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  1. Let's bring some sanity back to the board - everyone loves a logo comp!

    1. yoshi


      Also Rols, has your PM indicator frozen again?

  2. Hey you! Yeah, you! Wanna make a few logos? Course you do, this is GB! European Games logo comp is underway :)

  3. Europe needs you! The first GB European Games logo comp has begun!

  4. A new logo comp rises...tomorrow...watch this space :o

  5. Who wants to show Tokyo how to make a logo & (maybe) help save the European Games at the same time? The chance is coming...

  6. Rols, check your PM box :)

  7. It's time to return. When is the next space for a logo comp? We've got a continent to save.

  8. Kiwi black yoshi is here...for the CWC only. Do not confuse with soyoshi

    1. Palette86


      lol,I've been mistaken. Anyway,kiwi yoshi,,,his pose,the way how he stands,,,has big impact.

    2. Palette86


      Still using black yoshi even though CWC's over.Soyoshi says he loves that!

  9. The cricket WC is coming, & green yoshi is going...a new yoshi arrives before Saturday :P

    1. Palette86


      Is cricket exciting to watch??? Using washboards and hitting balls,eccentric sports.

  10. Happy New Year to all :)

  11. So here it is, merry Christmas...

    1. Palette86


      Merry Soshimas! You were back in Bristol last X'mas,how about this year?

  12. Desperately sad day for cricket :(

    1. Ikarus360


      I read the news right now. My condolences to his family and to aussie cricket family

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I'm not particularly interested in cricket, but there's no denying I think everyone's really genuinely saddened by the news here. I'll just say that in some ways at least I think he may be more fortunate than someone like Schumacher. He'll always be remembered as forever young and vibrant now.

    3. Alexjc


      Truly sad day for Australian sport in general.Nobody wants this to happen, sympathies to the family and bowler, Sean Abbott.

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  13. Why would anyone buy a fake passport knowing that it's fake...

    1. JMarkSnow2012


      Maybe if they knew the person they needed to show it to was unlikely to detect the fakery?

    2. Palette86
  14. Has Vladimir Putin killed the Winter Olympics...:(

    1. Gold Coast Lions

      Gold Coast Lions

      No he has not killed it, It's just an change in Europe.

    2. mr.bernham


      No the IOC killed them because of their ridiculous expectations and allowing irresponsible hosts to host.

  15. Who says you need a constitution to have a constitutional crisis?

  16. Hey Scotguy, on In It To Win It tonight (a quiz show, for the non-Brits on the forum, who may not know of it) tonight, this happened: Question - Penzance is in which English county? Contestant answer - Scotland. Any wonder so many want Yes? I couldn't believe it :o

    1. Scotguy


      I once met a woman who thought Glasgow was part of Northern England similar to yorkshire :s its a small percentage who think that i guess but its annoying to see.

  17. Michel Platini showing his true colours...what a coward :(

    1. Rob.


      Seems entirely sensible. Blatter has huge number of votes tied up and Platini knows this. FIFA is a one party state as long as Blatter is throwing money at all the poorer FAs.

    2. yoshi


      Yeah I guess. But it would've surely done football good to have another serious candidate.

    3. Rob.
  18. Come on you Dons...:lol: And why do Arsenal players keep getting injured?

    1. Palette86


      A lot of star players are playing for the club and most of them attended WC so they still can't get rid of fatigue I guess.Who've been injured?

  19. Some amazing stats coming out of the medal table...England 9 gymnastics golds, Australia 0. Unthinkable, total reversal.

    1. Lee


      That's a huge turnaround. Incredible.

    2. TorchbearerSydney


      The biggest cause of Australia's fall, plus the inclusion of Judo. Australia is now off a golden age of gymnastics (up to No 3 in the world in womens at one stage).

  20. Don't know whether to support Germany (for CAF & to validate their work since we beat them 5-1) or Argentina (Messi deserves to win a World Cup & I like how they've kind of sneaked into the final without much fanfare) Help??!!

    1. krow


      no one but me is allowed to support germany bc of the sweep, so that makes it easier for you.

    2. Palette86


      You come from Europe,why don't you support your neighborhood?

  21. I see there's gonna be an official programme for the Glasgow Games - would it be available in shops 'daan saaf'?

  22. The return of green yoshi...

    1. Palette86


      I feel strange now to see original yoshi after a couple of weeks.

    2. Palette86


      My yoshis say that they want to see red yoshi again and they do miss him now:)

  23. That's 3 of my 4 teams gone...come on Russia, help me out :P

    1. Palette86


      My yoshis had supported Colombia by mistake.Because they didn't know football.

  24. @Palette what's the Japanese version of 'Forza Italia' or 'Vive La France', that Japan fans use as a chant? Hope you get through tonight.

    1. Palette86


      "Ganbare Nippon"!

    2. yoshi


      OK, Ganbare Nippon then!

  25. Backing England (obvs), Russia (For the sweep), Japan (for the yoshis), & Bosnia (everyone's second team). Bring it on!

    1. Durban Sandshark

      Durban Sandshark

      Oh, I can't wait! Should be a very good World Cup!!!

    2. Palette86


      My yoshis got a new mate,Paolo junior who can predict the results.Check out the album!

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