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  1. There was no way the entire 2010 Games were going to be relocated because of the snow problems at one venue. Whistler had lots of snow that year. Cypress didn't (well, they did in March, but that was too late). If the conditions got so horrible that Cypress had to be shut down completely, I'm sure they would have found an alternate venue for those events, but not a complete alternate host. Heck, I'm sure they could have even moved it up to Whistler, although probably without seating. The village was very busy during the Games, but the two mountains there were not so busy and they are HUGE and
  2. You have a point, but still, those people don't have the final authority in their respective countries. They can have influence, but they can't make executive decisions. And they can only do that if they chose to do so. Benedict XVI has chosen to leave the Papacy without an election kicking him out or a term limit imposed on him. He isn't likely to going to be behind the scenes pulling strings or intrigues in the Vatican. He resigned/retired because he no longer has the energy to do so and his health is declining. He may be asked for advice from time to time, but he isn't exactly going to be l
  3. People are making too much of a fuss about this. Truth is, he won't have much power or influence over the Church because he's probably dying. He just didn't want to be carted around in that "Weekend at Bernie's" fashion that John Paul II allowed himself to go through. There are ex-leaders all over the place. People aren't looking to George Bush or Tony Blair to resolve the issues of their respective countries because they are no longer in power. We all move on.
  4. Calgary did put in a domestic bid for the 2010 Games, but placed third behind Quebec City and the ultimate winner, Vancouver. I, too, am of the mind that Canada will not host the Winter Games for a minimum of 20 years after Vancouver. Calgary would be in good position to mount another bid as the city is prosperous, growing and has the legacy of 1988. While Canada is an emerged winter sports power with two previous Winter hostings and a national DNA that is embedded with snow and ice, the country doesn't really have a lot of options for hosting the Winter Olympics. Only Alberta and British Col
  5. I haven't read or viewed anything on this for a few hours, but I think we all need to just wait for more news and evidence to come to light before assessing the situation. But as was stated in today's National Post in Canada: It is somewhat of a statement about South Africa, too. I was there recently. Thought it was beautiful. But it is has some big problems and crime, poverty, and violence are all part of that mix. And there were moments I didn't feel 100% safe when I was there. So, for someone high profile who grew up there, I can see why Pistorius might be somewhat on edge and a bit 'tr
  6. Gays are removing wrestling, with their singlets and groping, but are keen on the skimpy shorts and tight bodies of women's beach volleyball? That's the second most ridiculous thing I've read this week. The most ridiculous is that wrestling could possibly be dropped from the Olympics. This sport that shows up on Ancient Greek vases practiced by college age boys on a completely amateur level is being removed from the Olympics, yet millionaires like Rafa Nadal and Tiger Woods are getting shots at Olympic glory. I know some will say the Olympics should be about 'the absolute best in sport' but
  7. True, the roster of sports for the Winter Games grew. Calgary was somewhat of a catalyst in that growth, though. Not much changed on the winter program between Innsbruck 1964 and Sarajevo 1984. But starting with Calgary, the Games were extended from 13 to 16 days with a half dozen or so events added each time after that. In the 22 years between Calgary 1988 and Vancouver 2010, the number of events and sports on the winter program practically doubled. Almost the same for the number of delegations and participants. Even Team Canada almost doubled in size between 1988 and 2010. And of course, the
  8. The South African Paralympic champion who inspired the world by his appearance in the 2012 London Olympic Games has been charged with killing his girlfriend. Early reports state he may have thought she was an intruder. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21455453#TWEET602054
  9. I don't think that Calgary 1988 is forgotten, but as said, it is just that Vancouver 2010 is more recent and for Canadians, it brought a lot of victories and we could share and experience those Games through social media. For Canadians, the one big victory we had in Calgary was Elizabeth Manley's surprise silver medal in women's figure skating. But without Calgary's excellent legacy, there wouldn't have been a Vancouver. Calgary eased the woes of Montreal and allowed us to invest more heavily in winter sport. Canada now had Olympic calibre ski jumps, sliding tracks, cross country ski trails, a
  10. While today marks the third year anniversary of the opening of the Vancouver Games, we're also just a day away from another Canadian Winter Olympic landmark anniversary. Wednesday, February 13 marks the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the XV Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. Global TV Coverage of Calgary '88 - 25th Anniversary These Games gave us The Battle of the Brians and the Battle of the Carmens. Eddie the Eagle and the Jamaican bobsled team. Alberto Tomba's triumph and Dan Jansen's tragedy. These were the last Winter Games of the Soviet Union and the DDR, the first in Canada, and th
  11. But in recent times, the sponsors want the logo available early so they can start building their marketing and promotions plans. Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio all released their new emblems about five years ahead of their respective games. I think that is fair. And it isn't like we brush aside an Olympics one year away for one five years away just because they released their logo. Most in the general population won't even know much about Pyeongchang until about late in 2017.
