medals) and it is far too late to move the Games (while Vancouver 2014 has a nice ring to it, there are only 6 months to prepare).

    But I think that individual spectators should stay away from Sochi. Empty streets and stadiums would embarrass the Russians. And be a waste of the billions they spent.

    Or cover them in pride flags...like the organizers themselves did in Moscow in 1980.


  5. Those rankings are never totally accurate, but Detroit's relatively high ranking could be a 'hangover' from Detroit's hay days. Fifty years ago, it was the fifth largest city in North America - behind New York, Mexico, Chicago and Los Angeles - and it was even in the position to bid for several Olympic Games in the 1950s and 1960s. Look at some of the old (and sadly now abandoned) buildings in Detroit and you see a city that was once wealthy, prosperous and on the move upward.

    That's not the case any more.

    But that former prosperity brought the city a certain level of status and things like professional sports teams, international conferences, and the like. The city is also still a busy international border crossing. But the glory days of the 1950s have gone the ways of Nash, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and Mercury - and the city is sadly rusted out and up on blocks.

  6. In this world of over the top celebrity, I think Will and Kate make a good example for others to follow.

    Modernizing the monarchy? For an institution that is 1000+ years old, how do you propose modernizing it? By its very nature it IS ancient! The only way to truly modernize it is to democratize it, which in effect, would eliminate it. Or turn it into some bizarre reality TV show.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if in private they called him Alex or Alec, using Prince George or King George as his public or regnal name, just as Edward VIII was called David by most of his closest acquaintances.

  7. Haha! If were going down this road then I say Lake Charles. By 2015 Baton Rouge will have almost six fortune 500 company's and the city limits are expanding. Top that with the new oil fracking (which is centered in BR) and I think you have a good candidate. Will probably loose, but it's good publicity for any city.

    Whether I'm ridiculed or not after living in the city for six years I think it can come up with a pleasing plan. The city is also not 'hick heavy' that's the towns and areas around New Orleans. Baton Rouge instead is starting to become the urban and financial hub of the state; give her twenty years the south's hub rivaling the terribly organized city of Atlanta.

    No, it is not good publicity. It is a set up for ridicule.

    There are plenty of wonderful smaller sized cities that are lovely to visit and live in...but they ain't gonna host the Olympics. Here in Canada, places like Victoria, BC and Halifax, NS are nice smaller cities. But they'll never host the Summer Games.

    London. Rio. Sydney. Beijing. They are all global and iconic cities that are known the world over. And they are big with big infrastructure and big money. That's the type of city that hosts the Olympics. OK yeah, once they went Atlanta and another time they were hosted in places like Antwerp and Helsinki, but that was the past. The future is BIG!

  8. Well, I guess that is a thoroughly "British" name given that Kings George I-VI were all kings of the United Kingdom (and not of England or Scotland) - despite the first few being German. And so we have the potential future King George VII or VIII (that is if Charles does change his name as hinted in the past).

  9. And Spain will have a King Felipe after Juan Carlos passes.

    Someone said there will be three kings after Elizabeth. That isn't necessarily guaranteed. This kid (or Charles or William for that matter) may never get to the throne. History is filled with heirs and Princes of Wales that never got to the top job. Elizabeth's mother lived a long live and Elizabeth is doing very well at 87. Charles is 64 and with this new baby hysteria, we may not need or feed him much longer. And of course, William is 31. King Whateverhisnameis may never see the throne or may be over 60-something himself.

    Elizabeth was crowned at age 25 and it is likely that she will be the last young monarch for sometime to come.

  10. I have a great affection for Quebec City and think they would make an absolutely ideal setting for the Olympic Winter Games...but without a proper downhill mountain, they are just never going to be much of a consideration. Given its mild climate, Vancouver is not a true 'winter city' per se, but as a ski resort Whistler is absolutely massive and top notch. Nothing in Quebec comes even close.

  11. I often think it is harder for a city that comes in second to have to sit through the process than one that eliminated early. Must be so emotionally draining to come so close and then have to watch your opponent celebrate. I think back to Singapore in 2005. Deflated Paris 2012 had to sit there, hopes dashed and weeping, while right next to them, elated London 2012 was jumping up and down, screaming for joy. Moscow, New York and Madrid had already licked (and liquored up) their wounds for a while before that, so their tension was long gone.

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