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  1. Legacies Now unveiled its new logo on June 14, 2005.... Story of the logo
  2. This is not a design contest, it is a contest to do work. An expression of interest to submit work not actually do the work. This is perhaps what VANOC should have done in retrospect. They cannot use the bid logo. But below is a proposed mark for the bid that didn't make it...maybe this is an idea.
  3. 2010 LegaciesNow - which will manage the sport, cultural and social legacies of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games - is seeking a new logo. See attached: 2010 Legacies Now Invitation for new Logo Design They used the bid logo because they were part of the bid, but will not be using Ilanaaq. So they are seeking a professional firm or designer to come up with a logo.
  4. I would say the top three African possibilities: 1 - Cape Town 2 - Johannesburg 3 - Casablanca
  5. I'd worry more about rabid beavers knawing the wood than termites.
  6. Architecturally, the building isn't that fascinating and it won't become an icon for the city. But what I really like about it is the fact that the building will almost disappear into the landscape of the waterfront. The focus won't be on the building but on the best feature of that location - the views looking north and west to the Mountains, the Ocean and Stanley Park. I used to work for a company located in an office tower in that area and the views from my office were stunning. The only thing I miss about that place were the views from my office on a bright sunny day. As long as the i
  7. I sit on a local business committee and we recently had a presentation by the people from Tourism Vancouver. The convention centre was one of the topics discussed. Their research indicates that when ever a "movable" annual conference is held in Vancouver (by "movable" I mean one that is hosted in a different city each year), the Vancouver conference attracts an average of 12% greater attendance than the previous conference. That is why the city is focusing so much energy on the new facility. Well, that and the Olympics. But another factor...in the next 5-10 years, China is planning on con
  8. Ha ha...north of the current convention centre would have it floating in the water. The old and new kind of form a backward L shape.
  9. Yes, I believe that the general public can use the pool...its used as a community recreation centre.
  10. I believe that a pair of African nations had pulled out of the Games after having marched into the stadium at the Opening Ceremony. So while they participated in the ceremony, they did not compete in the Games. The most ill-concieved boycott in Olympic history.
  11. This has gone from being kind of fun into just another episode of "Games of Our Lives".
  12. WOG in Atlanta? What would the athletes ski on? Frozen peaches?
  13. I thought the Village was created first for the Olympics and then handed over to the University after the Games for dorms.
  14. Would never happen because Atlanta wouldn't have a main Olympic stadium ready in time and a village would be tough to construct so quickly. If an Olympic Games are ever cancelled because of a fear that the city wouldn't be ready, they would almost certainly go to a past host as the time line wouldn't allow a new city to pick up the torch. Why would you take the Games away from a city that is 75% ready and give them to a city that would only be 25% ready and have much less time than the city that was stripped?
  15. What I find interesting about this thread is that it shows that Olympic hosting is like a house of cards. Pull one card out and it changes everything.
  16. How's this for a new worst case scenario. 1990 - In a surprise final show down, Belgrade wins the 1996 Games by one vote. 1991 - The 1998 Winter Olympics are awarded to Jaca in Spain. 1993 - The 2000 Games are awared to Beijing. That same year, the collapse of Yugoslavia forces the IOC to move the Centennial Games. They consider only past hosts and offer them to Montreal. 1995 - The 2002 Winter Games are awarded to Salt Lake. But feeling an early vindication, Quebec votes to leave Canada. 1996 - The Second Montreal Games started off with stellar organization and appear to be almost per
  17. I know its all hypothetical, but the IOC would never strip a city of the Olympics because of your Athens to LA situation, and by that I mean taking about the Salt Lake City Games. Also, Beijing could never win by beating Toronto by 3 votes and San Francisco by 4 votes. Those margins are too close to allow any city to get a majority. And a majority of votes is needed, not just a higher vote count. But so far, this has been a fun thread...
  18. Actually, this is kind of hard...if Athens had won 1996, Toronto could have made a decent stab at either 2000 or 2004. Europe would have been hard pressed to get a Games until 2012 with two back to back in the 1990's and the USOC probably wouldn't have kept Atlanta for very long. And then there's the Winter dynamic. So here goes... Athens wins 1996...OK. With no American host right before it, Salt Lake easily wins 1998. Sydney, Beijing, Istanbul, Atlanta and Toronto bid for 2000 with no Europeans in the race (they know with Barcelona and Athens before them, they can't hope to win). The
  19. Montreal Opening Ceremony - Highlights Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm on July 17, 1976, trumpeters sound out the call at Stade Olympique as the flags of the 132 member countries of the IOC are hoisted. The announcer calls out “Mesdames, messieurs, Sa Majesté la Reine. Ladies and gentlemen, Her Majesty the Queen.” The 73,000 in attendance cheer on the arrival of the Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, and her son, Prince Andrew. IOC President Lord Killanin, COJO President Roger Rousseau, and other dignitaries greet the Queen in the Royal Box. The Queen is seated next to Jules Léger,
  20. I'm adding my voice to "General Olympics"...can't read anything and there was a discussion that I started that I'm dying to see. Is this really a problem at my end, because "General Olympics" is the only place I encounter this?
  21. Oh, almost forgot. One of the zaniest ideas for Expo 67 was to "borrow" the Eiffle Tower for the 6 month World's Fair and put it up in Montreal. The estimated cost was $12 million...much cheaper than building a tower. The deal was almost struck, except at the last minute that the owners of the Eiffle Tower backed out over fears that if they moved the tower, they might not be allowed to reassemble it Paris. Drapeau really wanted that tower!
  22. He had that even before Expo...
  23. In case you were ever wondering why they chose a design with a stadium and tower at Montreal's Olympic complex, the answer is pretty simple....Mayor Drapeau. For the Olympics, Montreal required a new stadium. While the IOC required an open air stadium for athletics, Montreal's after Games use for the stadium (baseball, concerts, big events) required that it have some form of protection against the harsh winters of the region. Hence, the idea of a retractable roof. Now while this would be the worlds first fully retractable roof stadium, there were other technologies available in the 1970's
  24. That's true. The old US pavillion (which was very popular with visitors to Expo but generally hated by Americans) is now called the Biosphere and is dedicated to the environment. Another Expo site still in use is the French pavillion, now the Montreal Casino. As for the Montreal Tower, it will probably not face the wrecking ball, as it was recently leased to a consortium for 99 years - they are renovating the upper floors for office space.
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