  12. This story is so fascinating! A 500+ year mystery solved and history nerds the world over (myself included) geeking out like mad. Now...I think it is time to test the two young skeletons they found in the Tower a few centuries ago. Find out if they were indeed Edward V and his brother Richard.
  13. Berlin 1936 Montreal 1976 Los Angeles 1984 Barcelona 1992 Sydney 2000 Athens 2004, Calgary 1988 and Lillehammer 1994 would be on the short list. I attended Vancouver 2010 and considered doing a road trip to Salt Lake 2002 but chickened out (and regret it).
  14. Well...the John Furlong story got a bit messier today. More allegations from past students and ex-wives... http://www.vancouversun.com/news/metro/John+Furlong+faces+explosive+allegations/7851722/story.html
  15. I didn't realize that a rich small city like Doha not being able to secure the Olympics was such a serious world issue. Thank you, Sarkozy for addressing this - the most crucial issue of our time! And that silly Tony Blair wasting his time on something as trivial as Palestine. Pffttt!
  16. Rio also has more favourable weather conditions, is the most recognizable city in the 5th most populous country in the world, which is also a growing economic power, and the city and country represented the Olympic ambitions of an entire continent. Tiny little Doha doesn't quite have that weight behind its punch. I'd also say that Rio's success has more in common with Beijing's success than Rio's failures had with Doha's failures.
  17. Right now, Istanbul is the leading candidate for that role. They only have their own bid and those of two other cities to get in their way. Beyond that, I think there are too many other issues in the region to seriously consider a Games there in the near future. And one of the biggest is the sporting tradition/legacy in the region. Pouring oil money into air conditioned stadia isn't going to solve that one.
  18. This could be very interesting. Poland is a few paces ahead of Ukraine as far as winter medal performance (14 medals in total, with 6 of those won in Vancouver). It seems both countries are beaming from their hosting of Euro 2012 and a bit hungry for more. By all accounts, I've heard Krakow is a wonderful and historic city. But I believe I've read that downhill events (the bane of many Olympic Winter host hopefuls) might have to be held across the border in Slovakia.
  19. I don't think the size of a ceremonies stadium is much of a factor anyway. The key issues would be Ukraine's rather weak winter sporting tradition (with 5 medals in 5 Winter Games, it would have the poorest medal record of a previous host since Yugoslavia hosted the 1984 Winter Games without ever having won a winter medal before hosting) and the size and quality of their downhill resort. I don't know much about the Carpathian Mountains so overall I think Lviv or any Ukraine bid is a dark horse.
  20. Olympic boycotts don't accomplish anything for those that boycott. Ask the 1976 African Olympians. They are just a footnote of history. Ask the 1980 US Olympic team. Many worked and sacrificed for years only to make the team and not go. Ask the 1984 Soviet bloc teams. All that training for nyet. But as for the Soviet athletes of 1980 and the US athletes of 1984...yep, the boycott was a hit. Hey, Canada certainly benefited from the 1984 boycott - 10 gold, 44 medals total. A long and sustained boycott of a product, company or service can make an impact, but refusing to take part in a two week
  21. But you know the cycle. The Olympics come to a close, we get the silly season of 'which athletes have you never met' and 'why Tulsa 2024 is the best bid ever', then we get the 'what ifs' and 'what nexts' and a number of threads about Minneapolis, Toronto and Paris, followed by a couple of competitions, and then the real bid season heats up and we're all focused on that. Although this bid cycle...not the most intense we've seen...so maybe we'll get a few more threads about 'which fictional athlete should light the Olympic cauldron' or 'which historic figure, living or dead, would make the best
  22. Shanghai makes sense as the next Chinese summer games. But I don't see it happening for about 30 years. There are other places to go. As for the winter games, not sure about China. Harbin seems the most 'logical' but the distance to the mountain resort is always going to be an issue. The city isn't the first to have this trouble and it won't be the last. In many respects, the winter games have greater limitations. They have outgrown the small resort towns but there aren't a lot of big cities nestled in snowcapped mountains and IOC can't allow too many Squaw Valleys and Sochis with a complete
  23. I guess they rejected my suggestion of "Your. Hot. Mess."
  24. The blue one looks like the new 2 World Trade Center in New York.
  25. I would like to see Montreal put in a Commonwealth bid. I know it is not likely to happen given the political and cultural climate in La Belle Province, but the city could easily pull it off. Well, maybe.
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