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  1. For me the first Games were LA 84, but I'd say that the 'distant' Games are LA 32 and earlier. There's so much documented about the Berlin Games because of the historic association with Nazi Era and the Games after WW2 benefit from the increased size and importance of the Games plus more film footage. The Games of Munich and Montreal were sort of an 'end of an era' Games as we moved from the Games of simple ceremonies/traditions toward bigger things like technology, sport science, grander architecture and more political intrigue and impact. And then from Moscow 1980 onward they just seem to get bigger, grander with more pomp and broadcast. There are certainly moments and athletes from the pre-Berlin era that stand out - the first Games in Athens, Jim Thorpe in Stockholm and the Chariots of Fire inspiring Paris Games of 1924 - but they do have less influence on today's Games.

  2. A sad Games because of the massacre, but other than security, so much of what Munich organizers did was quite right. The logo, branding, stadium, venues and ceremonies were quite innovative and stand the test of time. OK, maybe those ceremonies today would be called boring by comparison to the increasingly grander extravaganzas post-Moscow 1980, but they had great timing/flow and fitting music for the time.

    I do believe that Munich will become the first city to host both Summer and Winter Games - and if in 2022, it would be on the 50th anniversary year.

    And maybe once more Team Canada could bring back the Bavarian Pimp look.

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  3. China, Korea and Japan are the sports leaders in the region, but a lot of Asian countries will have to work on their Olympic performance to get up to snuff. In 23 Olympiads, India is still only 4 medals ahead of what Michael Phelps has. Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Indonesia and Azerbaijan are all ahead of India on overall medal counts, but most of them would have too many issues to overcome to land the Games, although Tehran did contemplate a bid for 1984, but that was before the Islamic Revolution.

  4. Japan hosted the first Olympic Games in Asia with Tokyo 1964 (after resigning the 1940 Games due to the war). And Tokyo is again a candidate for the Summer Games of 2020.

    Korea then hosted with Seoul 1988.

    And China had its turn with Beijing 2008.

    Japan broke the Olympic Winter Games Asian frontier with Sapporo 1972 (although, again having resigned the 1940 Winter Games due to war), hosted again with Nagano 1998. And Korea will follow with the third in PyeongChang 2018

    What other 'new frontier' Asian city/country could you see realistically hosting the Olympics in the not-too-distant future?

    Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were non-finalized applicants for the 2008 Summer Games and Doha, Qatar and Baku, Azerbaijan were non-finalized applicants for the Summer Games of 2016 and 2020. Harbin, China was a non-finalized applicant for the 2010 Winter Games and Almaty, Kazakhstan and Borjomi, Georgia were non-finalized applicants for the 2014 Winter Games.

    Istanbul, Turkey is a current candidate for 2020 and previous applicant and candidate for the Summer Games between 2000-2012. And Sochi, Russia will host the 2014 Winter Games. But both cities are on the frontiers of Europe, so that's up for for debate as to how fully 'Asian' or 'European' they are. So let's consider it holistically, and ponder what other realistic Olympic host options there are in the world's most expansive and most populous continent.

  5. It could even be longer than 60 years before the Games logically make a return to the UK. In the 64 years between London 1948 and London 2012, the Olympics were hosted in 6 different European cities and countries. Europe has a lot of cities and a lot of countries and while not all of them are monster global cities, there are a lot of them with great resources and infrastructure. So the next 6 or 7 times the Games come back to Europe might not necessarily favour the UK.

  6. I would be very mixed on a third LA Games. I still remember 1984, they were my first Summer Games and they were the ones that made me fall in love with the Olympics. But life is short and the Games are rare so if I'm allowed to live another 30-40 years, I'd rather see the Games in other places. Although, that said, the LA stadium just has 'Olympic' written all over it (and not just in block letters). The peristyle is such a classic design element and it looked wonderful in photos from both 1932 and 1984.

  7. It's London. They don't do things like other cities. It's different. London doesn't copy; it is copied. If you want cliché, watch the last 4 CCs. They're all so similar in their nature, I get confused which is which!

    OK...that's the one thing that always irked me about the London Games. This kind of attitude that only London could do this right and that everyone else that did it was a sad imitation or a failure. Have some respect for the efforts of other past hosts. Everyone does it their way and if you truly appreciate and love the Olympic Games, then you'll get that. That's what makes the Games so great. There's no one way of doing it. And calling everyone else 'boring' and 'bland' is terribly arrogant and disrespectful (wasn't another city accused of this?) to the wonderful people, cities and Olympics of the past.

  8. Fair enough. Really, these kinds of zany bids just come down to a few people with a dream. They never materialize into much. OK, maybe once Billy Payne had his come true. But when the people in Tulsa, Nairobi and Hobart start to get down to the real business of an Olympic bid, they'll soon realize they don't have the resources to do it.

  9. Atlanta won 1996 because the IOC didn't quite have the faith in Athens to pull it off. It was all about surviving the first couple of rounds. Athens, Toronto, Melbourne and Atlanta were all really close to each other in that second round and I'd say the last three were pretty much on even ground (New World cities against ancient Athens). A couple of votes swinging in one direction or the other could have put the Games in Canada or Australia. But the US hosted successful Games in Los Angeles, and that among other things, helped push the momentum toward Atlanta.

    As for Tulsa. It isn't even the premier city in Oklahoma. How could it ever hope to beat out the international competition? Did we celebrate Lille 2004? Seville 2008? Leipzig 2012? They always point to Atlanta as their precedent, but the real precedents are that the big name cities win.

  10. I've been on Gamesbids for years and years and years and heard all the arguments for and against almost any city in the United States. And in my time here, I would conclude that there are four cities that come out consistently on top as places that have the appeal, resources, infrastructure, ability, and international stature to host the Summer Games.

    They are:

    New York.


    Los Angeles.

    San Francisco.

    If any one of them told the USOC they wanted to bid for the Olympics, all the Tulsas, Cincinnatis, Clevelands and Pittsburghs of this world would be pushed aside in a New York minute.

  11. John Lennon was the Cycladic Head of the London Games.

    I've heard some people complain that some acts were not included. Did you want a 7 hour concert ceremony of every single British musician in history? They have about 2 hours to fill and they have to deal with a lot of egos and contracts and commitments to get everyone there. Yeah, there was no Coldplay and no Rolling Stones. But maybe they didn't want to play.

    London's closer was a damn sight better than that **** show those Aussies put on in Vancouver. Bad jokes and Nickleback and Avril singing about unhappy endings?

  12. I have a collection of 'crap in a box' that I collected in the 10 years of living through the Vancouver 2010 Games (from bid to closing ceremony). I was thinking a scrapbook would be a good idea to keep the stuff in one place and free up the space that takes in my storage area. But I'm neither crafty nor patient. I might try and find a friend who enjoys that sort of stuff to take it on, but I'd be curious to know what your experience with it is to get some ideas and such.

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