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  1. Who wrote their horrible supporting document? While it's bad form to start off by slagging the snow in Pyeongchang, it's kinda made worse by the fact they don't have a downhill mountain and are probably looking for help from past Winter Olympic hosts way out in Western Canada.

    I like Quebec City and think they would make a magical Winter Olympic host, but they have a lot to sort out. 

  2. So...Vancouver 2030 has a bid corporation set up, including support from Vancouver 2010 CEO John Furlong. They even have a logo. They still have to get support from City Hall, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and others, but the early machinery is coming into place to pursue a bid for Winter 2030. Though so far, none of the publicly named members or sponsors of the 2030 bid group appear to be heavy hitters within the community, other than Furlong, who seems to be mostly just providing vocal supporter in the press (and likely consulting advice).


    As a Vancouver resident and HUGE fan of the 2010 Games, I'm a bit torn. Yes, it would be fun to host again. But I feel it might be too soon. In Olympic cycles, 20 years isn't that long.



  3. Yeah, I think all these things are contributing factors to a much quieter forum. I was much more active before 2010, of course, because I was living in a (once) future Olympic host city and some of the competitions in that decade were heated affairs. Indeed, Olympic bidding from the 1992 Games onward to the 2020 Games was a pretty interesting time. But the next 10+ years look like a repeat of the 1970s and early 1980s.

  4. So what's going on with China? Their medal haul doesn't seem to be up to snuff with what it has been for the past few Olympiads. At this stage (Wednesday of the Week 2), they are only one medal ahead of Britain (51-50), who have clearly benefited from London 2012. And they are well behind Team USA. Just a bad year?


  5. Given the number of young, attractive, diverse, and athletic people that were chosen for the Almaty presentation videos, it is pretty clear that they are trying to shake off the unfortunate Borat brand that has been applied to Kazakhstan. Sure, adding SBC to the presentation might attract some entertainment press, a few frat boy giggles, and another question or two from Prince Albert, but I don't think the IOC would have appreciated it.

  6. This was a pretty stinky race. In the end, I was hoping for Almaty, but not wholeheartedly. Part of that was simply because I never felt that Beijing was truly deserving to be the first city to host both sets of games. It is just too soon after Summer 2008 and the city just doesn't strike me as a winter sports destination. I would have preferred Munich or Stockholm (or even Montreal or Helsinki) to have that honour because of the length between hosting, but it is not to be.

    I must also state that I have no qualms about a Winter Games in China. Just wish it could have been a city other than Beijing.

  7. Kinda mixed on this one. It had some really great moments, some really forgettable ones, and some just awful ones. The slow opening and the awkward cauldron lighting didn't start or end it well. The torch coming in early was a mistake (it just sat there seemingly pointless), but they way they brought it in was pretty amazing. The story felt weak and most of the show felt like it belonged in Cirque's Chapiteau, but the performers and performances in the middle sections take on their on were quite good. And then there were just other parts that felt clumsy or totally forgettable. This was not Olympic calibre, but for being a regional Games OC, it wasn't bad. You have to expect that. Example? Take a look at the ceremonies for LA '84 and Indy '87...no comparison!

    The cauldron lighting was completely anticlimactic. OK, the best part was the runner getting lost...twice! LOL! But why was it necessary to light it outside? Especially since it was a small cauldron to begin with? It just felt lacking.

    The arrival of the flags were also kind of awkward, but O Canada was great! If you took the entrance of the Canadian flag from Vancouver 2010, the dynamic vocal performance of Toronto 2015, and the orchestral interpretation from Montreal 1976, you'd have a near perfect presentation.

    Anyway, in the end...it was a decent show fitting to the occasion and definitely a patented Cirque show. Congrats Toronto...and good luck with the Games.

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  8. And lit in the morning. Should have been in the evening so people could get out an enjoy/relive it. But then again, it has been very rainy today. But good thing it was Vancouver 2010 and not Vancouver 2015...snow conditions this year are absolutely terrible.

    Anyway, great memories from five years ago. Feeling very nostalgic today.

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