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  1. Consider none have have ever bid, I think we're talking more later (if ever).
  2. So I guess you know better than the New Zealand Olympic Committee? If they say they can't, then they can't...by self elimination.
  3. I do have great respect for creative people, but sometimes they just talk out their backsides because they like the sound of their voice coming from there and it makes them feel special that they can do that and get away with it. So credit their creativity, but don't pay much heed to everything they say.
  4. Oh...didn't realize how close a 9 looks like a 5 when you are reading too fast. Well, the plan then was simple. Lose the bid to Atlanta. LOL!
  5. Because that was 1956 and this is 2012. The Melbourne Games were also held in November/December. I still think this is a pipe dream. There are about 200 other countries that haven't hosted the Olympics since 2000. And a lot of them are interested.
  6. ^ To answer some of your questions... 2010 - still on the waterfront, where I assume it will always be. Now part of a fountain and re-lit from time to time. And still a popular tourist attraction. 2008 - now on display on the grounds near the Birds Nest. 2004 - still part of the stadium. 1996 - the cauldron and tower are in a parking lot just off Turner Field (the former Olympic Stadium). 1992 - the Barcelona cauldron is still attached to the stadium at Montjuic. Albertville's is in a park where the stadium used to be. 1988 - I believe that Calgary's is inside the stadium just to the sid
  7. The Sydney Games were wonderful. But they were only 12 years ago. Let's go somewhere new or somewhere where we haven't been in a while.
  8. But isn't that misleading? It isn't like the people in the stadium in London watched the Olympic Flame flicker out then watched a half hour lame sitcom and then got a performance from The Who. I did catch the end of the Seattle NBC coverage here, and they did cut up the ceremony quite a bit, although they did broadcast the Brazilian anthem, which CTV cut.
  9. Just put a torch in Christo Redentor's hands, then everyone in Rio can see it.
  10. London's hangover ceremony...LOL! That's coming on Monday. But it isn't out of the norm that they only get a part of the stadium floor. London only had a small corner in the Birds Nest. Barcelona only had a small section of the track in Seoul. And Athens only had the central stage in Sydney.
  11. Brazil has one of the world's largest populations, one of its fastest growing economies, and in a few days, it will receive the Olympic flag from the Great Britain as host of the next Olympic Games. So looking ahead through the next four years how will they fare on the podium at the Rio 2016 Games and what is the country doing to ensure they have a stellar performance on the medal table? We always see a host boost in medals - Spain almost matched their all-time medal haul to date at the 1992 Barcelona Games; Australia jumped up into the Top 10 for several Games in the build up and as a legacy
  12. I think this is another Olympic pipe dream. I've never been to NZ but would love to visit someday. But I don't ever think that will be for an Olympic Games. Winter Games? No. The 'out of whack' season mixed with a relatively small audience and small winter sport participation make this a very difficult sell. Summer Games? No. The Games are gargantuan and NZ's total national population is smaller than a number of cities that have hosted recent Games. And in light of what happened with Athens and Greece, I just don't think small countries can afford or will want to have to manage the costs or
  13. Don't think this was posted yet...but a story on Rio's handover: http://www.rio2016.com/en/news/news/handover-of-the-olympic-flag-more-than-200-performers-rehearse-for-sunday-s-big-party
  14. Seeing some of the great use of temporary venues in London, with backdrops on castles and palaces (the beach volleyball and equestrian venues, for example), it just makes me long to see some of those great ideas Paris had in their 2012 bid to contest sports at some of their famous landmarks. I hope it happens some day.
  15. Still plenty of time ahead, but at this midpoint in the Games, I think Germany, Japan, Russia, Hungary and Australia might be tempted to go away from London 2012 and say 'WTF'. However, France, Britain, and Korea will be dancing in the streets. But I also think that Brazil had better invest some reals into sport. Or else they'll risk joining the goldless ranks of Canada a la Montreal 1976.
  16. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here is a quick video on the engineering of the London cauldron:
  17. There was a great close up shot tonight of the cauldron in the empty stadium with the LED lights all on doing kind of a moving TV test pattern display.
  18. Was watching some of the athletics competitions just now. Just feels like there is no flame. I guess they were so obsessed with their 'moment' of lighting the flame that they forgot about the other 25,000 other moments after it.
  19. That's just the angle of the photograph. That angle has happened in many past Olympics.
  20. I think that Rio, being a colourful, flamboyant city, and representing the first Olympic hosting for South America, will likely go big.
  21. Do you think it will be back at the centre of the stadium for the closing ceremony?
  22. I didn't expect this cauldron to be on a high tower, but I can understand the great disappointment this is to Olympic fans in London. This is the age of social media, digital cameras, and mobile devices. People connect differently and are more engaged with these kinds of events than ever before. You can't say "This is for everyone" and then turn around and say "This isn't a tourist attraction" as you lock up and isolate the most vivid symbol of the Olympic games for a whole week. Yes, the Olympics are about sport. But for the people in London, they are also about the celebration. In Vancouv
  23. Looks like it is in the gateway below where the bell was hung. Hmmm. A bit sad looking.
  24. They always keep a miner's lamp, just in case. In 1976, a sudden downpour extinguished the Montreal flame. It was briefly re-lit with a cigarette lighter, then put out again and re-lit with the flame from the miner's lamp. I also believe that the flame often goes out during the relay - winds, rain, etc. That's why they keep the back-up.
  25. My cauldron is bigger than yours. Oh god, I'm tired of this bitchiness.
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