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  1. Leaking Barcelona's probably also served a purpose...to build suspense: Could they do it? Yes!

    Anyway, to keep it on topic...the location. Looking at the poll I created last week, it is pretty clear that we're all befuddled by this, although the plurality (27% as of this posting) think it will be outside the stadium, followed by the 20% who think it will be something all together unexpected.

  2. @mattperiolat - I think that's one of the essential questions. Yes, there will be a cauldron at the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Charter says something like the flame must be lit in front of the audience in the stadium, and visible outside, if possible. So do you suppose London will do a Vancouver with a ceremonial cauldron in the stadium and a permanent cauldron elsewhere? I had proposed the idea of a mobile cauldron a while back. This is possible. Vancouver's outdoor cauldron was very popular with the public, with thousands lining up to snap photos of themselves in front of it. They messed up with the hideous fence, but whether by design or by accident, they ended up with huge engagement. London organizers would have seen that and have commented on it.

  3. And as you said a few posts up...there's no news.

    Each cauldron is not only different in its design, but also in its 'purpose', as it were. The cauldrons for Los Angeles, Barcelona, Atlanta, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino were all visible before the Opening Ceremony, so they were sort of a goal post at the end of their respective torch relays. The Calgary, Sydney and Vancouver cauldrons were hidden away until their 'moment', shrouded in a bit of mystery.

    Clearly, LOCOG wants this to be a 'big reveal' so I don't think we are going to find out anything until that very last moment. Certainly, in an age of social media and wide spread speculation on the Internet, they are making the most of their 'moment' and the times they live in.

  4. OK, back on topic...

    What if that James Bond helicopter thing that was thrown about a while back is for the flame? Something crazy like that would require input from high ups like the PM.

    What are the plans for the torch relay on the day of the Opening Ceremony? For Vancouver, they ran it through the city and it ended at the Aboriginal Pavilion a few hours before the ceremony. The flame was then brought into BC Place Stadium for the big 'moment' several hours later.

    Maybe it will stop at Buckingham Palace and then be 'coptered in in daring fashion?

    Or Beckham kicking a flaming ball?

    From Buckingham to Beckham?

    Who knows? But this is a big mystery and anything farfetched wouldn't be all that farfetched at this time.

  5. The custom of "celebrities" carrying the Olympic flag is a rather new thing started with Salt Lake City and is basically a Winter Games thing. Salt Lake and Torino had international guests, whereas Vancouver went with famous Canadians. It gets a bit hokey after a while. Britain has a wealth of sports stars so I think they could and should keep with the tradition of former Olympians bringing in the flag. It has been 64 years since the Olympic flag and flame were heralded on British soil, so there are plenty to choose from.

  6. Oh, he's sooooooooo going to be the one to light this mystery cauldron. Maybe it is hidden in Posh's hair?

    I mean what kind of 'very clear role' could he play that would be more clear than that? Carrying the Olympic flag I guess, but that usually goes to former Olympians, members of the military/police, or for the Winter Games, a hodge podge of celebrities and I don't think they'd do that for the Summer Games, nor would he be one of 8. Accompanying the Queen into the Royal Box? Don't know. But when you consider that past flame lighters like Wayne Gretzky and Michel Platini (with very loose Olympic ties), or even the likes or Ron Clarke and Midori Ito (who didn't exactly excel during the Olympics) you have to take into account that celebrity racks up big points in that job.

    We'll see on the 27th when both the cauldron and its lighter are revealed.

  7. I was offered a part in the Vancouver Opening Ceremony, but had to drop out because the time commitment was too much for someone with a day job. But in my short period there, the people who giving of their time 1.) understood the requirements and 2.) were just so excited about being part of the show, it didn't matter to them that they weren't going to actually see it all. Besides, in this day of PVRs and YouTube, you'll get to see it all within an hour or two of the show ending. So I don't feel pity for them. They know what to expect and they are no doubt happy with their role.

  8. Gamesbids was known as TorontoSummerGames back in those days and mostly focused on Toronto's bid for the 2008 Olympics. Although only 12 years ago, the world of digital and social media was at its infancy, so there wasn't as much access to info like there is today.

    Besides, Sydney's cauldron was a completely different beast. A two parter, with the disc hidden in the stage. I do recall reading after those games that Cathy Freeman had to practice the lighting sequence at around 4:00 am to keep any prying eyes off her.

    So I don't think anyone in the general population knew what was going to happen until it actually happened.

  9. Out of curiosity, I took a look back at the Beijing 2008 forum and it looks like the first posting identifying the cauldron was on August 3, 2008...some 5 days before the Opening Ceremony. There are still 21 days before the Opening of the London Games so there's plenty of time for LOCOG to do almost anything. And 21 more days of us playing this insane guessing game. Wonder who will come closest to the truth? :)

  10. Careful with jokes like that. I know you are kidding, but remember TowerGuy/YellowVest and what happended to him.

    I'm not a fan of the Orbit either, but I take some comfort it will NOT be the site of the cauldron, just a monument to mayoral ego.

    Well, let me say right here and now...this was a joke. I will NOT be in London. I will NOT be carrying the Olympic torch. And I really don't wish the Orbit to be burned down, although I do think it is ugly and does not suit the Olympic Park. If it did in fact hold the Olympic Flame, I'd be the first one to choke. But since it would then look like the world's largest hookah, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one.

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