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  1. Looking forward to your submissions Glacib, to everyone else, there’s 3 weeks & a few hours till 2020 if you want to get involved
  2. Couldn’t they just persuade Canada to forego the symbolism & go 4 years early?
  3. Who’s gonna be brave enough to be first? I’ve locked Frankenstein’s monster in the toilet, you’re perfectly safe. (bring back status updates...)
  4. BOO! Getting close to midnight... With thanks (& apologies) to the holographic form of the late, great King of Pop/inventor of Halloween, Michael Jackson, it's time to say...WELCOME TO THE 13TH (wooooo) ANNUAL GAMESBIDS OLYMPIC LOGO COMPETITION! Before beginning, it is customary to acknowledge my fellow Nintendo legend @thatsnotmypuppy, the inventor, & my fellow womb...wait, no @Sir Rols who kept it going, & is again the general fixer-of-issues this time. Last year saw a decent turnout for a competition that took us around the world from Mexico to Mumbai, &
  5. I think Munich was officially confirmed as host a few weeks ago
  6. So there’d be a pretty major problem with a track stadium anywhere in the Ruhr when it comes to legacy use then. Unless they do a Manchester & convert it to football specific - or 2022 persuades Munich to come in & bid instead.
  7. Are Hertha Berlin known to have a weaker atmosphere than other Bundesliga clubs? Obviously their stadium has a track so there is precedent in the Bundesliga.
  8. Good place for it, maybe this might attract Germans to multi-sport events again & give a push to Ruhr 2032 (unless Brisbane is already awarded it by then). OT but do you know where the Olympic Stadium for Ruhr 2032 would be? There’s so many cities in that area but I can’t see any of the big football clubs taking on a stadium with a track.
  9. Thought the track would be blue. Isn’t it opening this month?
  10. Interesting, surely that’s USA 2031 all but locked in if they do the same known quantity/new frontier pair. The interesting thing is where 27 will go, presumably not Europe again so I guess South Africa is favourite. Although, given the success & the fact that the IRB have been returning to Cardiff every 8 years since 1991 (well, until 2023), possibly Japan again?
  11. I’m not sure about the making the Paralympic logo the same. It’s a noble sentiment of course, but it’s reducing the opportunity for hosts to show themselves off, & even eroding a bit of what’s special about the Paralympics. I think the recent trend of ‘similar but different’ is better for them - especially as in recent years, it’s seemed like the Paralympics are a bit more creative than the Olympics (see the relative ceremonies in recent years). I especially hope this isn’t the beginning of hints towards a merger/takeover - that would be tragic for the Paralympics if they lose their dedica
  12. That’s a very unusual Olympic logo, it looks like it should be the logo for an upmarket makeup brand. Love the font though. Tbf, it was never gonna live up to the perfect bid logo.
  13. ‘It was important for us to do away with code’. Really?! It sounds like they’re going to join the dots somehow. Lot of ways to join 40 dots though.
  14. The Frenglish translation is magnificent. We’re going Tory veal
  15. The dots are clearly either the logo or they’re gonna form what forms the logo. Why else would they need all teams in their destinations? I’m pleased they’re doing something big like this though, it wouldn’t be properly French if it wasn’t artsy & slightly odd (see 92/98 ceremonies) :p
  16. That’s what I’m thinking, like how Birmingham’s logo is a map of the West Midlands with all the towns linked straight. Maybe the theme of 2020s sports graphics is taking geography literally
  17. The first dots on the screen, the emphasis on the geography...I’d laugh if all this hype turns into a copy of Birmingham’s Commie logo.
  18. What are they doing? Is it teams from each sport doing something or other? I’ve only just started streaming it on YouTube in a pub in Sweden so I don’t really know what’s going on
  19. Um...it’s the same? What’s the change?
  20. By putting Oslo against SLC, you raise the question of whether the WOGs have now grown so much that Norway as a whole is now too small to host...even if you have a city that’s suitable, do you now really need to have the funding & support base of a major country - a US, France etc - to pull it off? Might go a way to explaining why the IOC did 2026 - they weren’t picking Milan over Stockholm, but Italy over Sweden.
  21. Sounding increasingly like the hosting deal is done in principle, & it’s just waiting on formal agreement by the Queensland government. Hopefully it works, there’s not much that could do the Olympics more good than if they could prove that cities in that 1-3 million range can still host the Games.
  22. Why the rugby posts? It would be pretty classic if they move the World Cup final last-minute & make that the stadium’s first event
  23. Do FIFA do all their ceremonies in-house now? Only they’ve all felt very formulaic & similar for a few years.
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