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  1. Hmmmm. Don't Brits normally say "British"? "English" sounds so, I dunno, 18th century...

    Tony E, this is a rhetorical remark. NO NEED for you to reply.

    Of all the Brits I've met, very few identify themselves first as British - Welsh, Scottish, English - they all proudly flaunt their red dragons, thistles and roses first. Then the Union Flag and Queen.

    Compared to other countries, a Canadian overseas likely wouldn't self describe as a Albertan or Ontarian, just as an American wouldn't self describe as a Californian or Minnesotan...except maybe the Quebecois and Texans.

  2. Why can't you see that this isn't a 'partnership' of equals.

    Think of it this way...Uruguay is to Argentina as Scotland is to England or Canada is the USA or Austria is to Germany about 1/10th the size.

    So imagine an Austrian/German World Cup where Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Linz host, but Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Dortmund are denied.

    To pull off the 2030 bid, Uruguay and Argentina need each other. Uruguay needs Argentina's wealth of larger cities and stadia and Argentina needs Uruguay's centennial draw. Argentina could possibly pull it off alone, but aligning with Uruguay is a marketing move to improve their chances.

  3. While Uruguay is one of South America's more successful countries, it is just too small to be a 50/50 equal partner in such a bid. Argentina's population and economy are both roughly 10 times larger than Uruguay's. The population and economy of the city of Buenos Aires alone is larger than the entire country of Uruguay. And again, Uruguay has only one large city. Montevideo. All the others are under 100,000 people. Punta del Este is primarily a resort town with only a few thousand permanent residents. These are not the ingredients for a a 50/50 co-host situation.

    I think at best, Uruguay could get 3 maybe 4 sites. Two in Montevideo. Possibly one in a city like Salto or maybe another in a city like Colonia, Rivera, or somewhere else. But they would have to constructed in a sustainable way.

    Most of the matches would likely end up in the more numerous larger cities of Argentina, many of which already have existing stadiums of adequate size.

  4. Oh, I appreciate the idea. After all, this is just for fun, right? I tried to come up with a concept myself and couldn't. One reason is because I'm no designer. The other is that I wanted to do something that said Toronto but was really different - no maple leaf snowflake made out of Ts and Os! But every doodle ended up being a maple leaf snowflake made out Ts and Os. LOL! :D

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  5. I think the quality of submissions for this contest is just fine. If there are problems, it is the subject...a Winter Olympics in Toronto just would never happen. Putting in some of the typical winter imagery like mountains is laughable considering there are no really big mountains to be found in the entire province of Ontario. And if the elements present seem a bit repetitive, consider that Toronto itself has used maple leafs and Ts in much of its own sports branding (their 1996 and 2008 Olympic bids, their beloved Maple Leafs, the 2015 PanAms, the Blue Jays and Toronto FC).

    Good luck to all!

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  6. But Japan didn't win because of a natural disaster...they won in spite of it. Japan's economy is massive. The third largest in the world. And almost 25 times larger than the Philippines. Japan is also a successful Olympic country, often in the top 10, and several top 3 performances. The Philippines would have to work on a much longer term plan if they ever want to host the Olympic Games. They don't even have a decent stadium.

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  7. I know there were some dirty tricks pulled to get this and dirtier tricks to try and make it happen, but eight years or so until it is supposed to go down, I just can't help feeling that FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is not going to happen. We all remember FIFA World Cup 1986 Columbia...Mexico? I may have to eat my words later, but this is just how I feel.

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  8. ...not to mention the nation's somewhat poor sporting/Olympic record.

    Somewhat? I think it fair to say their record is out and out terrible. They field small teams, fewer than 20 athletes in the past few Olympiads. And the country hasn't won an Olympic medal since 1996, has never won a gold, and their best showing was 3 bronze at Los Angeles...in 1932!

    Please don't take that as an attack on the country. I have nothing against the Philippines. But stats are stats. With such small teams and very few medal achievements, the country has a long, long, long way to go before it can even flirt with the idea of hosting the Olympic Games.

  9. But there is only one city in Uruguay with a population over a million - Montevideo. All the others are 100,000 or less. The whole country has less than 3.5 million. Argentina has over 40 million. They aren't really equal partners. Now...how would it be to throw Chile into the mix? Probably complicated, but still, that would add a large city like Santiago and then a few near-million cities. Anyway...just a thought.

  10. While the idea of returning to Montevideo is charming (because the first World Cup was essentially the Montevideo World Cup), I think too much emphasis is put on the 2030 Argentina-Uruguay Centennial bid. In the end, these anniversaries are not all that important. Personally, I'd favour the 2030 World Cup in England. Hopefully by that time, FIFA will have cleaned up its act and learned its lesson - although it may take an exhausting run through Qatar to do that.

  11. I don't doubt that Qataris are utterly and absolutely football crazy. Their bid was f*cking crazy. Their victory was f*cking crazy. And FIFA was f*cking crazy to pick them.

    And if something crazy happened to their economy between now and 2022, we'll just see how crazy the 1.75 million residents there who aren't citizens would be at scoring a ticket out of town.

  12. As it sits now, bidding for WC2026 is likely the best shot Canada will ever have at hosting the World Cup. All the other really great WC options are either not allowed to bid under current rules, too burned by the Qatari sun to try again, or just plain p!ssed off at FIFA.

    There have been a lot of new stadiums or reconstructed ones of late.

    But even if Canada wins the bid and then gets knocked out early, it doesn't matter so much. We have so many ex-pats, immigrants and first generation Canadians in our big cities that they'd likely be cheering just as loudly (if not more so) for Brazil, England, Croatia or Korea. The seats will be filled. Even in Regina.

  13. You can love and support any bid you want. But you also have to measure it against reality. Personally, I was a fan of the Istanbul 2020 bid. I love the city and thought they would make an exotic host. But I knew in my heart that Tokyo was a very strong candidate. In the end, Tokyo essentially creamed Madrid and Istanbul. Just like Rio creamed Madrid for 2016 and Beijing creamed everyone for 2008. I also supported Paris for 2012, but expected it to be a close showdown with London. It was. But London won.

    And as a Vancouverite, I madly supported my city for the 2010 Winter Games. And I wanted us to cream the Salzburg bid. And we did. But almost lost to Pyeongchang in the process!

    The IOC is sometimes like the weather. An unexpected storm or blast of rain sweeps in. Sydney stealing Beijing's 2000 thunder by two votes. Chicago's early 2016 exit. A near first ballot 2010 upset by Pyeongchang. But they are also predictable. Beijing's thunderous return for a 2008 win. The London-Paris 2012 showdown. Borjomi failing to make the 2014 shortlist.

    But in this case, this bid is not likely to "Lviv Long and Prosper".

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  14. If Lviv's ceremonies stadium is their strongest attribute, then they are starting out pretty poor. The ceremonies stadium is the LEAST important venue for the Winter Olympics. They could host it in a field for all it matters, like Albertville and Lake Placid essentially did.

    Money isn't the only factor, but it is a pretty big one. The Olympics are champagne, Ferraris and Prada. But if all you can afford is beer, Toyotas and H&M, you'd better save your money.

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  15. The shortlist is really about whittling down the 'long' list. It is easier (and more logical) to do it on technical ability than anything else.

    To my knowledge, no host city has ever made an attempt to bid for the following Olympics. But I'm sure the IOC could tell them 'no thanks' or at least 'why don't you focus on what you've got going on there now" and that would end it.

    Unless of course they were the only city interested. But that's another situation all together.

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