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  1. I must say, I might be misreading this (you need to look between the lines at these things) but it sounds like the bid process is now a thing of the past? Is that overstating it?
  2. Um...the entire Industrial Revolution section of London’s ceremony was at dusk. Wouldn’t have worked anywhere near as well in pure darkness - or daylight.
  3. That’d probably harden their resolve In seriousness I can imagine the IOC moving to Doha eventually to compensate for not being able to have the Games there. Won’t happen for a LONG time though because of the new HQ in Lausanne. Maybe one for the second half of the century, when they get impatient again.
  4. I think the point he’s making is that the IOC moved heaven & earth to keep Stockholm in. If there’d been one more bid, then that may not have happened & Stockholm would’ve pulled out at around the same time as they did for 22. They might even have been eliminated at one of the early stages because of the binational aspect. Instead they were kept in with the express aim of preventing Italy completely dictating the terms, a la LA 84.
  5. Or they’ll expand Crystal Palace as the athletics stadium - after all, it’s Saaf London’s turn
  6. One thing Sweden needs to be aware of though is what happens next door in Norway. If Norway decide they want another go, they’ll encounter an IOC that’s (hopefully) a lot less boneheaded than the 2015 version, & that’s Sweden’s goose cooked for a long time. If Sweden really do want this, they, as you say, need to show it because competition from SLC, Sapporo, Oslo, France etc will be hard to beat.
  7. Could Denmark make a European Games work?
  8. I can certainly imagine they’d be working on the former if both cities are interested - then they can get stuck into a massive reform/PR campaign to get Norway back on side for 38. Or by then enough time might’ve passed to let France host again - if Milan/Cortina is a winnable combo then Lyon/Chamonix certainly is. But unless the IOC are really desperate for Europe in 2034 (or really confident in getting a strong field for a competition at least) then if SLC & Sapporo both really want the Games, the IOC would be mad not to do a double - just like the 24/28 situation.
  9. Yeah I thought that was pretty nuts. Verona is nothing to do with these games - it’s hosting nothing else. Opening in Milan, closing in Cortina would surely be most sensible.
  10. I can see a scenario where Sweden choose to go down a peg & get the Youth Olympics for Östersund/Åre, & that’s a springboard for another go at the big Olympics for Stockholm or Gothenburg. But since the IOC will surely be wanting to get the Winter YOGs out of Europe at some point soon, it’ll be a while before they can even do part 1. We’d probably be looking at the 40s or even 50s before Sweden hosts the big one if they do that.
  11. Speed skating will surely be moved to Torino in the end - they’ve done that kind of thing before. Would be a good litmus test of the IOC & their commitment to new ways. As for ice hockey 1, I would’ve thought Milan is big enough to have 2 indoor arenas & make them both work.
  12. That image there from Milan is what tells you how they won. I don’t know if Stockholm had a public viewing event but if they had, there were probably as many cheers there for the Milan victory as there were in Italy. Norway still has a chance - especially 30/34 if the IOC plays its cards right - but I don’t think there’ll ever be a Winter Olympics in Sweden, sadly. A Youth Olympics might be small enough for Östersund & Åre to manage alone though.
  13. It’s a very difficult decision for Norway on whether to go for 30. On one hand, it’s a great chance, the dual-centric concept now has precedent, & it’d be a great opportunity for the IOC to prove it’s changed by choosing the country that’s symbolic of the old hubris. Then again, it’d be 2 in a row for Europe, when there’ll probably be an alternative in SLC. Leave it for 34 & there’s much more chance for Europe if 30 is in America.
  14. Well, it’s not what I’d have voted for, but I’m not surprised. Sounds like as much as they’ve opened up to more decentralised Games, going fully binational is still a step too far - at least all the while there’s a viable alternative. Stockholm have done a very good service in showing a Northern European bid can stay the course, & if they came close in the vote (& the IOC don’t start getting complacent again), Norway should be encouraged for 30/34.
  15. Well, 5:00 is here. I wonder how late it’ll be this time, anyone taking a sweepstake? :p
  16. Disappointing that Eurosport isn’t screening the announcement ceremony this time. I guess we have to battle with the Olympic Channel.
  17. I assume it’s to do with Olympic qualifying as a reason for these events, but it’s always struck me as odd that there’s almost no major quadrennial sports events held in the first year of the Olympic cycle. The European Games (in any form) would own 2021, 25, 29 etc if they went there.
  18. More than anything, it’s good to simply be able to talk about this, as there is actually a choice. What’s more, it’s a choice about which bid would be better, rather than which would be least bad. I’m no fan of the IOC & its ways, but credit where it’s due, they’ve changed the criteria & so far, it’s worked (it’s a shame it wasn’t earlier, as either of these would’ve walked 2022). There’s still a lot to do, see Calgary for that, but the Games are certainly in a better state now than it looked 4 years ago, with only China & Kazakhstan in the race. I hope for Stockholm, I s
  19. It’s slightly embarrassing when a continental tournament arranged in 5 months by the utter basketcase that is the CAF has a better opening ceremony than anything FIFA itself has managed for several years... The ceremony is actually just the last 20ish minutes - they turned the cameras on early.
  20. Oh. I thought the second language was Belarussian, but then I can't tell the difference tbh. Odd that a ceremony emphasising the host's identity be conducted in the language of the country that colonised it Pretty cauldron though, & nice to see some understated fireworks that don't look like the stadium's blown up.
  21. Blimey, Max Mirnyi! That's a blast from the past for tennis fans.
  22. The games are slowly going west - they'll reach Portugal by 2100 :p BT also don't seem to realise that a long speech in Belarussian without translation isn't much use... Oh he's shut up. We have a flame &...sort-of jazz?!
  23. An opera concert between the speeches is novel... (In other news, my sig is spectacularly out of date - in my defence, I very rarely use this site on my laptop. Apologies) Quite muted crowd response for Lukashenko there, which is rather embarrassing for him, & rather funny for everyone else.
  24. I was kinda hoping for it to be more of a Eurovision fan’s dream tbh Maybe the closing will give that. Also, sounds like Bach couldn’t be arsed to go, which is a bit embarrassing for the games.
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