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  1. If & when London does want the Olympics again, being able to say ‘we’re a city where talking about an Olympic bid is more likely to win votes for a mayoral candidate than lose them’ is probably enough to win the IOC over - no further questions needed.
  2. That’s all true about the government re: London, but a potential regional bid of Manchester/Liverpool/possibly Leeds or Sheffield would push all the right buttons for both Boris & the IOC in the moods they’re both in. Would provide a deadline for the cross-north rail plans & even HS2 as well. If it becomes certain that Brisbane will host 2032 (or anywhere else outside Europe for that matter), I wouldn’t be amazed to hear noises about Northern England 2036 from Boris’ circle.
  3. It's been a long old road to get here, but we made it! It might not technically be Cairo, but where could be more fitting for the crowning of our new pharoah than the Valley of the Kings here in one of the planet's most ancient cities, LUXOR! We have one aim in mind - to crown the 13th Gamesbids Summer Olympic Logo Comp champion, & since I don't like wasting time, let's introduce the man who's going to do the deed, Egypt's most famous Egyptian - Tutankhamun Omar Sharif Mohamed 'Mo' Salah! Mo: Good evening everyone, very nice to see you. Af
  4. Less than 24 hours to go, & still just 3 votes in. We’ve had 7 (I think), & 9 votes in the earlier rounds, so let’s get a decent number for the decider
  5. Yeah, I know both the finalists are in Egypt but I promised we'd be in America.... (In fairness to me, I also didn't know this'd be the final ). WELCOME/أهلا بك! Ever since I first knew about its existence, I've wondered...why is the Louis Armstrong Stadium, a tennis court, named after Louis Armstrong? It's not like America's short of tennis history: We are in New York, New York, for Round 3 of our quest to award the 13th GB Olympic logo title - so let's take a look at what eventually happened in Round 2: A: 3. B:1. C:1
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT Ladies & gentlemen, we have a small quandary to deal with. The votes as it stands at the stated end time are: A: 2. B: 1. C: 1. D: 1. E: 1. So, we have a leader, but not with a majority, & everything else is tied. To attempt to avoid the need for a time-consuming runoff vote, we will extend the voting time by 24 hours, to 10pm UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 11 February. If nothing changes, the we will have to have a runoff vote, but hopefully we will get some more votes & we will be able to decide how to proceed from there. If at least one logo currently
  7. When in Egypt... WELCOME/أهلا بك! The Bangles there, greeting us to Round number two! And where else could we possibly be but in Giza, at the foot of The Sphinx! At the end of this round, at least one logo will be the latest burial here at Giza. But before we begin, we must solve the riddle of Round 1 - here are the official vote numbers: A: 3. B: 1. C: 0. D: 1. E: 2. F: 1. G: 0. And as is the standard, any logos which get 0 are eliminated, meaning that we say goodbye to @Glacib & @paul’s entries for New Orleans. For the 5 still in, it’s Round 2 -
  8. Good mornin' America...how are ya? WELCOME! Arlo Guthrie there, kicking off Round 1 of our summer competition! We are hurtling through the American countryside, somewhere between Illinois & Louisiana on the train they call the City of New Orleans (possibly because that's its name): Don't panic, there's a buffet car. Our purpose on this train is to begin (& if winter's any indication, end) the process of selecting what will be GB's 13th summer Olympic logo champion. Somehow, we ended up with 7 entries, & as the time comes to begin knocking them
  9. Are you OK with actually turning up now then? Ah, yes, here you are: Yes, Germany's most famous band have joined us as this is an announcement ceremony! And to conduct it, we have fahrt, fahrt, fahrted down the Autobahn to our host city, Frankenstein's hometown, DARMSTADT! We are inside whatever that tower is to crown our 13th Winter Olympic logo comp champion, & here in the heart of Germany, who could be better to do it than a man with years of experience in opening envelopes, the IOC President (& Olympic champion in fencing, 1976) himself - Tho
  10. Who's up for an explosive start to our voting? WELCOME/WILKOMMEN! I tried to get Kraftwerk, but they'll only do an announcement ceremony. Divas. Anyway, danke schon (sorry, I don't have accents) to German national treasure Stefan Raab, plus Lenas of all shapes & sizes for welcoming us to the home of Round 1, the Konigsallee in Dusseldorf - somewhere I've actually been to! (not my pic though, blame Wikipedia): The reason we are here is to finally begin (& possibly end) our search for the 13th GamesBids Winter Logo Comp Champion - the board has been a littl
  11. I would try & help fix him, but I’ve never used a Mac. They’re not supposed to break, are they?
  12. Oh you already did it. @paul if you wanna have a finger in all the pies, you’ll have more time for New Orleans than for Bucharest. Winter’s done first
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