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  1. Congratulations to all other global sporting bodies - the title for daftest ever decision goes to the OCA to hold forever more ... unless the IOC follows them, we know how desperate they are for Winter hosts...
  2. Munich 2022 didn't need Garmisch did it? I really hope this happens, either 2034 or 36 - remember though it'll have to be a choice between them - I'm just worried that pursuing 34 will lead to a referendum, which would be lost, killing everyone's chances. Hopefully I'm wrong and they get 34, or they don't pursue it and get 36. It's long past time for a German Olympics, but I get a sense from Stefan that Rhine Ruhr is the only place that could get the support needed from the population.
  3. It's probably time (maybe overdue) to adopt the European Championships model for sliding - split it off and have Olympic sliding events at an existing track on the same continent. If one sport constantly causes these problems it's time to ask whether it's the sport itself that has to adapt, rather than the host every time. Maybe that multinational decentralised model could even be the future of the entire Winter Olympics, especially as climate change makes finding suitable mountains close enough to suitable cities more and more difficult. Edit: I say this as someone from a country that gets most of its winter medals on the sliding track. It can't go on causing every prospective host nothing but trouble without something being done.
  4. So DOSB should focus completely on 2036 either for Rhine Ruhr or Munich (or somewhere completely different) rather than spending effort and money on a Winter bid that'd certainly fail to make it to the IOC?
  5. 2034? Winter Games back on the cards? The IOC would certainly be happy, as long as it gets through Garmisch.
  6. ?! ...the African Games would be a better bet I don't know how feasible this is without getting NBC to change the dates. Also isn't the traffic and pollution famously bad in Cairo? (Not that that stopped Beijing). Sporting tradition though, so far more worthy than Doha...
  7. I wasn't talking about putting a Perth sized stadium on the Gabba site! You can only just get the current one in there...I'm talking about a completely new stadium on a new site, that could be the same size as Perth's or bigger even, and still fit with the idea of a sustainable Olympics because Brisbane is a sports mad place that's... bigger than Perth. And because as an English cricket fan, the thought of 70-80k Aussies screaming down the first ball of the Brisbane Test (or if Harmison is bowling, catching it) gives me goosebumps. I can see where this is going though, if the opening ceremony in Paris is a success, they'll have Brisbane's ceremonies on the river and athletics in Gold Coast, in the 2018 stadium. How big was that?
  8. Does it have to be a new Gabba though? I know I've said it before, and that I'm over 10000 miles away so it's not my problem, but surely Brisbane could handle a stadium at least as big as Perth's. Is there no other site that would give Brisbane more value for its billion dollars?
  9. The Seine looks quite wide in those pictures, I'd imagined it as being much narrower than the Thames? Like I say I like the idea, and if anyone can make a huge spectacle like this happen, it's France - but is "close to spectators, close to each other" really possible on a river?
  10. Wow, that looks pretty bad. Similar pics to the Diamond Jubilee river disaster in London. I love the idea of an opening ceremony in central Paris, but I can't help thinking the Champs Elysées to Place de la Concorde would work better...has anyone managed to put on a river parade that worked well?
  11. Will the Paralympic opening ceremony be on the river as well then? I have wondered if they'd planned for that too, because I've not seen any mention of it until now...
  12. There's a lot that doesn't work in the UK but if there's one thing we are good at, it's big events - even at short notice Shame FIFA would never come, it'd be great to have a World Cup here... still think the FA have really cocked up their events strategy.
  13. All obviously true but Saudi still have unimaginable amounts of money, and FIFA are still FIFA, so unless and until the voters have an attack of brains and vote for one of the other bids, I'm not writing this off. We laughed at Qatar and look how that ended...
  14. Or as the picture put it, Atlantic... good old Daily Mail, ever reliable
  15. Still interesting though because it means they've got at least two candidates. Assuming that one is Hamilton and they've got 2030...where's the other one? NZ? South Africa trying again? Is there maybe more than one, for a real bid process?
  16. So is it either Sapporo pulls through or we have a shotgun return to Pyeongchang in 2030 then? Or there's a complete miracle and Vancouver gets to the line?
  17. Popular everywhere except where's actually bidding...that's not a great sign. Hopefully they can still get it over the line.
  18. My first Olympic memory... wouldn't be a stretch to say almost all my interest in the Olympics, the surroundings of the Games, what makes them special, dates back to that autumn morning, the scale of the ceremony and the spectacle, and the excitement of seeing my first Parade of Nations and learning about the countries of the world. I probably learned more on September 15 2000 than any other day
  19. IOC need to get it locked in ASAP before they change their minds. And then be as above board as it's possible to be...
  20. This is FIFA - it's the surest of sure things that this ludicrous plan will be chosen. The genie is out of the bottle, the climate, the human rights record, and the timing can't be used as deal-breakers now they're going to Qatar in December this year, so the bid process can now be the straight up auction FIFA's always wanted, no other concerns at all. And nobody beats Saudi in an auction.
  21. Great find it is - and a good little ceremony too I'd love to see Wales host the Commonwealth Games one day, to see what a modern Welsh ceremony would be like - it's such a rich culture. 2026 would've been poetic as it turns out, the first King's Baton Relay.
  22. No, there's no way FIFA would ever consider having a World Cup in winter, it'd be such a disruption, it's a stupid...oh. I'm starting to worry Stefan might be right and Qatar and this season was just a test run...
  23. Er... how Seb? You can't have track races just in a straight line, and I'm assuming you're not talking about having a normal track in the Place de la Concorde - I guess you can have field events outside like the shot put at Olympia, but that'd give long gaps between races for the stadium crowd if there's nothing in the field...
  24. I can see them going cap in hand to Pyeongchang. Same number of years as between the two Innsbruck games too. I think that's more likely than taking the risk of being rejected by Norway again, or taking any more drastic action to change the nature of the Games such as splitting indoor and outdoor events.
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