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  1. There is a video on this page, although very short and fast paced. Looks like a red pea coat for the Canadians in there, probably for the opening ceremony. http://olympic.ca/2013/10/30/retweet-to-win-hbcolympics-gear/
  2. Ah thanks...but wouldn't the roof blow up when the cauldron is lit? Just kidding! (memories of Yellow/Orange/Wacko Vest). All the renders I saw of the stadium didn't have the completely enclosed roof, but then again, I'm not paying as much attention to Sochi 2014 as I have previous Olympic Games.
  3. Honestly...I think SA would be better off going for the CWGs than the OGs. It is an easier win and would only ultimately strengthen a future Olympic bid. I know...I know...I know...I was only a casual observer and a tourist, but I did visit South Africa last year, and I honestly don't think they are ready for the Olympics. Lovely country. But big issues! And don't bring up FIFA in 2010. They very often prove themselves to be reckless and irresponsible. (Qatar 2022? REALLY?) And they often seem to just want to show the IOC up on geography. The IOC, however, knows they need to be more prudent. When rich and powerful countries spend fortunes on the Olympics - Montreal's 30 year debt, Greece's financial collapse, Beijing's 8 billion, rumours of Sochi's 50 billion price tag and Rio's cost overruns as examples - and still have challenges, is it wise to burden a country and a continent with enormous problems with such a trivial thing as the Olympics? No. It is actually immoral to do that. So...let the 2024, 2028, 2032 Olympics go to rich places and when the Africans can afford it, then they can host. Or...the IOC has to cut the Games down to 1970s levels. And we know that ain't happenin' anytime soon!
  4. I can't read German, but I never felt Munich's bid for 2018 was a 'mistake'. They had a lot going for them. But...it just wasn't their time. The Koreans had worked very very very hard for almost 10 years to plead their case and improve their bid. And while I was critical of their bid in the past, they did what was required of them and 2018 was just their time. The IOC couldn't say 'no' to that.
  5. I like the grey jacket look of the French Team, but why are the models so pissed off? Did they accosted by the colouful dancing German team?
  6. OK...I also looked at the Sochi 2014 thread on Skyscrapercity and see that black metal mesh covering the stadium. It does look out of place, though. And kind of unnecessary.
  7. I had to look that up. The report doesn't mention Tchaikovsky. http://library.la84.org/6oic/OfficialReports/1980/or1980v2pt1.pdf From page 294... "Before the eyes of the amazed spectators a pathway connecting the field with the Bowl of the Olympic Flame took shape above the heads of athletes in the East Stands. Sergei Belov ran up along it to the Bowl and lit the Olympic Flame. Thousands of pigeons soared skywards, to the strains of the "Ode to Sport", written for the Opening Ceremony by Soviet composer Eduard Artemyev.."
  8. Am I missing something? I don't see anything anywhere that says Fisht Olympic Stadium has a fully enclosed roof. It looks to me more like a smaller Stadium Australia or Olympic at OAKA in Athens in form than the old BC Place design. Two arches the cover the stands with openings on either end. The roof above those two arches is also translucent and quite high up. A cauldron at either end of the stadium would be easily visible from within.
  9. Are you sure of that? Skip to the 21:00 minute mark: http://youtu.be/7ErdCb9rIbY Moscow 1980 Opening Ceremony For Sochi, I highly doubt an indoor/outdoor style cauldron. That was just something that had to be done for Vancouver 2010 because of the old stadium roof.
  10. And with its buildup, suspense, flourish of joy and drama, the finale to Stravinsky's Firebird Suite certainly sounds like the kind of music you would use for lighting the Olympic flame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW4PuJYRIHI If that is the case, then Russian-composed music would have been used at that pivotal moment for at least at three or four Olympic Games. 2002 - Salt Lake City, Shostakovich's 5th Symphony 2004 - Athens, Shostakovich's Pirogov Suite And I'm sure a Russian composed the piece used for Moscow 1980, but it was probably specially written for the event...I don't recognize it as anything classic.
