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  1. Interesting observation...the official VANOC site has a poll. The current poll asks people what their favourite aspect of the logo is (all positive selections) - this one has garnered the least overall response of the recent polls (only ~250 responses). Past polls have pulled in over 1000 responses.
  2. Come play with my ding-a-ling. To date they’ve had so many… Driven by Nature Sea to Sky Games Inspired by Dreams Our turn to shine Canada’s Games Come play with us Who knows?
  3. Ilanaaq is "Rocks Become Man". Your avtar logo reminds me of the new Canada Place logo for Vancouver...
  4. "Man Becomes Mountain" - does that even make sense? I think they are trying to say that the Paralympic athlete overcomes great challenges (the mountain) to make it to the games, but the athlete doesn't become the challenge. And "Man"? I thought that was not PC any more. No women at these games? What I see here is a logo that would be great for a Whistler golf course logo: the green, the two mountains of Whistler & Blackcombe and either an airborne golf ball or the moon. Score another quirky execution and missed opportunity for VANOC in their quest to promote their bland vision of Canada.
  5. Tourism Vancouver logo Maybe these were all planned long ago.
  6. Hmmm, as an Olympic logo, the Paralympic logo would be totally forgettable. It looks like the Tourism Vancouver logo.
  7. It's OK. Bit bland but OK. To be honest, I didn't have much faith in the Paralympic logo because most of them are crap, but Vancouver actually did good this time (by comparison). Past Paralympic logos have not been very memorable or stylish, but this one is OK.
  8. So I guess the show started an hour ago and ends in 3 hours...any idea what the logo look like yet?
  9. Nah, its still Canada. Leave your bombs, but bring you bongs.
  10. I can see how the ski jump in Calgary and Thunder Bay went under, but I really think that the jump in Whistler could see some after Games life as a training and competition site. Whistler already is home to many high performance athletes in downhill, snowboarding and other sports. Why can't it be a performance centre for ski jumping too?
  11. These Games are totally about impressing the world. If they miss that point, they miss out everything. Vancouver is a strange city. It craves global status but it can be terribly provincial. It defines itself as progressive but it can be very backward. I think VANOC is more afraid of being compared to Montreal (ie financial woes). But Vancouver and Calgary don't have much in common. Calgarians are more conservative minded but they have a lot of fast paced ambition. Vancouverites are more liberal but they have a bit of a lassez-faire attitude. Calgary is Canada's Texas, Vancouver is our California.
  12. VANOC Executive http://vancouver2010.com/en/OrganizingComm...e/ExecutiveTeam VANOC Board of Directors http://vancouver2010.com/en/OrganizingComm...e/ExecutiveTeam John Furlong is CEO, Jack Poole is Chairman of the Board. Both had those roles during the bid phase. Marion Lay was previously in charge of the Bid, but she now heads up 2010 Legacies Now. VANOC does not have a president.
  13. Not so much a technical question, but I was wondering if you were planning on parring down the 2014 bid forum to General, PyeongChang, Salzburg, and Sochi categories and removing the discussions on the four cities that failed to meet the shortlist.
  14. Ugh...Downtown Vancouver doesn't need anymore tiny over priced condos.
  15. So much of what the NIMBY's are saying is unfounded. Currently the land is occupied by railway tracks and a parking lot. How does covering that up with a steel, wood and glass stadium wall destroy the neighbourhood? Silly.
  16. First off, don't call it the best city on Earth. That's asking for more critique and skepticism. And it just can't be proven or qualified. Second, recognize the need for a mixed use community - not just expensive high end condos, but allow for housing for people who can't afford half million dollar homes. Encourage business in the area through various incentives. Perhaps creating entertainment or cultural opportunities, such as small theatres, galleries, music halls, etc. Also include retail and local services in the mix. Keep new development to a minimum. Encourage re-development, keeping the historic look of the neighbourhood - although cleaned up. Don't let Bob Rennie over run the place. He'll just turn it into million dollar condos.
  17. If it were up to me, I'd give BC Place a silver coloured roof and wrap the exterior in sweeping shapes and beams of wood (even of only temporary) and get new seats for the inside.
  18. What residents around the stadium? It's almost all office space, retail, restaurants, or transit. And given the absolutely insane real estate prices in Vancouver, these folks won't lose out on anything. Shoe boxes are selling for half a million. I do support the stadium and think the location is excellent, just regret that it wasn't part of the 2010 bid process - the views during the ceremonies would be out of this world. BC Place is nothing inspiring and the roof, while practical, is unattractive - but unfortunately, I believe that BC Place has the contract.
  19. BC Place will actually be one of the most active venue during 2010 because it will host nightly celebrations.
  20. I wish BCPlace could borrow a page from Alianz Arena in Munich.
  21. "I'd love Survivor - Central Park. That would be fucking ace!" That's brilliant! What other Urban Survivors can you come up with? Survivor - the Kremlin? Survivor - Eiffle Tower? Survivor - Mexico City Transit?
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