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  1. Or it may have simply been that there are 205 (or even more) stems in place, just in case an extra country or NOC popped up (or dropped out). My god...imagine if there had been a boycott!
  2. Ah...a missing petal = Cauldron FAIL. LOL. Welcome back to the Commonwealth, UK.
  3. Nice pics of the pre-show work! The petals almost look like Hershey's Kisses.
  4. The Greeks will probably tell them to keep their cauldron piece, give them back the Acropolis marbles. Ooops. Did I go there? LOL They could just run them through a dishwasher or something. But will this cauldron be used during the Paralympics? If so, then the NOCs won't get their piece for a while. Unless they have specially made ones for the Paralympics, which I believe, attract a smaller number of NPC delegations.
  5. I always watch the Canadian TV coverage for the sports for obvious reasons (I'm Canadian...LOL!) But I also watch Canadian coverage for the ceremonies because they are live (get to see it as it happens) and are a good preview of what to expect/cheer for Canada. Then I watch NBC's coverage a few hours later. The commentary wasn't as awful as it has been in the past, but they certainly do cut out a lot - 'Abide by Me' and the Oaths, for example. I don't know what the US viewers can do to get 'better service'. Was ABC better back in the day? Was a different time then, of course. But imagine if
  6. Nah...I think the upper bowl is far enough away for that to not be a concern. Yeah, I imagine a low lying stage at about ground level in that central gateway where the flame entered. Ha ha! Well, at least one piece will get to stay in London. But who takes home the petal for the 'Independent Olympic Athletes'?
  7. But will it be on that bell stage or on the ground level pathway below it?
  8. I can understand the disappointment. Vancouver's flame was very accessible (despite the ugly fence). But nearly everyone who came here in 2010 has a photo of themselves with the Olympic flame behind them. A video screen? Cop out. Look, it is a nice design, but it was clearly over-thought by the designers and organizers. I don't think NOCs are itching to bring home a piece of copper...they want gold, silver and bronze. But the millions in London right now are looking to bring back their piece of it. I'm glad it isn't on a high tower, however. But still, I can see the desire of people in Londo
  9. Here's an article from the BBC about the 7 who lit the flame: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19024475
  10. OK...I'll try... Summer: 84 - Rafer Johnson 88 - Three Korean youths representing sport, art and academics 92 - Rebollo (sp?), the Paralympic archer 96 - Ali 00 - Cathy Freeman 04 - Kakalmanakis (sp???), Greek sailing gold medalist 08 - Li, the gymnast Winter: 84 - A girl...figure skater, think she competed at those games 88 - Robyn Perry, a future Olympian (well, she was called that at the time) 92 - Platini (sp?) and a little boy 94 - The Crown Prince of Norway 98 - Midori Ito 02 - The Miracle on Ice team 06 - Ummm, that Italian skier girl who won all those medals 10 - Gretz
  11. Easy. If you have gas spewing out of 200+ vents, they'll catch fire quickly.
  12. But most countries have some sort of an Olympic museum or sports hall of fame. They could easily go there. Or stay in the NOC headquarters. Or be given as a trophy to their most celebrated athlete of the London Games.
  13. Well, it does kinda look like the World Series baseball trophy made out of golf clubs, but I think it works. After the Games, it would make a spanking chandelier.
  14. Wow. It was a beautiful moment. I'm going back to my original guess that it will be a moveable cauldron, appearing in different locations around London. It can't stay there in the centre of the stadium as there will be competitions there. We'll see.
  15. I almost feel like it will be shaped like a pine cone or a spiky flower.
  16. Are the 'petal children' lining the Tor? Or are those just the flag bearers?
  17. Yep...I have to agree! I bet THAT'S why we have had no idea what it will look like or where it will go.
  18. *BREAKING NEWS* I will be able to tell you with absolutely no doubts where the cauldron is located, what it looks like, and the method of lighting! I'll just have to wait 6 or 7 more hours for my source to confirm it.
  19. And London 1948. Helsinki 1952 kinda - depends on what you consider their cauldron...the bowl on the floor or the vent on the tower.
  20. Given that the sun will rise in London at 5:15 am, it just might be the break of day...but I guess since the flame came from the rays of the sun, you could say it is cauldron related.
  21. There are some 10000 athletes. Where and how can you seat them? That's why it has never been done (in the Summer Games) before.
  22. I think daveb81 has an excellent scenario. As for the 'strange disc', could that be the stage for the speeches and oath? Or maybe a live performance like Sir Paul? Did they practice that part?
  23. Or it could be a video introduction? The torch whipping through and sparking up famous London landmarks and then arriving in the stadium.
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