  11. In Olympic votes, opposition is generally louder than support.
  12. I think at one point, Quebec City was going to propose hosting the downhill events at the 1988 facility in Alberta, nearly 4000 kilometers away! Stockholm is at a disadvantage here, but I'm fairly confident the IOC will let them through to the candidate phase, although they might grumble a bit about the distance.
  13. Ah, but in Russia, you have the might of the government to get things done. In Quebec, you have the might of the unions to keep things down. And in both, you have the might of the mafia to corrupt it all.
  14. I didn't think the stadium was domed...big awnings like the Beijing Birds Nest, but open on both sides facing the sea and the mountains.
  15. Or the Paris-Montreal Tower proposed for Expo 67 (which like the 76 stadium tower, was backed by Mayor Jean Drapeau)? Interesting...have we ever seen a cauldron exposed this early before?
  16. Yeah, but but we are talking about 125 kilometers vs. 600 kilometers. In 2003, the IOC expressed concern that 125 kilometers was "too far", but they went with it and Vancouver welcomed the world in 2010. And while the current proposal is that Are would only host the Alpine events, the Swedes do have a greater distance to overcome. It doesn't outright kill their bid from the start, but it sets them back. The rest of the bid will have to be phenomenal to overcome that distance (which I'm sure it will be). The IOC has accepted quirkier projects (although all were rejected in the end) - Helsinki 2006 and Quebec 2002 to name two.
  17. I think a lot of people actually love the idea of Sweden hosting the Winter Olympics. It is just such a natural fit - like Switzerland or Canada, Norway or Austria. But the problem is that Are is the only ski resort in the country that can host the downhill competition. And it is quite remote. Stockholm to Are is 600 kilometers. Ostersund is closer to Are, only 100 kilometers, but of course, they are smaller. This is not a small matter to overcome. The 125 kilometer distance from Vancouver to Whistler was seen as a challenge for the 2010 Games (although the local mountain at Cypress turned out to be the real bugger). So distance matters.
  18. Italy should just say no for now. If you're broke, you don't buy a Ferrari.
  19. Given the state of Olympic branding, Munich will be a shoo-in for 2022.
  20. Nothing is guaranteed and how and when you win an Olympic bid depends on timing and the quality of your competitors.
  21. No. Not at all. But Madrid 2012, 2016, 2020 is like Toronto's bid for 1996 and then bidding for 2000 and 2004 all just 20-30 years after Montreal 1976. Or if Sydney had put in bids for 1976, 1980 or 1984 after Melbourne 1956. A good potential host of a future Olympics, but emphasis on the word future. More time needs to pass. Just as Sydney 2000 proved. Madrid is wise to pull out of the race for 2024.
  22. Nah, there were no real big surprises. Maybe that Madrid and Istanbul tied. And clearly, that didn't matter either. But this was one of those IOC sessions that when you look back, it just all makes sense.
  23. Calgary business and sport leaders can jostle all they like but if they don't get the support of the Canadian Olympic Committee, they won't be bidding on anything. I get the sense that for the COC's future hosting aspirations, a Summer in Toronto is the bigger priority. It is the tougher of the two Games to land. And even if Toronto wins a Summer Games, it will still be easier for Canada to land a future Winter Games shortly thereafter. Not so much the other way around. There aren't many Winter host potentials, and Calgary 1988 were both successful Games and Games that elevated the profile of the Winter Olympics. Still, I hope the COC focuses on the Summer Games, even though the trend of world mega cities mixed with new frontiers rages on, the IOC needs a Sydney 2000 every now and then and I think Toronto can offer that. Canada already kicks butt in Winter Sport (thanks to Calgary and Vancouver) and we don't really need a third set of world class winter legacies so quickly (even if many are recycled or renovated).
  24. First Olympic gold medalist to head the IOC. Bach won a team fencing gold in Montreal.
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