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  1. I don't really know the full extent of what's going on here (anyone got a really simple summary of what's happened?) but it sounds like these are about contracts to the Tokyo committee? Rather than the IOC? So will it damage the Olympics in Japan or just the individuals on that committee and companies involved (I'm guessing Dentsu after the ceremony incident)? Between the revelations about the bid, the ceremony/Dentsu, and now this I'm surprised at how much corruption there seemingly was Hopefully Sapporo can distance themselves from all this, they would be ideal for 2030...
  2. Tbf I can totally see why GC 2018 don't want the closing ceremony to ever see the light of day again Literally the only part of that I've seen available is the Birmingham handover - either in full or, more prominently, just the flashmob, almost as if they know that was the only good bit I'd like to see the opening again in full though, they've got Glasgow's so I don't see why not.
  3. Could BOCOG simply purchase it, for whatever the market rate is for that they'd pay a firm from scratch? I can't imagine them getting anything better out of a competition/tender...
  4. Looks like some people want to get their logo-creative juices flowing... don't worry, there's not terribly long to wait. It feels like December comes along quicker every year... I am however under a contractual obligation to shut up about it for now
  5. They did that with the World Athletics Championships in 2019, and a) they still had to run the distance events at like 3am & b) even then, they ran into another big problem... almost nobody turned up.
  6. That just makes it look even more like a leek/soft launch. Would a non- official project be ready with that many applications? Whatever it is, I doubt Brisbane 2032 will find much better - if it's unofficial then BOCOG should get on to the designer and sign them up... just noticed the figure also forms a B32
  7. That looks very nice - and rather... official? That film really looks like an official launch film - I wonder if this is actually a leak? The only thing that's making me doubt whether it'll be the real thing is the use of Brisbane alone, would GC go for that? It looks like an update of Sydney 2000 too, nice touch.
  8. I assume it'd be called Rhein Ruhr 2036. It's not one city, but a lot of cities that are near each other (I think 14ish?) but at the same time it's nowhere near all of NRW. Plus as a non German, I'd say that Ruhr is quite a common shorthand for at least everything between Duisburg and Dortmund already. I read the 2032 website FAQ and they mention the stadium as a problem - but they mention the possibility of a new one as an athletics legacy, what with it being the biggest urban area in Germany - presumably a slightly bigger version of Alexander Stadium. That makes sense to me, a permanent 20-30k stadium - the nearest like that ATM is probably Amsterdam...
  9. Oh dear...tbf I do wonder how much of the IOC demands are IOC demands and how much are federation demands. What kind of sticks can one federation throw?! Athletics sounds very demanding, how many VIPs have they got and why does the president want a car at all? If I was president I'd be happy to use the U Bahn I don't see why swimming wanted nothing to do with it, although I assume whatever the reason is it's the same as athletics next time. In a way I guess the IOC would be easier to deal with because there's only one of it...
  10. Well true but tbf that's all the IOC really focus on. If they start genuinely giving a hoot about human rights and the environment, that really is a new agenda for them
  11. Time to see how cost conscious the IOC really is...
  12. I really hope they can get this sorted out to create a proper European continental games, ideally as said above by folding the Baku games, bringing athletics and aquatics into the Championships properly and bringing more sports options into their programme - maybe around 15-20 total like the Commonwealth. I do like the almost modular nature of the Championships though, good for host cities. Would be an ideal next step for Birmingham in the late 20s or early 30s before committing to a full on pursuit of the Olympics.
  13. Hmm...so is there a risk this will actually harden attitudes toward the IOC, by showing up many of their restrictions as unnecessary? I feel like Germany could really do with being the only bidder for an Olympics, so they can set some of the terms, would make the Olympics better for everyone if some of the rules got dumped. All the more reason to get yourselves into dialogue quickly! Edit - that is a truly terrible time to get a positive test, get well soon
  14. Is it fair to say though that although the athletics stadium is clearly a big problem to have, it's the only major infrastructure problem RR faces? PS it was lovely to see Munich shining in proper weather today. Perfect ending too with German gold in front of the full crowd. Hopefully it inspires Germany to finally get a bid over the line
  15. Isn't Berlin known for having a strongly "anti-everything" streak? I have a lot of sympathy with people there who fear gentrification, and Berlin going the way of parts of London with soaring house prices etc. But I suspect it means an Olympic bid in the Bach era wouldn't get very far there. (In any case when you've got a conurbation that looks tailor made to provide what the IOC say they want now...why would you go anywhere else?)
  16. Because that's in Berlin and we were talking about Rhine Ruhr... and that's a longer journey than it looks. Maybe the IOC would be ok with it... As for Oberhausen, that'd be a good place to use (isn't it right in Duisburg?) but the map on that Wiki page does show those waterways very close - could be difficult.
  17. Will be great to see it full, good luck to Mihambo Did some looking at the big teams and their stadiums in NRW, it looks like the original London plan is the best bet - any Manchester style converted stadium will be huge, and all the big teams that could fill a 70-80k have very good stadiums anyway. Only one that's getting on a bit is the Westfalenstadion but I really can't see Borussia moving.
  18. You have a big advantage over somewhere like London, as there's not really a need for a permanent major athletics stadium legacy with both Berlin and Munich around - so both the Manchester and Birmingham Commonwealth Games options are open. If there's a football club in need of a stadium upgrade then convert it for them, if not then maybe do the original London plan of making it almost all demountable. Is there anywhere else in NRW but not in Rhine Ruhr that could be used?
  19. Ooh, 40000, that is a good crowd - more than it looked like tbf Your disadvantage with perception of crowds is that your stadium is so huge, you can get the Alexander Stadium in there twice! Not sure how to interpret what that guy's saying, it does sound like they're going to choose a candidate more carefully than just picking somewhere that's never tried before and charging in there (Leipzig anyone?) Does he give the impression Rhine Ruhr is still the obvious choice? With the focus on existing facilities, maybe even everything in NRW but with athletics in Munich or Berlin, solves the stadium problem... (I've got to ask you - could Munich itself host alone again? This championships is showing it off really well after all...)
  20. Wow...was the Tokyo organising committee basically a subsidiary of Dentsu? Explains the problems they caused with the opening ceremony.
  21. Rhine Ruhr still works, especially if they want to give the impression that it's all one megacity to drag tourism from Cologne and Dusseldorf into Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund etc. Is there any word from the Dutch? I'd have thought a bid from the main cities in Holland (specifically) plus Utrecht would have a strong chance, and would be an ideal place to try out a national scale Olympics... the rail system in that area basically feels like an overgrown metro.
  22. I guess it'd be called NRW 2036, just like the Commonwealth Games in Victoria.
  23. And the federations still wonder why people think they're the problem... I'd love to see Germany host again - I can't see a Munich winter bid passing a referendum sadly, due to Garmisch - and climate change won't exactly help at the lower parts of the Alps in Bavaria. A summer games in Rhine Ruhr would be really good I think though, the chance to promote an overlooked area (like with Birmingham) might help and being spread across multiple cities might make it easier. I'm sure some solution could be found for a stadium, even if it's mostly demountable like Birmingham's.
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