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  1. Most of the stadia see some use. Soccer games, track meets, concerts and other special events fill up the roster. Berlin's has long been used and will be upgraded in time to host WC 2006. London's Wembly has been demolished and is due for reconstruction. Helsinki's has been used for track meets such as World Champs. Melbourne's is a cricket ground. Rome's and Munich's are used for track meets and soccer matches - World Champs in both have been held there. Mexico's main stadium is part of the university campus. Montreal's is the most used - for baseball, the Grey Cup, trade shows, conve
  2. Interesting enough, the German Pavillion at Monteal's Expo 67 was designed with the same style as the Munich Olympic facilities...
  3. My favourite stadia are: 1. Montreal – so bold, so daring, so unique - an instant landmark. Flawed in its execution, but brilliant in its design. 2. Munich – light and airy, almost like a dew-covered spider’s web. Still a winner. 3. Berlin – perfect symmetry and clean lines. Timeless. 4. Mexico City – often overlooked, but a classic beauty with its bright colours and Aztec mosaics. 5. Los Angeles – the arches make this relatively plain stadium an Olympian sensation. Barcelona ranks high on my list too. And while Sydney is nice, it isn’t an architectural wonder like most of the other
  4. There are no renderings yet for the athletics stadium.
  5. Well, in my mind, New Zealand is one of only 3 countries in the Southern Hemisphere that could host the OWG's (Chile and Argentina are the others), but for all the reasons stated in other forums, I don't see the OWG's going below the Equator. As for the Summer Games, I think Auckland is a possibility, especially if they have modern infrastructure and the Games become a bit smaller, however, I don't see the Olympics going to Oceania's corner of the world again until at least the 2040's (there are really only a few countries and cities in that area that could host). I base that number on the f
  6. Do you have any association or endorse the GOC - Gamesbids Observation Committee?
  7. I agree that Cape Town will probably be the first African city to host, but when is up in the air. It all depends on who gets the games first - Africa or South America. I'd expect a 12-16 year interval between the games being hosted on both continents. So if my theory holds true that Paris (or at least Europe) will take 2012, then 2016 could belong to a "new" continent. So that makes it earliest CT16, but if South America lands those games, then the earliest would be CT (or Africa in general) by 2028 earliest.
  8. I forgot how to post images...could you please refresh my memory. thx!
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