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  1. Any future Australia Olympic Games is a discussion for the distant future, not near.

    The Sydney 2000 Olympics were spectacular Games. No doubt about that! But while Australia has a lot of sporting muscles to flex, the country has a small population and has already hosted 2 Olympics since WWII. There are going to be a lot more up and comers looking to host the Olympics (the Rios, Dohas, Bakus, Beijings, and Istanbuls of the world), a lot of past hosts interested in another go (the Berlins, Parises, Romes, Tokyos and Moscows of the world), a steady list of heavy hitters but never hosted wanting to change that status (the New Yorks, Torontos, Chicagos and Madrids) and all of Africa in the mix. That would push the reasoning for a third Australian Olympic Games much further down the path.

    Unless something happens in the world or Olympic movement that scares bidding cities off, I think you Aussies had better content yourself with fond memories of your magnificent 2000 Games, your spectacular landscape and your charming people.

  2. A friend of my aunt does not like the Olympic Games because she consideres them a pagan ritual that do not pay proper honour to Jesus. Ummmm. OK. Not everyone is Christian. And not everyone in the world reads religion into everything. Sometimes a hill, a meadow and a sporting event are just a nice way to take in a beautiful day and celebrate life.

  3. They are probably finishing things now because 5 weeks is not a hell of a lot of time. Especially if you have to practice and test things. Plus the grass and plants are real. Vancouver's ceremonies team took ownership of BC Place Stadium in November of 2009. They had the benefit of a roof to cover things and a less elaborate stage than what London is preparing (but still, an elaborate enough stage when compared to cloth and sand coverings from previous years).

  4. Wasn't the "River of Fire" on Closing Ceremony night in 2000 just part of a line of a series of strategically placed fireworks barges that stretched from inner Sydney Harbour past the Bridge and up the Parramatta River to Olympic Park?

    I do remember there were a hell of a lot fireworks going off from many barges from Olympic Park right up the river and well into Sydney Harbour that memorable night after it all ended.

    For London's OC, will the Torch travel up the Thames to a waterway close to Olympic Park? (for Sydney, it travelled to near the Stadium on a 'rivercat' ferry)

    Oh, I meant the one for the millennium New Years Eve celebrations in London for Dec 31, 1999 - Jan 1, 2000: http://news.bbc.co.u...news/587071.stm

  5. I am also wondering about that giant ring on the roof, could this be the possible cauldron placement site?

    And if you look around the field, there are four other rings. My guess is the five will come together will form the Olympic rings. But I think this also proves that the roof can hold more than people think. It isn't a pup tent, after all.

  6. OH NO! I should have heeded that spoiler alert. I should just stop coming into this thread. This is very exciting! I still want and expect to be WOWED when I see the real show on TV. London 2012 seems have to found their way of outdoing Beijing is not through mass precisions, but through stage theatrics.

  7. So if Sir Paul is 'closing the opening', what do you suppose he will perform? An oldie or a new song? I think I would prefer an oldie or medley of oldies over a new song. Some of the specially composed songs for the Olympics have been a bit 'naff', as the Brits would say. I mean looking at say Vancouver 2010's opener, kd lang's rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' was a much more memorable performance than Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado's 'Bang the Drum'. Beatles songs like 'The Long and Winding Road', 'Hey Jude' and 'All You Need is Love' have some of that right Olympic tone. Plus, people know them and have a built-in emotional response to them. Just my two pence. ;)

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  8. Yes...the shining beacon atop a hill, calling the world's athletes to assemble in London.

    This changes everything! Could the cauldron perhaps rise out of the hill like where the tree is and then 'bloom' like a flower (think the opening of an umbrella but upside down) as it is lit?

    This was an art installation for the past few years in Vancouver (now gone) which I thought would have made an interesting cauldron design. But perhaps London might be looking at something similar? Not identical, but something tree like, without appearing like a Biblical burning bush.


  9. And is the 'moat' also the pathway for the athletes to march in?

    If it is water, I'm guessing it will be almost like a river. Flowing out from the raised portion and down around the green and out through the other end of the stadium. But does that part slant down toward the center of the stadium or slant down toward the stadium exit?

    My guess is that the stadium floor opens up, breaks apart and bits of green fields are moved to the sides of the stadium floor so that some performances can happen in the center of the stadium and the athletes have a place to assemble after they march in. The Tor and the Belfry (for lack of better term) could make ideal stages for musical performers, the speeches, the Queen's opening, or even the lighting of the flame. Oh...the possibilities!

  10. I'm going to guess they released this early because with all the planting and landscaping they'll be doing in the coming weeks, they just knew it would be impossible to keep this a secret with all those prying eyes and helicopters flying about. This is quite unlike previous stadium floors that were either just grass (prior to the 1990s) or covered in a variety of materials. And unlike say BC Place, which had a domed roof, they won't be able to keep things covered up.

  11. I'll be honest...my very first reaction was negative. But as I read more about the story and the idea, WOW! This is so different than anything before or what I expected. Like Britain in a bottle.

    And for the first time since 1988, we're getting an opening ceremony with a grass covered stadium floor. ;)

    So many questions now pop into head. Only 40some days to go!

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