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  1. The current FIFA continental rotation policy will have almost immediate limitations and likely won't last much longer. It really favours 'New Frontiers' too much (which was its purpose), but I don't think it would be fair for places like England, Spain, Italy, and France wait decades and decades while much lesser football/soccer countries like Indonesia, Canada and Chad get to host.

    I would love to see England host the WC in 2026 or 2030.

  2. And I'm not saying that they CAN'T bid.

    I'm saying that they SHOULDN'T.

    Put that effort into creating a responsible, sustainable plan for improving the lives of the 40 million plus in the country. Not wasting it on trying to impress the 100 elite members of the IOC.

    You clearly don't understand the reality of Africa's problems. An Olympic bid should be the furthest thing from their minds.

  3. But you have to measure it with REASON. And those of us that think the idea to be impractical and bizarre have given ample reason why it isn't the best idea for Kenya.

    Even an Olympic bid costs a lot of money. Money that Kenya shouldn't be putting in to something that is going to fail spectacularly. It is OK to dream. And it is OK to chase those dreams when you have the resources. But you have to be pragmatic. And Africa has bigger fish to fry...google 'Africa's problems'...you might discover a few shockers!

    Trying to hosting the Olympics is a lot like trying to compete in the Olympics. A couch potato who's never lifted a finger in his life shouldn't expect to beat Usain Bolt at the Rio de Janeiro Games.

    And yes. The Olympics are a global event. An elite sporting event of elite athletes from around the world, sponsored by the world's biggest and richest companies. It isn't a backyard picnic.

    Ugh....why am I bothering? Sure, let them bid and win and host. The Games will be an organizational nightmare. Nothing will be built. Sponsors will back out. Athletes will fear the conditions. The IOC will have to move the Games to Los Angeles in 2022. The country's economy will collapse, they'll fall into civil war, investors will be frightened off for decades...but g0ddammit, for one shining glorious moment in 2017, Africa will have celebrated an Olympic bid victory.


  4. No...everything I read said the Montreal Games were pretty well organized on that side of the equation. It just took a gargantuan effort to get them there.

    But for a city/country that was mostly impassioned to sports performed on ice, the idea of a velodrome was a strange concept.

    So imagine that in a country where people like the Maasai make houses out of cow dung.

  5. I have a long fascination with the Montreal Games. Many reasons for this fascination, but one of them has always been 'this is a wealthy country and Montreal was a city that hosted a wildly successful Expo just 9 years earlier...how did they muck up so much in 1976?' - so I've read a lot on the topic. Everyone knows the stories of the strikes, the mayor, the architect, the complexity of the stadium, the terrible economy of the 1970s, the the political situation in Quebec, and so one.

    But one of the most interesting assessments was that culturally, Canada was probably not yet ready for the Summer Olympics in the 1970s. Certainly, Montreal at that time was the country's largest city, vibrant and alive, had a brand new Metro, hosted one of the century's greatest World Fairs and was well known and well connected to the world. The fundamental infrastructure wasn't the problem.

    Primarily, the problem was that Canada was a country with only one true sports obsession - ice hockey. Sure, Canada a had clutch of Olympic medals from each Olympiad and across a variety of sport. But Olympic sports weren't deeply engrained into the Canadian psyche. That meant the Montreal '76 organizers would have to do everything from scratch - that included building a sporting culture so there would be the technical knowledge on hand to organize and execute the Games. That wasn't as simple as pouring concrete (which in Montreal's case, wasn't simple either).

    In the end, Montreal 1976 has mixed legacies. Canada gained vital Olympic experience and developed a greater passion for sports outside of hockey. But Montreal suffered crippling debt and a bruised reputation for decades to come.

    So the point here? If the wealthy, prosperous, well-developed city of Montreal with a sporting history that at least was home to one of the most legendary and successful franchises in professional sport wasn't truly ready to host the Olympic Games of 1976, how can a city with only the most basic of infrastructure, in a country with an economy only a fraction the size of Canada's, with a sporting legacy that really only comes in running and boxing (sports that don't really require expensive training venues) possibly be considered as a place to be selected in 5 years to organize and stage the most complicated sporting event on Earth 12 years from this very very very limited starting point?

    The answer is: 'IT CAN'T'.

  6. Yep, South Africa has problems. And some are serious enough for me to even question their ability to host the Olympics in the next 20 years.

    But...South Africa's economy is 10 times the size of Kenya's. Cities like Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are developed and wealthy and within Western standards. The 2010 World Cup also has the advantage of being a one sport event spread over 8 to 12 cities and a full month. That means only a single stadium is needed as a venue in each city.

    The Olympics require numerous venues, athletes housing, convention space, broadcasting facilities, thousands of hotel rooms, high quality entertainment, food, sanitation and transportation systems and they are concentrated in and around one city. It is a major, major, major undertaking that even some wealthy Western cities have doubts in their ability and capability to host.

    And you think dirt poor Nairobi can pull this all off in 12 years?

    Oh well...in the end, this will go nowhere.

  7. Think of the 30 years of debt Montreal faced. Think of the economic crisis ravaging Greece. Think of security needed to avoided another Munich Massacre. Think of the resources needed by the people of the country that would be deflected to organizing the Games. Think of the absolute complexity of hosting this utterly massive event.

    Giving a poor man a Rolls Royce is not the way to help a him learn how to drive.

  8. Yeah, I guess people in Kenya need luxury sports and temporary housing facilities for tennis and NBA millionaires before they need things like improving their overall condition. That 128 rank on the UN Human Development Index be damned!

    Anyway...this Olympic bid idea is a completely misguided set of priorities and not the way to help Kenya evolve and grow.

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