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  1. Well, these polls are just a measurement (totally unscientific, too) of perception. Personally, I find the results thus far to be really interesting.
  2. Rate BOCOG's performance to date...And I meant the 2008 Games, sorry.
  3. Rating VANOC's peformance to date...and yes, it should be the 2010 Games.
  4. Sorry, click here for the poll.
  5. Yeah, it reminds me of Damask designs with a very Chinese accent...all the rage these days.
  6. Not bad...very simple and classy. But I kind of wish the Summer medals had the same design freedoms as the Winter medals. There is some "niceness" to the consistant look, but at the same time, it creates a really unique statement when the design is different with each Olympiad.
  7. A friend of mine told a story of a series of conversations she had with a homeless guy who used to camp out near her bus stop. He used to have a job, apartment and found it a boring life. So he took to the street and with begging, makes about $80/day - pays no taxes, no rent, has no responsibilities and finds he's always living in the moment and for the moment each day. He doesn't worry about the future or material things because he doesn't care. So my feeling is that homelessness is as much a choice as it is the result of poor choices. Go figure.
  8. Here's the great irony. If one takes a walk around Vancouver these days you'll see three things... 1 - Construction, construction, construction 2 - "Help Wanted" signs in every second window 3 - more construction The economy here is BOOMING and there is NO EXCUSE for any able bodied person in this city to be unemployed. And where does most of this growth come from? The Olympics. Not always directly, but since Jacques Rogge opened that envelope in Prague, the city has been atwitter with positive energy. The economy here has exploded and the unemployment rate in Vancouver has shrunk to 4.2%. Now, economists will say that 4% unemployment represents people in transition...between jobs, switching jobs, about to land a job...so Vancouver in essence has full employment. Best time in this city. So the only ones not benefiting are the uneducated, the lazy, the drug addicted and the sleezebags. Guess who's out protesting? Piss off.
  9. Here is the problem. VANOC hosts an event and it is marred by protests. VANOC tries other events, and they are marred by more protests. Eventually, the people who support and are proud of the city hosting the Olympics stay away because they feel uncomfortable around the protesters. Many have jobs, families and other interests. While they are happy to celebrate 2010, they don't want to take their kids out and risk them getting hurt by a protest. VANOC needs to think of who their real market and supporters and stop these big open public events at once. All they have done is attracted more protesters and that is what looks bad. VANOC hosts an event, the supporters stay home, the protesters come out en mass. And then it looks like Vancouver hates the Olympics when the reality is that 300 vocal people hate the Olympics and showed up and 300,000 who love the Olympics stayed at home.
  10. ...and NIMBY anti-poverty protesters shouldn't really have the funds to travel from coast to coast.
  11. You don't know what these people are doing? They are using the Olympics to promote themselves and their causes. They know the world is watching and so they are seizing the attention through protests, vandalism, cardboard signs and spray paint to get their message out. Their goal is to embarrass Canada on the global stage and get the thing they want most...a hand out.
  12. VANOC and Vancouver really need to step up their efforts to secure future events and drown out the protest noise. This city has a lot of hippie dippie idiots who think destruction of property is some legitimate sort of free speech. Vandalism is just that...vandalism, a disrespectful way to "express" yourself. I think VANOC might want to consider holding future events such as the clock ceremony in less open, more controlled spaces. And if not, then they should make lots more noise and pump up crowds to drown out the nimby's. If I was a VANOC official at the clock countdown, I would have started a crowd chant of "20-10" or "Go Canada Go" like in a pep rally. Instead, they stood there and let the politicos yammer on and the protesters rave on about whatever. This is a shame. Let's not let it be a sham.
  13. There was. I saw it yesterday. Maybe the Bay has it on sale?
  14. It looks cool at night because it gives off that icy blue. I think they did a good job on the clock. The ceremony was a bit dull...too many politicians yammering on, the boring dances and the protesters...but the clock works for me. I like the wood...I've been looking for bedroom furniture with that pattern. LOL. I think we see more hints of what is to come for the torch, cauldron and medals in the design here. Interesting. The protesters, though, are a bunch of losers. They want handouts and a free ride. I work hard for what I have achieved so thus I have no empathy for whiney ass protests about things that are positive.
  15. I saw part of it on my way into work the other day! The workers flipped the curtain back a bit and I saw a white metal base. Ha ha
  16. Again, I think people are confusing the opening ceremony with a rock or pop concert. The purpose isn't to entertain, the purpose is to interpret the story of the host region/nation through cultural displays that include things such as dance, art, theatre, technology and, yes, music.
  17. An obvious automatic reply. They clearly only want to deal with professionals and not the general public.
  18. I don't think the 2 hours includes the parade. You cannot exactly "executive produce" the parade in that it cannot be written or choreographed.
  19. I've never believed the Ring of Fire would see the light of day - too costly and impractical. Plus, it would just look bad with global warming and all. Frankly, I think it is better for something simple, elegant and understated...like Barcelona, Sydney or Nagano did. The method of lighting is usually the big ta-da! moment. The flame will likely be inside BCPlace Stadium because that is the IOC's requirement and that is where all ceremonies - opening, closing and nightly celebrations - will happen. Although, I do like the idea of a second flame afloat in False Creek - bit different and a reminder of the Centennial Flame in Ottawa (fire burning on water). The Harbour Centre tower is just not cool enough to do the job. As for the torch, I hope for something light, simple and elegant too. So far, VANOC has steered clear of a lot of BC First Nations art (particularly Haida) in its branding. I expect that to stay the same.
  20. This festival is always short on cash. Blaming VANOC is kind of cheap. Most of the VANOC sponsors are national or international and none of the Celebration of Light sponsors are involved with VANOC. It won't "move" to another city. Its a local festival that attracts local people. If Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer for that matter want their own fireworks show, then just go and put it on.
  21. Expos are full of structures that aren't meant to last as long as this one did. Some things do, like the Space Needle, Eiffle Tower and Science World. But what about Crystal Palace, the Sunsphere and Terre des Hommes?
  22. Well, to be fair, Plaza of Nations was only designed for a temporary world exposition held over the summer months some 21 years ago. Even the Eiffle Tower was originally slated for a short life.
  23. Yes, it will be made into Mexican blankets.
  24. Yeah, just a trip to the North. VANOC hasn't even hired a Torch Relay Manager. Don't expect to see the route until late 2008 or early 2009.
  25. Yeah, but weather is what it is - hard to predict. The other year the worry was there'd be no snow and this year we've got lots of snow. Montreal, Athens now Vancouver....maybe the Olympic Gods just don't like roofs.
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