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  1. All those quirky speeches Samaranch made and Rogge can't live down one word?
  2. Nah, I think Izzy has more in common with Ilanaaq than Avrilinaaq. Both got roasted almost as soon as they appeared where as the Sk8er grrl from Napanee got a lot of good reviews when she first appeared. OK, someone needs to put a tie, wrist bands and straight long hair on Ilanaaq.
  3. So Atlanta missed out by not sending New Kids on the Block to the Barcelona closing in 1992.
  4. Does someone have to be world famous in order to perform at the Olympics? Hardly...the ceremonies of Games past are filled with non-famous people. I think this marks the first time a hand-over ceremony featured a celebrity. Anne Murray is the original Canadian Idol.
  5. I think Anne Murray should sing "Snowbird". While I'm not jazzed about Avril just yet, I am glad it isn't Celine, Shania or Bryan Adams. Now, they only have about 10 minutes and a whole stadium to fill. That means that they won't have more than one celeb with Avril, but there will no doubt be dancing or some other kind of performance. But what will Avril sing? Her style isn't the typical "Olympicy" stuff like "Power of the Dream" or "Reach" or "Friends for Life" or "One Moment in Time". She's somewhere between the harder edge of pop and the softer edge of rock (kind of like Ilanaaq's soft rounded corners ). I assume something new? Given that it is Avril and her style is what it is, I kind of imagine something energetic, sporty but kind of odd. Like hockey players and snowboarders doing choreographed moves and icons of Canada floating by. Oh look, its Avril on the CN Tower...oh, there she goes to the Rockies now. Lookie there, now she's at the Peggy's Cove lighthouse...now she's in an igloo, building an inukshuk. Where will Avril be next? Both Avril L. and Andrea B. will be performing at the Closing and both were in the Celebrate Humanity ad campaign. It just better not suck.
  6. Avril would be a poor choice to perform 'O Canada'. In fact, I don't think it should be a pop singer at all...it sounds better as a choral production. And as for the Olympic Anthem...I nominate Measha Brueggergosman.
  7. And that is the thing…Avril isn’t overly talented, she’s just popular. Her songs and style is rough and she’s kind of awkward. I admit I liked “Complicated” but it wasn’t deep, just pop. It is just seems more American than Canadian. I fear that once again, the chance to present something that is uniquely Canadian is squandered by something that could easily be American.
  8. Avril Lavinge will headline the performance. VANOC release Seriously...this is our culture?????
  9. Don't you kids hate it when the confines of reality get in the way?
  10. They will probably practice in Vancouver and then do a final practice the day before or day of in Torino. There is no need for them to spend weeks in Torino for a 6-8 minute segment.
  11. All that has been done before and much of it in Calgary and in Montreal. We need inflated beavers on toboggans just to make Canucks as angry as the Aussies when they saw 'roos on bikes in Atlanta.
  12. The theme will probably be about Canada as a whole and not just Vancouver specifically.
  13. Some of the previous work of some of the members of the creative team... Jillian Keiley Jacques Lemay
  14. Judging by this press release, it appears that they are going to produce something more spectacular and visually appealing than the feared dancing beavers and mounties. And it will be pan-Canadian. Good start!
  15. Canada's program to be number 1 at the 2010 Olympics has a new head (Roger Jackson) and a new logo. News Release with new Logo I can't post the logo because of VANOC's trade-mark laws, but it is basically three maple leaves in gold, silver & bronze with the old 2010 bid logo font.
  16. I don't like the Legacies logo. Looks like Ilanaaq doing yoga. Or a Microsoft butterfly being chased by a shark.
  17. Legacies Now unveiled its new logo on June 14, 2005.... Story of the logo
  18. This is not a design contest, it is a contest to do work. An expression of interest to submit work not actually do the work. This is perhaps what VANOC should have done in retrospect. They cannot use the bid logo. But below is a proposed mark for the bid that didn't make it...maybe this is an idea.
  19. 2010 LegaciesNow - which will manage the sport, cultural and social legacies of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games - is seeking a new logo. See attached: 2010 Legacies Now Invitation for new Logo Design They used the bid logo because they were part of the bid, but will not be using Ilanaaq. So they are seeking a professional firm or designer to come up with a logo.
  20. I'd worry more about rabid beavers knawing the wood than termites.
  21. Architecturally, the building isn't that fascinating and it won't become an icon for the city. But what I really like about it is the fact that the building will almost disappear into the landscape of the waterfront. The focus won't be on the building but on the best feature of that location - the views looking north and west to the Mountains, the Ocean and Stanley Park. I used to work for a company located in an office tower in that area and the views from my office were stunning. The only thing I miss about that place were the views from my office on a bright sunny day. As long as the interior works and flows well, there are things to do and the views are sustained, that's all conference planners will care about anyway.
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